Does NoFap Increase Confidence? NoFap Confidence

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NoFap Confidence – Does Nofap Increase Confidence?

Does NoFap increase confidence?

I mean, does NoFap REALLY increase confidence or is this just a placebo thing?

Well, in this article we are going to dive deeper into the subject of increased confidence on NoFap, so read the whole article and you'll discover some interesting things for sure.

The short answer is, yes, NoFap does indeed increase confidence for a lot of people. However the results vary depending on a few factors that we are going to talk about. There are also those who never experience a confidence boost doing NoFap, however most do and, well, let's get going with the post…

Does NoFap Increase Confidence?

Let's first define confidence so we know what we are talking about here.

Confidence, in short, means having trust in yourself and your abilities.

Now, let's get something very clear here. What most people mean when they say that they notice an increase in confidence when doing NoFap is that they start to notice some, or all, of the following…

  • Not giving a fu*k about what other people think of them (less social anxiety)
  • An increase in energy
  • An increase in aggressiveness
  • A strong sense that things will turn out alright
  • Less feelings of shame
  • More self-respect

…as you can see from the bullet points what people on NoFap are experiencing is something that is deeper than just “confidence”. Sure, we can use the word confidence for all this, but in my opinion, it's deeper than that…

…it's more like a combination of self-esteem, confidence, optimism and self-respect…

…and just more “badassness”!

Sounds pretty awesome, right?…

…well, it is!

A Biological Explanation To The Increased Confidence On NoFap

nofap androngen receptorFrequent ejaculation causes downregulated androgen receptors

A study where they made rats sexually exhausted showed that it took at least 15 days to restore their androgen receptors.

What is androgen receptors and what does this mean for NoFappers?

Good question!

Here's the deal…

The hormone testosterone binds to the androgen receptors. This means that if you have downregulated, or fewer receptors, your body can not utilize all the testosterone you are producing in an efficient manner…

…starting to see the picture here?

That's right, with downregulated androgen receptors it is as you have low levels of testosterone even if your blood testosterone happen to be in the normal range…

HOWEVER, if you abstain from ejaculation, the androgen receptors will grow back and increase in number, and after a couple of weeks, your body will be better at utilizing whatever testosterone you are producing…

…the effects of that is the same as you now suddenly would have higher levels of testosterone itself!

Now as many of you know, high testosterone is associated with…

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased sexdrive
  • More drive, motivation and “go get it attitude”
  • Giving less of a fu*k what others think about you
  • Better memory and concentration

Does those traits sound familiar? Yes, they are very similar to what people on NoFap are reporting.

So is this just a coincidence?…

…I think not!

What About Testosterone Itself, Does NoFap Increase Testosterone ?

Well, the answer to that is actually no!

Except for on day 6,7 and 8 after abstaining from ejaculation, there are no significant changes in blood testosteron levels.

a graph of testosterone levels after abstaining from ejaculation

As you can see in on the graph above, testosterone levels does significantly spike on day 7. However, after that they will come back down to your normal levels, even if you don't ejaculate.

A bit disappointing, huh?

Well, I think so too, but remember the upregulated androgen receptors that you get on NoFap instead…

…and be happy about that because, again, more androgen receptors means that you will feel more effects of whatever testosteron you make.

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More Reasons Why NoFap Increase Confidence. How About Semen Retention Itself?

So androgen receptors aside, what about semen retention itself, does it increase energy and confidence?

Well, a lot of men think so, but here there are no clear science we can point to. However, there are thousands of anecdotal stories of men swearing by it. And the stories are just too numerous to ignore…

…I personally believe in it, and we have to remember that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Just because science does not yet have all the pieces to what happens on semen retention does not mean that there might be interesting biological things going on…

…many wise men in history has practiced semen retention and managed to transmute the sexual energy into becoming truly impressive people.

Famous People Who Harnessed The Power Of Semen Retention

There is no longer any secret that many of the best sportsmen, like for example elite boxers, use to abstain from ejaculating before an important fight. They all claimed that not “wasting their manhood” made them much more sharp, aggressive and dominant….

…no surprise there, however, throughout history there have been many other great men who somehow figured out this “secret”.

And if it works to increase energy, aggressiveness and the “go get it attitude” in athletes, then sure it could be useful for other men as well in other domains of life.

Just a few examples of some famous men who took advantage of the benefits semen retention can bring…

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Mike Tyson
  • Orville and Wilbur Wright
  • Sir Isac Newton
  • Steve Jobs
  • Socrates
  • Mohammad Ali
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Al Pacino

…and, of course, countless other great men throughout history.

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How Much Power Can Semen Retention Really Generate?

During one orgasm a man releases enough sperm to father a whole continent. Does that mean anything?

