Does NoFap Make You More Attractive -Attraction From Girls

Does NoFap make you more attractive?

The stories and reports are piling up. All over the web guys are talking about this and they are writing posts in forums, using headlines like…

  • NoFap attraction
  • NoFap woman attraction is real
  • NoFap more attractive to women
  • NoFap female attraction stories

…etc, you get the picture.

So what the hell is going on?

Can not playing with your Johnson suddenly make you walk with some kind of weird force that magically attracts the opposite sex?

Well, this is what I'm going to take a deep dive into in today's blog post. This is going to be very interesting so put your glasses on and stay for a while because here we go…

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Does NoFap Make You More Attractive To The Opposite Sex?

So many guys are reporting how NoFap seem to increase woman attraction, and when we are talking about thousands of guys here, we have to at least consider the possibility that something interesting going on….

….heck, I even have a few stories from my own life to share later on, but let's first take a look at what could be going on in a biological sense.

So if what the guys are saying is really true, why does NoFap make women more attracted to you?

Women are attractive to the following traits…

According to evolutionary psychology most women are attracted to the following traits…

  • Confidence
  • Power / dominance / leadership (this does not mean physical dominance over women)
  • Attitude and creativity
  • Intelligence
  • Humor
  • Looks

Notice how looks is last on the list. That's right, when it comes to sexual preferences most women don't chose partners the same way as we men do.

So now some of you may be saying, “but money isn't on the list?”

Well, listen, the human sexuality is older than money. It goes so far back in time that we are now talking about resources instead of money, but the principle is the same…

Traits that are associated with being able to gather resources are attractive to women…

…men who have traits that are associated with being able to gather resources (food, shelter and in today's world, money) are considered sexually attractive to most women.

Traits like, intelligence, power, leadership and also confidence.

The caveman area was a rough time and the pore caveman had to have power, courage and confidence in order to kill that nasty bear to get some meat. Not to mention all the wolf fights to protect his family. This is why biology has made women very selective when it comes to mating preferences.

Here is where NoFap could enter the picture…

Ok, so what are the most common benefits guys on NoFap are repporting?

Here they are…

  • Increased confidence
  • More energy and more strength in the gym
  • Giving less of a F*ck what others think about them
  • Feeling more alpha with no worries about speaking ones opinion (like taking command over a group / being the leader)
  • Feeling more attracted to women
  • Increased creativity

Well, go back and look at the list on what girls find attractive again. The benefits that NoFap guys are reporting are very similar.

  • Confidence =>  Yup!
  • More energy and more strength =>very closely related to power
  • Giving less of a f*ck  =>this on is attitude
  • Feeling more alpha => leadership
  • Increased creativity => Yup!

The biological explanation…

If a guy doing NoFap starts to get more of those traits, week by week, then that would indeed make him more attractive to the opposite sex…

…but why do guys on NoFap get those benefits in the first place?

Well, I talk more about that in several other articles here on my website. If you are interested in that then you could for example take a look at the post
Does NoFap really increase testosterone levels?

…however, I can give you a hint; it's NOT all about testosterone, it's also about androgen receptor upregulation and a lot more.

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NoFap and female attraction – It's not far fetched…

So these were some biological explanations to how NoFap and women attraction could be linked. Now, of course there are no studies to be found on why or if women find guys on NoFap more attractive, so the explanation I just gave are just pure speculations…

…but the speculations do not seem far fetched at all when observing them through logical glasses.

It does not end here though, there might be more going on that we really can't explain…

Could Semen Retention itself Create Some Mysterious “Force” Around Us That Attracts Women?

As we already covered, it would not surprise anyone if a guy who suddenly presented himself in a much more confident way becomes more interesting to women…

…but there are thousands of “NoFap female attraction stories” where there seem to be something more going on. Something mysterious that increased confidence alone can not explain.

Why do I say this?

Why there has to be more going on than increased confidence…

Many guys have had experiences where women would not yet have been able to KNOW if the guy is confident of not…

…yet they  still have shown some massive weird sexual interest.

For example, an average looking guy is sitting at a table in a cafeteria and reading a paper…

…the whole cafeteria is pretty much empty and suddenly two gorgeous women enters and pick the very table next to him while giggling, playing with their hair and showing all kinds of I.O.I's (indicators of interests)

They could have picked any table, yet they picked the one next to the guy, all giggly while doing some small flirty glancing over at the guy as well.

