Does NoFap Make You Look Younger? Changing Appearance!

Does NoFap Make You Look Younger?

So what's the deal with NoFap and your looks, can NoFap really change your appearance?

Does NoFap make you look younger?

NoFap can actually make you look younger, but probably not in the way you think. It's actually addiction to adult sites that can make you look older than what you really are and then, when going on a NoFap journey and you overcome the addiction, you can actually start looking visibly younger. But there might be more  at play here…

Some interesting Ways NoFap Can Change Your Appearance

Let's take a look at some of the ways NoFap can change your appearance. We'll start with the main question of the article, how NoFap can make you look younger.

Nofap can make you look younger...

There may be several reasons for why NoFap can actually make you look younger and personally I can think of two plausible explanations for this and a third, maybe more far fetched, explanation.

  1. Addiction to adult sites messes with your brains stress system.
  2. Getting rid of that ” feeling of needing to hide” something about yourself makes you walk with lighter steps in your day to day loife.
  3. Semen retention itself gives you this “glowing” feeling?

The famous Canadian author and professor of psychology, Dr. Jordan Peterson, among many other experts in the field, have said that when people finally manage to let go of some form of trauma, their appearance can change. By getting rid of that heavy burden, and by the sheer release of stress that follows, their facial muscles relax and some of the wrinkles smooth out, making them look visibly younger.

Stress makes you look older…

And so now some of you are saying, ok great, but what has that got to do with NoFap?

Well, good question. You see, the CRF (Corticotropin releasing factor), which is a neuropeptide that is a major regulator of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system, gets altered by addictions. This means that if you you have developed an addiction to fapping to adult sites you now have a hyperactive stress center, which in turn may make you look older.

NoFap can obviously helps guy overcome their addiction to adult sites and thus the stress system starts functioning in a normal way again, often smoothing wrinkles out as a result.

Some guys experience shame…

Another factor that may play a part is that for some guys shame is also involved with their fapping habits and that in and of itself may be like having to carry an extra burden in life.

Now, the number of guys experiencing strong shame are perhaps in the minority, but for those who do, NoFap obviously gets rid of that as well and here too the relief could potentially be enough to make them look younger and more vibrant.

Can semen retention in and of itself help your skin?

A lot of men report how semen retention in and of it self seem to be helping their skin. If interested in taking a deeper dive into this, see my article Does NoFap give you better skin?

Some believe it's the reabsorption, i.e nutrinets that the body absorb from the semen, that is making their skin glow. This, however, is something that is not yet proven by science and personally I'm unsure of what to think of that. The placebo effect could, of course also be at play here.

One thing is for sure, though…

…thousands and thousands of men really claim that NoFap helps their skin and who am I to argue or question their experiences?

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A Poll On NoFap And Appearance

I did a poll on my YouTube channel, Project Stronger Self, where I asked my subscribers if they had noticed anything different about their appearance while doing NoFap (based on previous polls and the YT analytics I have been able to determine that more than 90% of my subscribers are doing NoFap).

This is how they responded…

Out of almost 2000 answers, these are the results:

  • Noticed no difference in appearance – 35%
  • NoFap made me look younger, with less wrinkles – 11%
  • Made me look more masculine – 45%
  • It changed something else about my appearance – 9%

Now, here I have to point out that, while I have subscribers form all age groups, the vast majority of my subscribers are between 18-30.

This means that the results would perhaps look a lot different if the majority of guys who voted would be in their fifties, since not that many 20 year old's have wrinkles and look that old to begin with…

…but it's interesting nevertheless.

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What More Can NoFap Change About Your Looks?

Here are a few comments from guys answering the poll…

…taken from my YouTube community tab

 “I'm on Day 53 on the journey, main benefits I've noticed: more strength at the gym. More muscle definition. More jawline definition. Deeper voice. MORE and MOORE focus” -Mohamed Ali Erzini-

“My hair improved a lot!”  -Calvin Lord01-

“My acne is like fading away and my jaw line is becoming more defined even tho i’ve been skinny asf and haven’t lost weight it’s weird” -TAO-

“The skin on the top an front of my head has quite a lot of hair now. It was bald 270 days back” -Bryce Walter-

“I would say yes. More masculine and younger with less wrinkles. Don’t have the option for both but this is my answer.” -NaturalState-

“I don't know if this was because of no fap or my healthy diet or my new shampoo but my white hair reduced drastically. I am just 24 and early greying of hair started due stress but now I don't see any, I wonder due to which reason it happened.” -Ajanokoji Kiyotaka-

“I don't know what it changed but co worker said to me around week 3 that I look refreshed” -the black sheep-

“Skin has cleared up and my hairline looks thicker. This may be also due to a much healthier lifestyle that I’ve taken up during NoFap.” -Joe O-

Ok, so there you have just a few guys oppinnions.

They are not evidence, by any means, but again, it is interesting nevertheless.

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Can NoFap Make You Look Younger?
Conclusion And Final Words

Many men experience interesting “improvements” in their appearances when doing NoFap, with the most common ones being…

  • Clearer and whiter eyes
  • Better skin
  • Glowing face
  • A more masculine look
  • Less wrinkles (younger looking)

The clearer and whiter eyes is something I have definitely noticed myself and I suspect that has something to do with the dopamine system and perhaps also the stress system, but who the heck knows.

I'm not sure it has done anything for my wrinkles though, being a middle aged man now, having suffered from anxiety most of my adult life, I guess I'm beyond hope in that department ;)

What will it do for you?

Well, why not try it out and then let me know in the comment section under my YouTube videos.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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