Does NoFap Increase Stamina?

Does NoFap Increase Stamina?

A lot of guys want to know if NoFap increases stamina.

Before we go any further, though, we need to make it clear that we are now talking about NoFap and sexual stamina, just so you know what you will find in on this page.

The article will be divided into two parts..

  • How NoFap can increase stamina
  • Other helpful tips for lasting longer in bed and increaseing stamina

Ok, let's not waste any more time on the introduction here. Let's jump in and get to the good stuff…

How NoFap Can Increase Stamina

In today's world, Fapping to online adult entertainment causes sexual problems for many men. Millions of men are suffering from some, or all, of the following…

  • Weak erections
  • Poor stamina / premature ejaculation
  • Soft or sluggish erections
  • Delayed ejaculation / lack of sensitivity
  • Complete ED (porn induced erectile dysfunction)

Why fapping to online adult entertainment can cause lack of stamina…

Not everyone who are fapping to adult entertainment are getting problems with lack of stamina or premature ejaculation, however a lot of guys do and there are many reasons for this, but the main two reasons are…

  1. A disrupted stress center. (caused by frequent porn use)
  2. A tight pelvic floor. (caused by fapping to porn in a sitting position

Disrupted stress center…

A lot of guys who are frequently fapping to today's super stimulating online pornography are unfortunately developing addiction related brain changes. Yes, today's high speed HD online porn is such a powerful stimuli that is can really cause brain changes.

One of those changes is a disrupted stress center in your brain. This causes your body's “sympathetic nervous system” to be way too overactive, and if you have problems with ejaculating too quickly you do not want that because…

  • The parasympathetic part of your nervous system is responsible for creating erections.
  • The sympathetic part of your nervous system is responsible for making you ejaculate.

That's right, stimulate the sympathetic part and you ejaculate even quicker.

So that's why the overactive stress center makes your time in the bedroom a bit disappointing. The two parts of your central nervous system, the parasympathetic part and the sympathetic part, need to be in balance for you to be able to have great sex.

The other reason, the tight pelvic flow, is perhaps even worse…

Tight pelvic floor…

Masturbation in and of itself is not the problem here. The problem is that nowadays, due to online porn, many guys are masturbating in a sitting position in front of the computer.

Fapping in this sitting position, in combination with getting desensitized by the porn, causes guys to clench their PC muscles while masturbating…

…this is bad!

It's bad because it's a fast way down into “tight pelvic floor land”.

So why is a tight pelvic floor such a problem then? you might ask. Well, two words; premature ejaculation. That's right, masturbating in a sitting position can, over time, cause premature ejaculation.

In addition to that the tight pelvic floor makes it harder for the blood to reach your genitals, which in turn may cause weaker erections…

…not fun, right?

NoFap will help reverse it…

The good news is that if you start rebooting, or go on a NoFap journey, both your tight pelvic floor and the disrupted stress center will heal and you will star lasting longer in bed.

This will take some time though, so be ready to make time and patience your two best friends…

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How long do I have to do NoFap before I get more sensitive?

Every guy is different so there is no way of knowing how long it will take for YOU.

That said, the average rebooting period is somewhere around 3-8 months. But for some it may take a bit longer than that.

The good news, however,  is that you do not have to wait to have sex until your reboot is over. The above numbers just show the time frame it takes for the average guy to feel that he is fully “recovered”, so to speak.

Does NoFap increase stamina for everyone?

NoFap does not increase stamina for every guy, since porn hasn't created brain changes in all guys out there. The same goes with the pelvic floor. Not every guy has developed problems with the pelvic floor.

I would estimate that about 30-40% of guys who are having problems with ejaculating too quickly will see improvements by doing NoFap. The guys who won't…well they will still get massive improvements by using the tips further down in this article.

Now, the truth is, while some guys automatically regain sensitivity just by doing nofap alone, others may have to help the pelvic floor  to come to life again by doing som gentle stretching…

…and this leads us to the second part of this article.

Ohter Helpful Tips For Lasting Longer in Bed

Tip #1 Longer in Than Out

No, it's not what you think. I'm talking about the breath here.

If you make your exhale longer than your inhale you slow down the signaling in the sympathetic part of your central nervous system…

…remember, the part that is responsible for making you ejaculate.

There are several ways you can do this, and you should experiment to find out what ratio works best for you. Just remember to make your exhale longer than your inhale.

It can look something like this…

  • 3 seconds in – 6 seconds out
  • 3 seconds in – 5 seconds out
  • 4 seconds in – 6 seconds out
  • 2 seconds in  – 5 seconds out

Choose one of those that you think is best suited for you.

You should breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathing in a pattern like suggested above will slow down the sympathetic  part of your CNS and thus make you last much longer.

But I can't breath like that during sex…

Why not?

With a little practice it is very easy to do and it will even make you feel much closer to your partner during the love making. Two seconds in and 5 seconds out is an easy breathing pattern that you can do even if you are moving around…

…as long as you are not going full jackhammer mode.

If you keep practicing, and you still can not get the breathing down during your ses sessions, then you know what?…

…it even works if you keep breathing like that PRIOR to the sex, say for 20 minutes leading up to sex.

