Does NoFap Increase Size?

Does NoFap Increase Size?

So does NoFap increase size?

By now, most of us already know that doing NoFap comes with a host of positive benefits, but what about your actual size?…

…does NoFap increase your penis size?

Well, this is what we are going to talk about today so let's jump in and take a look at the answer…

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Does NoFap Increase Penis Size?

Does NoFap increase the size of your penis?

NoFap can sort of increase your size in two different ways, but it's perhaps not really the magic bullet you might think, or wish for…

…there are two ways NoFap may increase your size…

First:  Desensitization can cause a smaller size…

If you have been fapping a lot to online pornography, chances are the reward circuitry in your brain has become somewhat desensitized. When this happens, your brain is sending weaker arousal signals to your penis…

…this means that you are getting erections that may perhaps not be as full and hard as you are biologically kapabel of producing.

When you start doing NoFap, and you let your brain reboot for a few months, you might start to see fuller and harder erections, but again, not bigger than you naturally came equipped with…

…just bigger than they used to be back when you were desensitized.

Second: The death grip masturbation…

Due to desensitization, a lot of guys how are frequently fapping to porn start using a tighter and tighter grip over time to feel the same “effects” . This is called “the death grip” in the rebooting community.

Now, if you keep grabbing something with a strong and firm grip several times a weak then it may cause it to shrink a bit due to the sheer force of your grip…

…of course it's the same with your penis.

When you stop doing this and you start doing NoFap, then the tissue of your penis will return to it's normal position, and thus your penis will look bigger again.

Does NoFap increase Penis Size in Any Other Way?

Other than that, there is no way that NoFap can magically make your penis bigger.

Think about it, just because we stop touching it how could that suddenly, by some magical force, make it start growing?…

…I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that is simply biologically impossible.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think NoFap is a great thing to do, and it certainly has a host of positive benefits, but as far as your size goes, no, NoFap will not make you a new Ron Jeremy.

What You ACTUALLY Can Do About Your Penis Size

As far as I know, when it comes to the size of your penis, you are pretty much limited to two options…

  • Use a penis extender

There are these penis extenders out on the market that slowly stretches your penis out over time. I do not have personal experience using them, but from the research I made, they really do work.

It's simple physics really, if you stretch something over time, it will become longer. But not only that; when stretching the erectile tissues in your penis, they will be able to hold more blood, thus making your penis bigger.

By using a penis extender it's not impossible to expect a few more “cm's” in length and perhaps a bit of increase in girth as well. If you want to learn more about this, then you can click here to go to a reliable online vendor for more information.

Now, I don't know anything about the safety of using devices like that, they might be perfectly safe, but again I have not tried one myself, so if you do decided to try one make sure to follow the instructions, and also it's at your own risk.

  • Accept yourself as you are…

The second option is to accept yourself as you are. This is perhaps not what you wanted to hear, but it is not a bad option when you think about it.

Accepting yourself, and every part of yourself, will make your self-esteem grow and with more self-esteem comes a higher quality of life.

What is The Average Penis Size?

So what is the average penis size then?

Well, according to the site “” here are some, erect penis sizes by country…

  • Cameron 16.67 cm – 6.56 inches
  • Italy 15.35 cm – 6.04 inches
  • India 13.71 cm – 5.4 inches
  • Sweden 15.08 cm – 5.93 inches
  • USA 14.15 cm – 5.57 inches
  • Ecuador 17. 61 cm  6.94 inches

Now, how the heck they gathered that data is something I do not know.

Of course it depends a bit on exactly how one does the measuring, but I guess they informed the participants how to do it to get the most accurate results…

…otherwise, it's a pretty useless statistic.

What Do Women Prefer?

In today's world where things like political correctness and equal rights is becoming more and more important, it is normal to hear phrases like, size does not matter, it's all about how you use it…

…but that kind of depends on who you're asking, right?

What do women really prefer?

If you know me from my videos on YouTube, by now you know that there is no BS coming from me, so as always I will give an honest answer…

… people who say that no women care what size your are, well, they are lying. Nor is the size an overly important factor for most women. As with everything else in this world, the truth lies somewhere in between…

…the truth is that SOME girls like a big penis while others are of the opinion that size doesn't matter.

I mean, think about you and your friends here. Some of you friends probably like girls with big boobs, while you perhaps might think it does not really matter. We all have different preferences and of course that goes for women as well.

Speaking from my own experience, as a middle aged man, I can say that I would estimate that about 60% of girls like a bigger sized penis. However, most of those 60% would probably not consider the relationship to be a dealbreaker if the guy didn't really “measure up”

Does size matter? Take a look at this video if you want to here some other opinions on this matter,
as they ask a bunch of girls to be brutally honest… 

Does NoFap Make You Bigger?
-Final Words-

So there you have it.

The short answer to the question “does nofap increase size?” is unfortunately “no it doesn't”.

Now, I hope you don't interpret this article as me being against living a NoFap lifestyle, because I'm not. In fact, I'm doing NoFap myself, and if interested, you can click here to learn about my personal relationship with NoFap.

Again, NoFap won't magically make your penis bigger, but too much fapping can actually cause your penis to not live up to its full potential…

…so to speak.

And on top of that, if you are using a lot of online pornography, then your sexual center in the brain can become desensitized, and in in turn, send weaker signals to your penis, causing your erection to be sluggish or not as full as it otherwise could be.

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F.A.Q's about NoFap and penis size

Q: I quit fapping to porn three weeks ago and I swear my penis has become smaller. It feels lifeless and small. Can nofap cause your penis to shrink?

A: No matter how strange this sounds, it is actually normal. It is because of the flatline. During the flatline some guys actually experience a shrinkage of the penis, but this is only temporarily. It is caused by the withdrawal symptoms your porn addiction is causing where the already weak arousal signals from the brain gets even weaker. This will pas however, and your penis has not become smaller in a physical sense, it has just less blood flow running through it right now. Yes, this is true, even in a flaccid state. You can read more about the dreaded flatline in the article PMO withdrawal symptoms and what to do about them.

Q: My friend swears his penis has become bigger by doing nofap? Is this really true?

A: I don't know your friend, but if he claims really big changes, I doubt it. Well, perhaps he used to masturbate A LOT and because of that caused the penis to be a bit smaller due to the “death grip” that so many guys use. In that case, of course the size can increase a bit when quitting and all the “inflated”tissue returns to normal.

Q: Is there any risk that my penis becomes smaller if I stop masturbating?

A: Permanently, no. Temporarily, it can happen if you go through a so called flatline, but that's just because of less blood flow and not really the penis itself becoming smaller.

Ok, I think that'll be it for this article. I hope you found it informative.

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