Well, honestly I don't know, but it is thought provoking for sure because we are talking about something that has the power to create millions of new life…

…so it should come as no surprise that transmuting that energy makes men more powerful…

Some People Even Claim Superpowers…

Some people even go so far as to claim “superpowers”, and even though I personally would not go as far as using those exact words, when it comes to my own NoFap lifestyle, who am I to argue with people who experience their semen retention like that?…

…needless to say, it also comes down to how we define “superpowers”…

…of course the benefits of NoFap is different for everyone, and sure, if men who have been very timid suddenly notice a drastic increase in energy, confidence, and aggressiveness along with a big boost in motivation then maybe “superpowers” is exactly the right words for them….

…we have to take into account how far “down” a person was to begin with, just like I talk about in the video you can see at the top of this page.

Psychological Reasons For NoFap Confidence

The mental side is of course also a strong factor. Let's face it, being on NoFap is not easy. In fact, it is hard…

…very hard!

The sexual energy is the strongest force in human nature and if you learn to master it then you have truly done something that is actually difficult. Mastering any difficult thing in life will of course fill you with a sense of pride and self-esteem…

If you want to become a person who doesn't masturbate to weird porn clips, then you better make sure to also take that seriously…

Because remember these words: The ultimate joy and self-esteem booster is the reinforcement of your desired identity.

…in other words; when you follow through and you do what you set out to do, and you notice that, hey, I am actually becoming what I wanted, piece by piece, well then you will start trusting yourself more…

…you will start feeling more grounded in yourself and that feeling is one of the biggest cornerstones of self-esteem and confidence.

So again, If you want to become a person who doesn't masturbate to weird porn, then you better make sure to take your NoFap journey seriously.

If you have problems with relapsing then read my article how to stop relapsing on NoFap.

Then There is The Neurobiology Of Porn Addiction – Downregulated Dopamine D2 Receptors

Today's high speed full HD internet porn is what we call a “supernormal stimulus”. This means that it is something that is far more stimulating to our brains reward system than our cavemen ancestors could even find in nature.

The anticipation of sex releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine.

Dopamine is Normal – HOWEVER…

Now, there is nothing wrong with dopamine, we need it to be motivated to do things in life. Also, sex is normal and I don't want you to mix things up here…

…you see, when you are having sex with a real life partner then your dopamine levels will be elevated, but after some time they will start to drop back down again…

…this is normal. However, when you are watching online adult entertainment, your dopamine levels will also rise, and like I just describe, here too they will start to drop back down after a while…

BUT THEN WHAT DO YOU DO? YOU SWITCH TO A NEW PORN CLIP, in order to get them back up again!

Too Much Porn Use  Causes a “Numb” Reward Center In Your Brain

By repeatedly doing this you are overriding your natural satiation mechanism as you keep your dopamine levels elevated, sometimes for hours at an end by clicking to the next scene…

…and the next…and the next…click! …click!….click!

When this happens your brain will start protecting itself against all that massive amount of dopamine by knocking out some of the dopamine receptors. This is not good because with time this will give you a numb reward center…

…also called desensitization.

And here's the deal…

A reward center that is not working properly can cause…

  • Increased risk for developing other addictions (alcohol, other drugs, sugar, video games, gambling etc.)
  • Social anxiety
  • Lack of pleasure in life (anhedonia)
  • Low self-esteem
  • Submissiveness 
  • Memory and concentration problems

…to name just the most common ones.

Okay, so when taking this into account we now have yet another explanation to why heavy porn users feel less “alpha” than people who don't use it so much…

…heavy pron users basically have a messed up reward system and their dopamine signaling is no longer functioning properly.

Now, if a person has developed addiction related brain changes, there are a lot more brain changes that happens than desensitization, but I will cover those in another article as this one is mainly about NoFap and confidence.

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NoFap Confidence
Final Words

Ok, so there you have it. That was a pretty long article, shining some light on some of the biological reasons behind nofap and confidence.

So, to the question “Does NoFap really increase confidence?”

…I think it's very safe to answer: …

…yes. Yes it does!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more interesting content.

-Scandinavian Bob-

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NoFap Confidence F-A.Q's

Q: Nofap when does confidence increase?

A: It depends on so many factors and it's different for everyone so there's no exact answer to this. It also depends on whether you have developed addiction related brain changes or not. If you haven't then you will probably notice benefits quicker…15 days is what it took for the rats to regrow their androgen receptors, why not aim for that as you first goal and see how you feel 🙂

Q: Is Nofap placebo?

A: What do you mean? NoFap is the word for giving up masturbation. Ok ok, I think you mean if the benefits people are experiencing on nofap could be because of the placebo effect. Well, it is NOT just a placebo effect, as there are biological explanations as well. I think it's both. Both real biological benefits and then of course some people will also feel better because of the placebo effect. That's the way it is with everything in life.

Q: Do I have to do nofap in order to be confident?

A: Of course not. Many confident people have masturbated. That said, if you are  addicted to it, and seriously addicted to online adult entertainment, you will have a dysregulated dopamine system and that could hold you back emotionally and if so, it becomes difficult to have high self-esteem, confidence and a well functioning brain.

Okay, that will be all for now. I will return to this article, updating the F.A.Q's when I get some more time on my hands…

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