Does NoFap Make Your Voice Deeper?

So does NoFap give you a deeper, more “manly” voice?

Well, this is something that thousand and thousands of guys, from all over the world are claiming, but is there any truth to this? Does NoFap really make your voice deeper?

Let's take a deeper dive into this.

Here we go…

Does NoFap Make Your Voice Deeper?

Let's start with my personal experience with NoFap and a deeper voice.

Ever since I hit puberty, more than 20 years ago, I have had a pretty deep voice. Now, it has gotten a bit deeper throughout the years, but is the deeper voice caused by NoFap?…

…I honestly don't know.

I don't think so, but I can not swear by it.

Let's look at the science…

For men the depth of the voice is pretty much set in puberty…

For men, the sudden increase in sex hormones during puberty makes the vocal cords grow longer and thicker, causing a deeper voice.

Now, after this period, it does not matter if the man increases his testosterone by 500% or if he completely suppress his testosterone production, the vocal cords remain the same length and thickness and thus also produce notes within the same range.

This will of course fly in the face of people claiming that NoFap increases testosterone and that a deeper voice will follow as a result of that.

NoFap and testosterone = deeper voice?

There are a lot of problems with this claim, because…

FIRST: NoFap does not significantly alter testosterone levels in men. It may fluctuate a bit, but not that much. If interested you can take a look at the article, Does NoFap really increase testosterone, that I wrote a while back.

SECOND: Even IF NoFap would significantly increase testosterone levels, it would still not affect the vocal cords and thus there would be no changes in the depth of the voice either.

So what is going on then, because the fact remains, hundreds of thousands of men are reporting that their voice got deeper and started to sound more “manly” after they went on a NoFap journey?

Well, I have a theory about this and I believe it has to do with tension in the body…

NoFap Reduces Stress And Anxiety
Causing The Muscles Around The Vocal Cords To Relax

As a man who has studied music on a professional level I know a little something about the range of voices, and one thing I have found over and over in my life is; when your body is stressed your voice will not resonate as well. It will also sound thinner and not as deep as when your body is relaxed.

See where I'm going with this?

The correlation is 100% correct. In many men, stress and anxiety really does affect the voice, causing it to be thinner, weaker and higher pitched.

We all know that fapping to porn can cause anxiety problems. So maybe we are asking the question incorrectly and perhaps we should instead turn the question around and ask…

…”does fapping to porn cause a thinner and less resonant voice?”

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Fapping to porn causes a thinner, more pathetic voice…

Since frequent fapping to online porn indeed causes anxiety and stress in many men, and since anxiety and stress also causes a thinner, less resonant sound, then it is not far fetched at all to draw the following conclusion; it's not so much NoFap that causes a deeper voice, as it is fapping to porn that causes a higher, more pathetic voice.

I believe this is the biggest reason why some guys who go on a NoFap journey start to notice how they suddenly have a deeper, more resonant voice.

If fapping to porn causes increased anxiety and anxiety causes a tense body AND a tense body causes a thin voice, then obviously going on a NoFap journey will create a deeper voice. But that deeper voice is in fact just the guys voice returning to its natural state, the way it would have been all along if he never would have been fapping his brains out in the first place.

This would explain all the reports of NoFap and a deeper voice and it's a perfectly good explanation, but could there be more going on besides the anxiety and tense muscles around the vocal cords?

Could there be something more going on that we do not yet understand?

Could an increase in androgen receptors cause a deeper voice?

Studies on rats have shown that ejaculating to exhaustion causes a reduction in androgen receptors.

Now, in order for testosterone to do its job it has to bind to those androgen receptors.

Then the first question would be; since abstinence from ejaculation causes the androgen receptors to grow back, could continued abstinence create even more androgen receptors once baseline levels are reached?

No one has looked into that, as far as I'm aware of, but even if that were the case…

The second question would be; if that were the case, could an increase in androgen receptors somehow affect the vocal cords, creating a deeper voice in men?

I want to remind you that there are no studies done on this. These are just questions and this is just me speculating. I have no idea if this is the case, but perhaps…

…perhaps just maybe, it could be plausibly?

I know I already said that testosterone does not directly affect the vocal cords, but what about androgen receptor density? Again, I do not know and I would guess that no one else does either.

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Examples Of Guys Getting A Deeper Voice From NoFap

Here are a few interesting quotes of guys who are reporting a deeper voice since starting NoFap. Note how they also say that their anxiety has reduced…

…again, as I said earlier in this article, I personally think the deeper voice is mainly caused by the anxiety reduction.

Guy number 1

“I'm on day 67 of nofap and so far I have noticed the following benefits: my anxiety is almost completely gone, my energy levels are increased and lastly I have a more deep and manly voice. Never did I expect my voice to change but what can I say…it really has changed! I don't know how to explain it but it sure is more manly and more deep now.”

Guy number 2

I started seeing benefits after about three weeks of NoFap. I am much less stressed and I feel more relaxed in every situation. I am better able to focus and when I talk I hear this deep resonant voice that I did not have before I started NoFap. I like it so much that I don't think I will ever go back to fapping to porn.

Guy number 3

24 year old guy here. I'm on day 54 and the benefits are amazing. Music suddenly sounds much better and all my senses seem to be sharper. My anxiety is non existent and, oh, my voice is deeper. I don't really know how that works, but my voice sure has changed!

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Does NoFap Really Make Your Voice Deeper?
Conclusion And Final Words

Ok so that's the article about guys experiencing a deeper voice after staring NoFap.

To sum it up, fapping to porn causes anxiety in a lot of men and anxiety causes a tense body. In turn, a tense body causes tense muscles around the vocal cords, which causes a thin, higher pitched voice that doesn't resonate well.

Then wen the guy starts NoFap, his anxiety reduces and his body becomes more relaxed. This results in a more resonant sound and as the muscles around the vocal cord relaxes, the sound drops and becomes deeper.

Now could there be more going on?

Maybe, but if that were the case, I sure as heck would not know how to explain it.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found the article informative.

-Scandinavian Bob-

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