Does NoFap Increase Sensitivity?

Does NoFap Increase Sensitivity?

It can be a depressing thing, really. Having sex and not being able to feel as much as you would like to.  This can lead to delayed ejaculation or to you going soft during sex, but even if it doesn't one thing is for sure…

…increased sensitivity would make having sex much more pleasurable!

NoFap increases sensitivity, but you have to be prepared for it to take some time before starting to see results. The loss of sensitivity is mainly due to a numb pleasure respons in your brain, caused by frequent fapping to online adult entertainment. Let's take a look at how to fix it…

Do a PMO Reboot To Regain Sensitivity

If you have problems with lack of sensitivity, delayed ejaculations or low libido and sluggish erections, you need to start NoFap…

…or do a a so called “PMO reboot”.

PMO stands for, porn, masturbation, orgasm.

What exactly is a PMO reboot?

A PMO reboot is when you completely stop using any artificial sexual stimuli ( like porn ) and give up masturbation for a period of time to rebalance the sexual centers in your brain. (Related post: 11 Tips to stop a pmo addction)

By doing this you will…

  • Regain sensitivity in your genitals 
  • Increase your libido, especially to real life people
  • Get stronger and harder erections

A reboot is basically rewiring your brain to become more aroused by real life people instead of pixels on a screen…

…and it works.

Millions of guys have successfully done this by now.

How NoFap Helps To increase Sensitivity

Rebooting, or lets use the term NoFap from now on, will increase your sensitivity, mainly because of two reasons…

  1. The reward circuitry in your brain becomes more sensitive to dopamine.
  2. The skin on your penis becomes softer and more sensitive to touch.

You see, when you are fapping to porn your dopamine levels are sky high. If this goes on for a long period of time, your brain will try to keep homeostasis by reducing the number of dopamine receptors you have in the reward system of your brain…

…this is bad, because dopamine does its magic by binding to those receptors and it takes quite a long time for the brain to regrow those receptors…

…which menas that you are now left with a disrupted dopamine system in your brain.

Less Enjoyment From Everything in Life…

With a disrupted dopamine system you now basically have a numb pleasure response. This in turn will make you feel LESS pleasure and enjoyment from everything in life. Not just sex, but from everything…

…literally everything!

For example, listening to music releases a small amount of dopamine and because you now have less receptors for the dopamine to bind to, you get less enjoyment out of listening to that piece of music.

The same goes for eating food, playing a computer game, drinking water, watching a movie, working on your goals etc…

…you will basically get less enjoyment from doing any activity.

It is literally like you have changed the “pleasure thermostat”, making you need much more stimuli to reach the same old pleasure and enjoyment.

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NoFap And Rebooting Will Heal Your  Pleasure Response

Here is where NoFap enters the picture.

When you stop fapping to porn your desensitized reward system will start healing and after a few months you will start to feel intense pleasure from normal activities again and sex with a real life partner will feel amazing…

…this is how NoFap increase your sensitivity. It was fapping to porn that destroyed your sensitivity in the first place.

How Long Does it Take For NoFap To increase Sensitivity?

Rebooting can be a long and painful process depending on how much addiction related brain changes all your porn history has given you.

If you started fapping to porn at a very early age your reboot will take much longer than for a person who started using porn in his twenties or thirties, for example.

The bad news…

The average reboot takes about 3-8 months, but if you started fapping to online porn at a very early age, you may have to add a few more months to those numbers.

I know it sounds brutal, but thousands of guys have managed to get through it and so can you.

Take a look around this website to discover all kinds of helpful “pmo rebooting tips“.

The good news…

The good news is that you don't have to wait to have sex. You can still have sex while you are rebooting. Just do NOT go back to porn and you WILL heal your brain and regain your sensitivity.

For fastest results, it is best to avoid orgasms for about two months or so. You can still have sex. Just go slow, have gentle sex and don't ejaculate. After about two months you can try a few orgasm and see how they affect you, but you should still limit them greatly.

