Does NoFap Make You Aggressive?

When embarking on a NoFap journey, many interesting “side effects” can occur.

For example…

  • Better short term memory
  • Increased confidence
  • Stronger in the gym
  • More creativity

…but, what about aggressiveness? Does NoFap make you aggressive?

NoFap can make you more aggressive in two ways. The first one is probably due to increased androgen receptors in combination with increased energy and drive. The second way, well…let's take a look at that one later on in this article…

Does NoFap Make You Aggressive?

If you have read my other articles about NoFap and what interesting biological responses that take place when abstaining from ejaculation, by now you have probably come across the word “androgen receptors”

Frequent masturbation causes downregulated androgen receptors, and what's interesting to know about that is that the king of all hormones, testosterone, binds to those receptors.

Yes – NoFap makes you more aggressive
Reason #1:  Androgen receptors

What does that mean?

This means that, if you have downregulated androgen receptors (in other words, you have fewer of those receptors), you will not be able to utilize all the testosterone your body is producing…

…if you want to dive deeper into the subject of testosterone levels on nofap then read my article Does NoFap really increase testosterone levels?

You don't have to dive deeper though, if you don't want to, because here comes one explanation for aggressiveness on NoFap…

When going on a NoFap journey, your body and brain will become better at utilizing all the testosterone your body is producing. So compared to back when you were fapping 5 times a week, the net effect is now like your testosterone levels themselves were higher.

The same thing happens to your dopamine receptors after quitting porn…

The same thing happens to your dopamine receptors after you stop fapping to online pornography. They too will grow denser and as a result your whole dopamine signaling system is working better.

To sum it up, you now have…

  • Better testosterone utilization
  • Better dopamine signaling

Dopamine and testosterone explain many of the positive NoFap side effects…

A more effective utilization of testosterone in combination with better dopamine signaling can explain many of the benefits NoFappers are experiencing…

…like for example

  • Increased aggressiveness

Testosterone can explain this one as well as the increased energy and motivation that the dopamine system provides you with.

  • Better focus

Dopamine is the key player here, but testosterone may also play a small part in improved focus.

  • Increased Libido

This is a combination of both dopamine and testosterone. They are both key players in how strong your libido is. Also, they are both involved with how full and hard your erections get.

  • Increased confidence

Again a combination of both testosterone and dopamine, but testosterone is probably playing a bigger role here.

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Yes – NoFap makes you more aggressive
Reason #2:  Withdrawals

When it comes to irritability and aggressiveness, there is one more thing to consider here…

…a LOT of guys have developed addiction related brain changes due to years of heavy porn use (yup, porn can really do that to your brain), and when they suddenly stop fapping to porn the brain responds by creating withdrawal symptoms.

However, it's important to know that this is just a temporary phase and that the strongest withdrawal symptoms will only last about 30-60 days or so, depending on how sever your addiction is.

Some common withdrawal symptoms…

  • Aggressiveness

Yes this is really one of the withdrawal symptoms, but keep in mind that nofap can also, in and of itself,  increase aggressiveness without the withdrawals.  In other words, you may experience increased aggressiveness when doing NoFap, even if you're not addicted to porn.

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Insomnia
  • Zero libido

If you want to learn more about all the withdrawal symptoms then take a look at the article No PMO Withdrawal symptoms and what to do about them.

Use The Increased Aggressiveness To Your Advantage

Did you know that thousands of athletes have used semen retention, throughout history, before an important event to boost energy and increase aggression and thus have a better chance at winning the competition?

Yes, it has almost been like some kind of secret weapon that “normal people” have not been aware of. But athletes have learned this from their teachers / coaches for centuries…

…fighters are particularly interested in this as increased aggressiveness is a big advantage in the boxing ring.

Not just for sport…

So we have got to ask ourselves, if sportsmen get to enjoy…

  • increased energy
  • increased aggressiveness
  • more focus
  • more drive
  • more confidence
  • better concentration
  • increased creativity

…then why wouldn't the everyday normal guy (who isn't an athlete) also be able to take advantage of these benefits?

Well, sure he can…

…for example, many entrepreneurs use semen retention as they feel that the boost in energy and motivation helps them achieve their goals much faster and many artists use semen retention because it helps them with creativity…

…those are just a few examples to drive home the point that pretty much everyone can benefit from doing NoFap…

…and so can you!

If You REALLY Want To Take it To The Next Level…

I personally think every man should at least try NoFap for a couple of months at some point during their lives and then find out for himself how the benefits may help him in life…

To REALLY amplify those NoFap benefits there is one thing I personally like to use when doing NoFap, and that is a natural product that significantly increase BOTH dopamine AND testosterone at the same time.

To discover what it is,  take a look at the video below where I share all the details about it…

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Remember that NoFap upregulates your androgen receptors AND your dopamine receptors…

…this means that the increase in  dopamine and testosterone that the natural product causes will be particularly effective since you now have MORE androgen receptors (sucking up all the testosterone) and MORE dopamine receptors (sucking up all the dopamine)…

…and the results are pretty amazing to say the least. Personally I have to say that using the word “superpowers” does not feel far fetched at all…

…by this I mean when a middle aged man, like myself, can feel like a teenager in the bedroom again and have a super high energy throughout the day with pretty easy muscle gains in the gym then, yeah, superpowers seems like a suitable phrase.

So when guys ask me if there is any supplement I recommend using combination with NoFap then, well, there's the answer to that…

…highly recommended!

NoFap And Aggressiveness
Final Words

More aggressive on NoFap?

Ok, so there you have the answer, NoFap does indeed make you more aggressive.

Now, whether or not the increased aggressiveness is a good thing is up to you to decide, but if you channel all that energy into achieving goals, boosting confidence and getting more pleasure in the bedroom, then hey, I think most men out there would agree that the “aggressiveness boost” really is a good thing.

Use your increased energy wisely and remember, with great power comes great responsibility 😉

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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F.A.Q's About NoFap And Increased Energy

Q: All the increased energy I get when doing NoFap is just making me relapse. I don't know what to do!

A: You have to channel the energy into something productive. The last thing you want to be doing, when your energy is high, is to just sit at the computer and mindlessly surf around on YouTube or wherever you like to drift. You need to plan your work and then work your plan. That way the increased energy will become a benefit instead of a negative side effect.

Q: I'm five days into NoFap and I don't feel any increased energy at all. All I feel is depression. 

A: Could be withdrawal symptoms. For a lot of guys it gets worse before it gets better.  Just keep going and things will improve. Don't give up. Take a look at the article No PMO withdrawal symptoms.

Q: I am on day 30 of NoFap and I feel better and better for every week. How long does it take until the improvements stop?

A: It's different for everyone, so I can't really give an answer to that. Just enjoy it and keep going 🙂

Q: Does NoFap make you more aggressive?

A: Yes!

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