My own experience when it comes to NoFap attraction…

So now you say, “so what? That's just one story and it does not have to mean a God damn thing”, and you're right, it doesn't, but there are thousands of similar stories like that and guess what…

…that story was my own…

NoFap and intense “eye-fucking”… Here's the deal…

After the incident in the cafeteria something else happened that very same day.

I went to the grocery store.

When searching for potatoes, somewhere in the middle of the store, a super hot chick came walking my way and while she passed me she looked so incredible straight and deep into my eyes it was literally like she was begging for me to take her right then and there…

…I'm serious, I have never ever had such an intense “eye fucking moment” like that before. I am far from a good looking guy and trust me when I say, things like that does NOT happen to average looking guys in my country…

…heck, I wasn't even wearing nice clothes.

So two strange incidents in the same day, and guess what…

…this was in week 4 or 5, of my very first NoFap streak. And it happened BEFORE I had read about “NoFap and increased attention from women” on different forums. In other words, it could not have been placebo.

Yeah yeah, that still don't have to mean a thing…

…and I agree, that's true. But those were just two examples and I have had a lot of similar strange incidents, all of which took place while being at least 3-4 weeks into a NoFap streak.

Was it a coincidence?

So, was it a coincidence?  Maybe!

Am I 100% sure something is going on? No, I'm not.

I'm a very rational guy, but again, tose were not my only incidents, so of course a guy starts wondering…

…is something going on, and if so, what kind of mysterious phenomenon are we dealing with?

Thousands of guys have reported similar “NoFap female attraction stories”

One thing's for sure, the thought about some strange “force” surrounding us when running on a good NoFap streak is both fascinating and mind boggling…

…and we humans WANT to believe. That's in our nature. We want to…

…but what if there is more going on than just believing here?

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Semen retention, female attraction and the reproduction mechanism…

At least we can all agree on that our whole biological mechanism are driven by two key things…

  1. To survive
  2. And to reproduce

As far as biology goes, that is the only thing that matters.

Now, keeping that in mind, it would not be too far fetched if mother nature has made it so that women could somehow tell when a man is walking around with a “loaded gun” in his pants…

…but, just exactly HOW would this be possible?

I honestly have no idea, but personally I'm choosing to keep an open mind about it.

There are a lot of things we still don't understand…

Look: there are A LOT of things man kind has not yet figured out.

There are forces out there that scientists know about, but can't explain at all. For example “dark matter”, a  form of matter thought to account for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe and about a quarter of its total energy density, yet no one knows how it works…

…or what about radio waves?

Now, radio waves  can be explained, but we can't see them so my point here is are there other forces out there, that we can not see with our eyes,  that women some how can pick up?…

…like for example some mysterious semen retention force?

I'm NOT saying that this is the way it is. I'm merely asking interesting questions.

Does The NoFap Attraction Work For Everyone?

Ok, so we discussed some different plausible causes why NoFap might increase attraction, but can every guy who go on a NoFap journey expect to see an increase in interest from the opposite sex?

Well, probably not!


If you are very overweight, walking with a poor posture, have no hobbies, no job, por values, a negative outlook, hate grooming and you take a shower once every 10 days or so, well good luck trying to attract anyone…

…NoFap or not, that is just not going to happen!

Will NoFap make you more attractive if you change nothing about yourself and just add NoFap?

I'm not going to sugar coat anything here, it depends on who you are…

…not if you are the guy I just described, however, if you are an average looking guy, with a somewhat decent style, then yeah, I really think that the benefits of NoFap, and perhaps in combination with the “mysterious semen retention” will make you more attractive…

…but here's a question for you:

If you want women to be attracted to you, why not go at it from every angle?

NoFap + Self improvement = MASSIVE attraction!

If you would like to se a massive increase in attention from women, you should do NoFap and also consider the following…

  • Improve your wardrobe
  • Improve your posture and body language
  • Go to the gym and improve your body composition
  • Work on grooming
  • Work on your social skills
  • Read some good pick up artist books (most of them are garbage, but there are a few good ones out there)

Now, if you do all of those, even if you are not doing NoFap, you will se a big difference in how women treat you, but then if you ADD NoFap to it, oh man, you will really be on fire!

Books on how to pick up women…

As far as books on female attraction goes, I highly recommend Mark Manson's “Models”. It's the best book on how to pick up women I have read so far, with a no bullshit approach…

…that guy seriously knows how evolutionary psychology works and he can apply it in such a great way to making girls attracted to you.