Fast forward a few months, when you feel that your libido for real life people and your sensitivity is back, you can start incorporating orgasms in each session, if you wish.

There IS something else you can do to increase sensitivity…

While you are rebooting and slowly regaining your sexuality, there is actually something you can do to instantly increase your sensitivity and the quality of your erections.

There is a natural product I use myself called Alphaviril, and it's a product designed to increase testosterone and sex drive, but it also increases sensitivity big time.

Alphairil works on your libido in four different ways…

  1. It's increases your testosterone production
  2. It increases dopamine production (but not to the point of causing desensitization)
  3. It has ingredients in it that directly stimulates the sexual center in your brain
  4. In increases blood flow to your genitals

The two major players in a strong libido are testosterone and dopamine.

You can have good levels of testosterone, but if your dopamine is low you will have a weak sex drive. On the other hand, if your dopamine is okay, but your testosterone is very low, there won't be much fun in your bedroom…

…we need both.

This is why Alphaviril is so great for your libido as it takes care of both dopamine and testosterone, and man does it work!

That in combination with specific ingredients that directly simulates the sexual center  in the brain makes me feel like a teenager again. My penis, especially my glans, becomes so sensitive that I can literally feel my pulse in it.

It also makes my erections harder and I don't have to wait so long before being able to go a second round if I want to. It is, again, just like when I was a teenager.

As for the testosterone increase the company claims, I know it works because, as the nerd I am, I have even  done blood tests on myself to confirm it.

If you're interested in trying Alphaviril, you can click here to check pricing at online vendor.

Take a look at this video for a full review of Alphaviril, as I share my personal experience from using the product. 

If interested, you can click here to read other real user reviews over at the vendor site. 

I'm pretty confident you will find it helpful. If you don't then you are just so desensitized from all the porn use, that you just need a lot more rebooting before starting to see any results…

…if that's the case, keep going and DO NOT give up…

…things will get better!

NoFap And Increased Sensitivity
Final Words

So there you have it, that's the post about NoFap and increased penis sensitivity.

To sum it up, the answer to the question “Does NoFap increase sensitivity” is a big “YES!”

In fact, if you otherwise are healthy, but you have low libido and a lack of sensitivity, NoFap is the first thing you should try. Of course it would also be wise to go get checked by a professional, to rule out any other underlying causes, just to be on the safe side.

Other than that, start your NoFap journey and start kicking ass. If you are new to NoFap, here's a post you might find useful How to start NoFap

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F.A.Q's About NoFap And Sensitivity

Q: When I have sex with my GF I can keep going as long as I want. Some might think this is a good thing, but it isn't. It's not because I'm a stud or anything like that. It's because I'm not sensitive enough. I simply don't feel anything. I know I'm addicted to porn since I get cravings when trying to stop. My question is, would nofap increase the sensitivity in my penis if I put all my effort in and managed to quit fapping for good?

A: Yes it would. The fact that you are addicted to porn makes me sure of that. You are desensitized and by going on a NoFap journey the desensitization will reverse. Your dopamine receptors will grow back and you will become more sensitive down there again.

Q: My problem is that I get too sensitive whenever I do nofap. I can't last long enough. What should I do?

A: You are probably pretty new to rebooting as it is pretty normal too experience things like that after a couple of months or so. The good thing is that if you stay away from porn and keep having sex in real life, it will improve. So, keep going. You can also check out my article NoFap and premature ejaculation – 10 helpful tips.

Q: I suffered from delayed ejaculation for over 5 years. I am 8 months into nofap and now I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. For the past 2 weeks I have been much more sensitive and sex has felt amazing. I think I am almost cured. Nofap helped to increase my sensitivity and I'm never going back to porn again. 

A: Thanks for sharing your success story. I'm really happy for you. Keep going brother, and keep kicking ass :)

Alright, that'll be it for today. If you want to ask me something you can find my email adress under my videos on YouTube. Here's a link to my YouTube channel >> Project Stronger Self. Consider subscribing while you're there.

Much Love!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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