Does NoFap Make You More Assertive?

Can NoFap Really Make You More Assertive?

So you're feeling a bit shy and introverted and you are having a bit of a trouble speaking your mind huh?

Now you wonder if maybe NoFap could help here…

…can NoFap make you more assertive?

NoFap can definitely make some people more assertive. Whether it is due to the increased energy and increase in confidence that often accompanies NoFap or whether it has some other biological explanations, like for example a better functioning dopamine system, no one really knows.

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NoFap Can Really Make You More Assertive And Direct

One of the most common benefits guys are reporting when they go on a NoFap journey are…

  • An increase in overall energy
  • Increased confidence
  • More motivation and drive

There are of course many other benefits guys can start experiencing, but those 3 form a nice little package that could translate into assertiveness.

Here's a quote from a guy who calls himself “Invictus01” on a rebooting forum…

“Day 8

HOLLY BATMAN ENERGY! I can't wait till the work day over so that I can go pump some iron!
– Confidence is crazy. I have been told by my boss that I intimidate co-workers by the way I carry myself. They haven't seen me in 60 days yet. Feel a bit aggressive, probably related to two bullet points above. Hopefully nobody bumps me, I might punch somebody in the face.”  Original source.

That's just one quote out of, literally thousands, you can find on the web.

So, what could be going on?

And does NoFap do this to every guy?

Does NoFap Make Every Guy More Assertive?

NoFap doesn't make everyone feel more assertive. We are all different and not everyone get the same benefits from doing NoFap.

In fact, there are even guys who do not experience any benefits at all from doing NoFap.

The increased assertiveness seem to be a pretty common benefit, thought, and if I had to come up with a number I would guess that about 20-30% of guys who are doing NoFap is “blessed” with becoming more assertive. That's just a rough estimation, though, so don't quote me on that one.

How Long Does It Take To Become More Assertive On NoFap?

Well it's different for everyone.

The quote you read a few lines up, from “Invictus01”, well he was on day 8 when he wrote those lines.

A funny thing is that testosterone starts to rise on day 6 and reach its peak on day 7 and then it starts to drop back down on day 8. So that sure correlates with Invictus story, but we can't necessarily draw any conclusions from that.

One thing is for sure though…

It depends on whether or not you have developed addiction related brain changes…

If you have developed addiction related brain changes, in other words, if you are addicted to adult sites and you go on NoFap to try to unhook from them, it will take much longer for you to start seeing any benefits whatsoever, compared to the guy who go on a NoFap journey without being addicted to anything.

  • If not addicted you could start seeing benefits as soon as in the second or third week.
  • If addicted it may take anywhere from 2-8 months to start noticing the benefits.

Kind of unfair, I know, but then again…

…who  said life was fair now ?

Can We Speed Up The Time It Takes To See Benefits?

There might be a few things we can do to potentially speed it up…

…at least a little.

Now, first you should know that there are no specific studies done on how to speed up recovery from an addiction to adult sites, or how to get the NoFap benefits faster. But there are other brain studies done showing how the brain responds to certain activities and when taking those into account  we can come up with something that could potentially help a bit.

Take a look at this video I made I while back to discover how…

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I hope you enjoyed the video.

Let's keep going…

Why Do Some Guys Become More Assertive On NoFap?

No one really knows exactly the reason or reasons for it.

Personally I believe it could be any,or several of the following…

  • Upregulated androgen receptors.
  • A better functioning dopamine system.
  • Semen retention itself, giving more energy.
  • A slightly higher baseline level of testosterone, especially when aroused.

It could, of course,  also be a combination of all of those.

The higher testosterone levels are a bit controversial though, as it depends on how we interpret one of the studies out there.

I have written a more detailed article about that called “Does NoFap really increase testosterone levels

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NoFap And Assertiveness
Conclusion And Final Words

So there you have it. There short answer to the question whether or not NoFap make you more assertive is…

yes, for some guys, but not for everyone.

Also know that it takes longer for guys who have developed addiction related brain changes, from years of fapping to adult sites, than it takes for guys who just start NoFap without any addictions.

So if you are struggling with being timid and you are having a hard time speaking your mind, why not try NoFap for a few months and see what it does to. Who knows, perhaps 3 months from now you will be an assertive beast.

Thanks for reading!

Scandinavian Bob

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F.A.Q's About No PMO Benefits

Q: Does NoFap make you more aggressive or more confident?

A: It can do both, depending on the person. Confidence and being aggressive is not the same thing even though some people seem to think that “hey, I'm more confident so now I can go around and tell people to fuck uff!”. No, you can still be a very chill dude even with high confidence. The confidence thing can help a person to be more assertive or even more aggressive if he wants to, but again, they are not the same thing,

Q: Bob, did you experience more assertiveness during your NoFap journey?

A: Yes I did. I can't say it was a huge difference, but the difference was definitely noticeable. For me it took several weeks before I started noticing it.

Q: Do you think NoFap can help with getting better results in exams?

A: Maybe, if you learn to master the art of channeling and transmuting the sexual energy.


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