Does NoFap Make You More Productive? (You’ll Like This)

Does NoFap Make You More Productive?

If you've been involved in the fascinating world of no PMO or NoFap for some time now, you already know that NoFap can come with a lot of interesting benefits.

Some experience just one or two benefits, while others may experience a lot of them. But one of the most common benefits and one of my personal favorites is an increase in productivity.

Yes, you read that right, NoFap does indeed make you more productive. Personally I have been free from my addiction to adult sites for several years, nowadays doing retention in cycles. And I have to tell you; every time I reach the second or third week of NoFap, my productivity increases.

Semen retention in cycles?

Before we continue, just to make it clear to anyone who's wondering. When I say I do “retention in cycles” I don't mean I go back to fapping to adult sites every now and then. No, I'm never going back to that.  What I mean is that I retain my seed for different periods of time, limiting my “releases” to only a few times a year in natural ways, like with a real partner.

This is just my way of doing it, and you go ahead and do what feels best for you. Some like doing semen retention in cycles while others try to have zero release.

Also, if you do it in cycles, keep in mind that your optimal cycle is what works best for you and not something that someone else can tell you how to do. It might be one day of busting every 14th day, or perhaps once a month or once every 2 – 3 month, etc.

You have to figure out what works best for you.

How common is the increase in productivity on NoFap?

In order to find out how many guys experience an increase in productivity when doing NoFap, I made a poll on my YouTube channel, Project Stronger Self.

Keep in mind that more than 95% are doing NoFap, so it's not like I'm picking picking from the general population.

This is how they responded…

  • I'm absolutely sure NoFap does NOT make me more productive: 5%
  • I don't think NoFap makes me more productive: 12%
  • I think NoFap makes me more productive: 32%
  • I'm absolutely sure NoFap makes me more productive: 51%

As you can see, out of more than 2200 votes, 83% believe that NoFap makes them more productive. And 51% replied that they are absolutely sure.

17% answered negatively, saying that NoFap does not make them more productive.

Here are few comments from the guys…

Let's start with a few of those who things NoFap increase productivity.

After starting nofap, I’m around day 40 now, I’ve noiticed that I’m more keen to begin tasks that would’ve been a struggle to start before I started. Studying for example. I also procrastinate less. -Bilbo 71-

It definitely did make me more productive, but it depends on your goals. I didn't suddenly become a businessman or workaholic cause I don't want to be, but things I wanna focus on? Sure, gave me more energy and will to do it. -Алтегоре-

Gives me self discipline to focus on stuff, and time that use to spent thinking about the next opportunity to do it (a lot of time), the time spent doing it, time spent feeling guilty is now freed up. Not only that but if one continues to give into it, over time you will need to dedicate more and more time to doing it to get the same high as before, hence wasting more time. This doesn’t even touch on the self-esteem benefits of nofap. -Keith t-

I know it does because I became less productive with a binge relapse. It's a hell of a drug. Starting over again, this time willpower will be 10fold -Madman-

Yes, it makes me more productive. Less fake dopamine pleasure that mimics accomplishment and normal pathway of dopamine reward. -Sanel L-

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Some comments from guys who are not 100% sure about the productivity in and of itself…

Here are a few comments from guys who have another take on it.

I wouldn't say that NoFap makes me productive, but rather it makes me want to do stuff. Without busting and watching corn, yup naturally have lots of free energy and testosterone and that makes me agitated, like today and your body just naturally wants to embrace that energy. So NoFap gives you resources to be productive, but the execution is up to your mind and discipline. I still picked ‘i think it makes' because it contributes a lot to it. -Toni B-

When I'm on it i just think of other things to do so i wont relapse again. so instead of sitting in my room i get up and go outside or workout which makes me more productive. -julian16k-

Being on Nofap helps you to be able to do more things but the productivity part depends on your choices. -IamDaniel-

I started practicing nofap while I'm already married. So I'm a little different from the single man mindset on my journey. I was already super productive and balanced with my priorities in order in that regard. So I don't think nofap makes me more productive, I think it does have subtle benefits though. And I think if I was single, it would make me more productive. I started this journey while already married to a wonderful wife who is just as productive (if not more) than I am naturally. -Mingo C-

My personal experience is that it clears the trash in my mind and allows me to think more clearly. I also get an energy boost and don’t wake up tired anymore. -Rayman-

I think the productivity part is mostly about how interested you are about some topic and how much energy you have. I don't think nofap has a lot of do with it especially on a big streak. -Lucas S-

Thank you for commenting and voting…

Those were comments guys posted in the community section of my YouTube channel and I for those of you reading this, who participated in the poll, I want to say a big thank you…

…it was an interesting read.

So why does NoFap increase productivity?

So it's clear that the majority of guys who are on a NoFap journey experience an increase in productivity, at least according to their own account, but why does it happen?

Elimination of adult sites = more productivity…

Well, the biggest reason is that consuming too much online porn actually can mess with your dopamine system. And  since guys on NoFap most often also stop using porn, the dopamine system starts functioning better.

A key ting to note here is that dopamine is highly involved in productivity.

The increase in productivity is not the only thing guys who overcome a porn addiction experience. Some other common benefits are…

  • More energy
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Less anxiety (particularly social anxiety)
  • More motivation and drive
  • More libido for real life people
  • Stronger and longer lasting erections
  • More confidence and self-esteem

There are more, but those are the most common ones.

Most of them can be directly linked to dopamine signaling in the brain.

Semen retention itself = more productivity…

If we then look at NoFap and increased productivity aside from adult sites it becomes a bit more difficult to explain.

However, there is no doubt that semen retention itself increases energy, drive, motivation and productivity in many guys.

Exactly why this happens no one knows for sure. It could also be a combination of the fact that too many ejaculations ,in a short period of time, is draining and that retention itself gives more energy and vitality.

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Could dopamine be involved here too?

I personally believe in the theory that too much busting is draining and that semen retention itself helps increase energy, even though we don't know how to explain it.

And there could be more interesting things going on…

…for example things like…

  • Androgen receptor upregulation (these are the receptors that testosteron lock onto).
  • A slight increase in testosterone itself (I talk more about this in the article – Does NoFap really increase testosterone).
  • Dopamine producing nerve cells works better
  • Or just the fact that semen retention itself drains less energy from the body

3-4 weeks in, the benefits increase even more?

For example, in this video clip here, Gary Wilson mentions a study that shows that the dopamine producing nerve cell shrinks a bit after ejaculation and that it takes about 3-4 weeks for it to return to it's normal size.

That part i mentioned is at the 23:45 mark into the video…

Now, I haven't seen that particular study myself, but I highly respect Mr. Gary Wilson, and I have no reason to be sceptical about what he said.

In addition, the 3-4 week thing is very interesting because this seem to be aligned with the time frame many guys start reporting really strong NoFap / semen retention benefits.

There are also studies done on animals showing that frequent ejaculation decrease androgen receptor density. Those are receptors that the king of hormones “testosterone” binds to. So it would not be far fetched at all tho assume that could play a part.

NoFap and increased productivity

NoFap doesn't increase productivity for every single guy who tries it. But for the majority of guys, it does indeed seem to increase productivity. At least if you ask my subscribers, which I did in the poll.

And if you ask what I personally think I can only agree; for me NoFap increases productivity, without a doubt.

Not only that, but I feel less pull towards instant gratification and less resistance towards doing chores and boring taks when I'm riding on a good semen retention streak.

So, will it work for you?

I have no idea, but why don't you give it a good try and find out for yourself. If it doesn't, at least you gave it a good shot and now you know.

Thanks for reading,

Scandinavian Bob

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