Does NoFap Make You Fearless?

Does NoFap Make You Fearless?

So, you are on this strange and fascinating NoFap journey and now you wonder if NoFap can make you fearless with courage like, you know…

…almost super hero levels?

Well, let's make one thing very clear from the start, everyone is different and we all respond in a unique way to NoFap, but the fact is, many guys really start becoming much more confident, courageous all while having less anxiety when they reach a solid NoFap streak.

Look at those traits again…

  • More confident
  • Less anxiety
  • More courageous

That is a nice little package and it would not be far fetched at all to call that package “fearlessness”, or a better way to put it would perhaps be LESS fearful, because fear will never go away fully as it is a natural biological trait that is vital for survival…

…and we shouldn't even want to entirely get rid of it.

But again, NoFap does indeed make some guys more fearless.

Giving Less Of a F*ck What Others Think Of You

Many guys on NoFap start caring less what others think of them. Not in an arrogant way, but they just worry less about others opinions of them in general.

It's indeed safe to say that many NoFap  guys experience…

  • Less social anxiety
  • More courage
  • Less anxiety and worry in general

My first encounter with NoFap and fearlessness…

I remember, more than 8 years ago, back when I first started NoFap myself and I first experienced this phenomenon first hand.

I don't remember exactly what day I was on, perhaps I had managed to build up a streak of 50 days or so, and I suddenly was presented with a task that normally would scare the bejesus out of me at my workplace.

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The amazing feeling I got…

Well, I will never forget the very feeling I had that day.

I just attacked the new task with supreme confidence, and I managed to handle everything perfectly, all while not caring, not in the least, what the people around me would have thought should I have failed my task.

Normally, I would have had very high anxiety levels, with a constant fear of being judged or looking stupid if failing, but that day I had no such thoughts…

…it was an amazing feeling!

Ever since that I have been more or less in love with the NoFap lifestyle.

Close to superpowers…

I'm far from the only one having experienced similar things.

Online you can find thousands upon thousands of guys sharing stories where they just seem to be lacking all fear and are riding high on some strange, newfound confidence.

Here is a short quote from a guy calling himself “Invictus” on a no PMO rebooting forum…

“DAY 8 :

Woke up with a semi morning wood. HOLLY BATMAN ENERGY! I can't wait till the work day over so that I can go pump some iron! Confidence is crazy. I have been told by my boss that I intimidate co-workers by the way I carry myself. They haven't seen me in 60 days yet….Feel a bit aggressive, probably related to two bullet points above. Hopefully nobody bumps me, I might punch somebody in the face. Seeing good looking women triggers a primal twitch inside. I like it!  Source: your brain rebalanced

How Long Does It Take To Become Fearless On NoFap?

There are no real easy answers to this.

We can, however, look at it from a couple of angles and try to give a somewhat general time frame…

  1. For guys who have developed addiction related brain changes to adult sites it may take a much longer time.
  2. Guys who go on NoFap before strong addiction related brain changes set in, see faster results.

Category # 1

If you belong in category number 1, you can expect anywhere from 2-8 months before seeing any significant results.  This is because it takes time for your brain to rebalance and for your dopamine system to heal.

For those who are addicted, it's a big range that differs widely.

Category # 2

Here the benefits can come pretty quickly.

Some guys start reporting strong benefits as soon as in the second week and others start noticing them around day 14-16. Granted, here too there are big differences when it comes to the time frame, and some guys need more time in this category as well.

One interesting thing to note is that studies on rats have shown that it takes about 15 days for the androgen receptors to recover after excessive ejaculation.

Androgen receptors are like small keyholes that testosterone has to bind to in order for it to be able to do its job…

…just a coincidence?


Or maybe not!

No one knows, but it sure is interesting.

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Can NoFap Make You Fearless
Final Words

So to sum everything up, NoFap does not make you completely fearless. and that's good because we need fear in order to not do stupid things in life, but it does indeed reduce anxiety and worry for a lot of guys, as well as increase courage and confidence, which indeed could be called more courageous or less fearful…

…but hey, if guys really want to use that term, “fearless”, then who am I to argue?

Thanks for reading!

Scandinavian Bob

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F.A.Q's About NoFap And Courage

Q: My friend says nofap gives him the courage to ask any girl he wants out on a date. Is that even possible? How could nofap make you more fearless?

A: Well, many guys are reporting the same, so he is certainly not alone in experiencing this. The exact mechanism behind why it works is a bit unclear, but I suspect it has a lot to do with your dopamine system. In addition to that it's not really that surprising if biology has made it so that, if you constantly keep beating your meat, then your brain thinks it's spreading all kinds of genes, and so it feels no need to get out there and get some girls. When you give it up, however, your brain goes, “hey we need to carry our DNA to the next generation and nothing is happening here”, and so it gives you the drive to go out there and you get this intrinsic motivation to go talk to girls.

Q: I don't really have a question I just want to say that NoFap fixed my general anxiety disorder. I was always worrying, having high levels of anxiety and could never relaxed. After about 2 months of NoFap I'm so much more confident and relaxed!

A: Hey, that's great! Truly awesome man, good work. Keep going!

Q: Can living a no PMO lifestyle make you achieve your goals faster?

A: Yes! I absolutely, 100% believe so!

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