The book is available as an audio book on Audible Amazon, you can click here to sign up, and get a 30 day FREE trial. Take advantage of that as you get one book for free. I personally use Audible for all books I consume, and I consume a LOT of books…

…just sign up using the link, and after that search for “Mark Manson Models”

NoFap Female Attraction Stories

Let's take a look at a few short quotes from other guys who have experiences increased attraction from girls on NoFap…

“I can't believe this, 31 days in and I now talk to random strangers and feeling very good about it, and I talk up women in bars without problems. Women smile at me all the time, whats going on? I can actually make hot chicks break the eye contact, not the other way around.”

-Guy number 1-

“This is insane. I'm on day 27 on NoFap and women seriously look at me all the time. Never in a million years did I expect this. I'm a pretty good looking guy, but the attention from women have seriously increased at least 10x !!! I honestly thought the guys on the forums were crazy and now it's happening to me, but yeah…I love it!”

-Guy number 2-

“How the fuck can women suddenly give me this much attention? I started NoFap about two months ago and I have NEVER EVER had women look at me like this before. It's like I'm walking with some kind of force around me that all the women pick up on. This is some weird shit!”

-Guy number 3-

If YOU Are More Attracted To Them, Maybe THEY Become More Attracted To You?

One of the biggest benefits guys who are giving up porn are reporting is that they become SO much more attracted to real life girls. Even girls that they, prior to starting NoFap, didn't consider to be good looking at all…

…this is no surprise since porn totally desensitizes us.

Giving up porn increases attraction to real life girls…

If your fapping session frequently means fapping to 19 year old lesbians, with perfect bodies, round asses and big breasts, video after video, until you have impregnated at least 50 virtual lovers in one session, well then “normal” girls in real life no longer really do anything for you.

So when guys are giving up the porn, the brain rebalance itself and become sensitive to normal sexual cues again. Just a warm smile from a girl in the library can be all they need to get those butterflies again.

If YOU are more attracted to them, do THEY become more attracted to you?

It's no secret that a lot of us can sense other peoples emotions. At least in some way. Women seem to be particularly sensitive to picking up emotions from other people.

Well, since sexuality works like two poles on a magnet, it would make sense that if one pole increased the energy / attraction, the other pole would respond…

…this could be yet another reason behind NoFap and increased attraction from girls, and in this case it would be because YOU are more attracted to them.

Not a bad thought, and something we should keep in mind.

Does NoFap Make You More Attractive? Conclusion

So does NoFap really increase female attraction?

Well, if you read the blog post this far, I'll leave it up to you to draw the conclusions.

As far as I know, there is no research done on this subject, so if you are the kind of guy who needs studies in order to believe something, then this whole post was probably not to your liking…

…but I'm not trying to convince anyone, really. I'm just sharing my thoughts, experiences and try to figure out what's going on since thousands of guys are experiencing this.

One thing is for sure though…

…the whole phenomenon is both interesting and quite mysterious.

Thanks for reading!

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F.A.Q's About NoFap And Attraction

I get all kinds of questions about NoFap, and believe it or nor, many of them are questions about NoFap and increased woman attraction…

…so I thought I'd share a few of them here, without mentioning any names, of course.

Q: Will NoFap get me a girlfriend?

A: Well, that's up to you, isn't it? I don't know you so I can not possible answer that question. Look, NoFap is great and a lot of guys who go on a NoFap journey really end up getting a girl friend. One reason for this is because if the brain no longer get's its sexual stimulation from fapping and pixels on a screen, it starts to look towards real life, and real women. In other words, NoFap makes you go after the real deal.  However, don't expect NoFap to do all the work for you, because if you do, you have the wrong mindset. NoFap is great, but YOU still have to do the work. With girls, and with everything else in life too.

Q: Can NoFap make guys respect me more?

A:  I guess so. Since NoFap can increase your confidence and self respect, other people will respect you more as well, guys, and girls. A lot of guys report increase respect from other men while they are doing NoFap. Personally, and as far as my own NoFap experience goes, I have not really thought about that, to be honest.

Q: I know this sounds strange, but everyone seem to be more attracted to me since I started NoFap. Girls, guys, old people and even animals. Am I going crazy? What's going on? Can you explain this?

A: I'm sorry, I honestly can't explain it. Sure I have a few theories, even some good theories, but they are still just speculations…it's quite mysterious really. One thing I do know, is that we start to live more “outside” ourselves, when doing NoFap, so perhaps just by noticing, looking, paying attention to other people and animals, you are using your posture and body in a different way, compared to when you were an introverted porn addict and you were directing your thoughts inwards. That alone might make people respond differently to you…

Q: Does NoFap make you more attractive to women?

A: To sum the whole blog post up in 6 words: for a lot of guys, yes!

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