During those 20 minutes you will have shifted  your CNS more towards the parasympathetic part, and thus you will have more stamina when you finally get to it, even if you don't use that breathing ratio during your love making.

Tip #2 VigRx Delay Spray

click image to check current pricing at the online vendor

The VigRx delay spray is a product designed to increase your stamina in bed. It is 100% legal, easy to use and you don't even have to go to the doctor to get a prescription…

…and it actually works.

You just order it from the online vendor, no prescription needed, and follow the instructions you get with your order.

You can even use it without your lady friend knowing whats going on. Just go to the bathroom and apply it about 10-20 minutes prior to sex and it will drastically increase your stamina.

If interested, you can click here to check pricing over at the vendor site.

Tip #3 Stretch Your Pelvic Floor

Remember how I told you that most guys have a pelvic floor that is too tight, caused by fapping in a sitting position in front of the computer?

Well, even if you start doing NoFap we want to make sure we reverse that tightness by doing frequent stretches.

This is how you do it…

  • Go down in a squat position (legs a bit further apart than shown on the picture above)
  • Go down with your butt as close to the floor as possible
  • Stay in that position for 1-2 minutes while breathing deeply

When you go down you may also use your hands to press your legs outwards a bit to get an even better stretch. Breathe deeply and imagine the air going all the way down into your balls.

As you sit there, breathing deeply, really try to relax your pelvic floor as much as you can. Feel how the warm blood starts circulating after a few seconds.

Do this a few times a day. Also, keep doing it daily for several weeks and you'll be sure to reverse your tight pelvic floor.

You can sometimes even do a reverse kegel while down in the squat position to really stretch things out.

What is a reversed kegle?

Imagine standing in the bathroom while urinating. Now if I were to ask you to suddenly stop the flow of urine without using your hands, how would you do it?

Well, you would clench the small pc muscle down in your pelvic floor and stop the flow like that. That is a normal kegel movement, but since you already have problems with a tight pelvic floor you do NOT want to do normal kegels…

…now, imagine that you are urinating again and this time someone tells you to push the flow of urine out at a faster speed. Well, in order to do that you would have to use a small sort of pushing movement with your pelvic floor muscles…

…this is it. THAT is a reversed kegel.

So again, every now and then when you are doing those stretches in the squat position, add the reverse kegel while you are down there…

…this will really help loosening up your tight pelvic floor.

Reversed kegels during sex will increase stamina…

By the way, if you are careful, you can even do the reversed kegel movement while having sex as that will also help you last a bit longer. It will also help you stay harder for a longer period of time. Now, I used the word “careful”, because if you are gassy then…

…well, the pushing movement can cause something embarrassing to happen, if you know what I mean.

Remember that we are now talking about the reversed kegel and NOT the normal kegel where you clench…

…guys who have a history of fapping a lot to porn should NEVER ever do normal kegels because that could cause the pelvic floor to start going tense again. So even if you see articles about how normal kegel exercises can help erections, don't do them…

…leave them for people who never had any problems with fapping to porn. You just stick to the reversed kegel…

…trust me on this.

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NoFap And Increased Stamina
Final Words

So there you have it.

Now you know that NoFap can indeed increase stamina. Just remember that rebooting will take some time so you have to pursue patience and keep going.

You can still have sex while rebooting / doing NoFap, and if you want faster or better results then combine NoFap with the tips I shared in the later half of the article.

For best effects, why not use all of the three suggestions at the same time? Stretch your pelvic floor on a daily basis, practice slow breathing and use the delay spray…

…if you do all that while you are also doing Nofap, oh man, my guess is you will make you girlfriend scream with joy 😉

I hope you found this article informative. If you did, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for more NoFap and self improvement content for men who want to kick ass in life. You can click here to check out my channel.

Thanks for reading.

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. Are you struggling? Click here to go to my contact page to discover what kind of help I’m currently offering.

F.A.Q's About NoFap And Stamina

Q: Some of my friends have problems with stamina due to years of porn use, but my problem is that I can not ejaculate at all. Can fapping to porn also cause an inability to cum?

A: Yes it can, and not only that, it is very common.  Now just to be on the safe side, go get checked by a doctor to rule out any underlying problems, but again, it is a very common problem we see as a result from years of porn use. The sexual center in your brain is desensitized, and thus it's sending weaker signals to your penis. This can cause a lack of sensitivity. Take a look at the article Can NoFap increase sensitivity, for more info on how to deal with that.

Q: Can nofap really increase my stamina? It kind of sounds like bullshit to be honest. Is it even worth trying…why should I even bother?

A: My mission is not to get as many guys as possible on the NoFap wagon. I just have a YouTube channel and a website where I share helpful tips for guys who like self improvement and for guys who like to give it a try. So again, I'm not going to try to convince you or anyone who are negative about the whole thing. NoFap can indeed increase stamina, and if your up for it, give it a try. If not, then no problem. One thing though, if you do decide to give it a try, you should know that NoFap is not easy. It is actually very hard, and if you are going into it with an attitude like that, you will probably relapse before you reach the end of your first week. Good luck and all the best anyways.

Q: Can NoFap help me last longer in bed?

A: Short answer: Yes! Long answer, read everything on this page 🙂

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