Does NoFap Improve Memory?

Does NoFap Improve Memory?

Does NoFap help increase memory function or is that just some weird placebo effect that young and eager NoFap guys are claiming?

Well, in today's post I will take a deeper dive into NoFap and its effect on memory function…

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Does NoFap Increase Memory?

NoFap can improve memory in the way that nowadays fapping and online porn go hand in hand. Because of this, some users develop real addiction related brain changes from using porn, and every addiction, no matter what kind of addiction, also disrupts dopamine signaling in the brain. Dopamine is highly involved in memory function and thus going on a NoFap journey can indeed increase your memory function. 

Ok, so the addiction and memory function relationship is clearly backed by strong science and is non-disputable…

…but, what about non addicts?

Does NoFap Improve Memory Even If Not Addicted To Porn?

Here things become more unclear.

There are thousands of guys claiming that they become mentally sharper when going on NoFap, but how do we know if they had developed addiction related brain changes or not prior to trying NoFap?

Well, there is no way of knowing for sure, but all the anecdotal evidence is interesting to say the least.

My Personal Believe – And A Theory

I personally believe that we can experience benefits from semen retention itself, even if we haven't developed an addiction to online pornography.

I believe that semen retention can increase things like…

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Strength
  • Aggressiveness
  • Confidence

Now, other than all the thousands of anecdotal stories, what other biological explanations could there be behind these benefits?

And now are talking about non porn addicts here, because remember that as far as the improved memory function goes, that is easy to explain in the addiction group, since going on a NoFap journey will rebalance the brain and recover the dopamine signaling system.

But, non addicts and nofap?

Here's my theory…

My theory

I believe that many of the benefits semen retention itself seem to give is because of upregulated androgen receptors. Androgen receptors are what testosterone binds to, and thus the more androgen receptors we have, the better we become at utilizing whatever testosterone our body produces.

This is something I talk about in more depth in the article, NoFap and muscle gains.

Now, some NoFappers want to explain the benefits by “oh yeah, it's because of increased testosterone levels” ,but unfortunately this is wrong!

Testosterone levels DO spike, but for some reason this happens ONLY on day 7 after your last ejaculation. Before and after day 7 there are no real changes in testosterone levels whatsoever.

But not so fast here, the guys are not completely wrong either because the effects of upregulated androgen receptors could indeed yield the same results as if testosterone itself were higher, and this is because more androgen receptors may improve testosterone utilization…

…the net effect of this could potentially be the same as if testosterone itself were higher.

Studies On Rats Show An Increase In Androgen Receptors

Studies made on rats show an increase in androgen receptors when they abstain from ejaculation, or to put it more accurately, frequent ejaculation caused A DOWNREGULATION of androgen receptors in the rats.

It takes 15 days for androgen receptors to recover from sexual exhaustion

It took the rats androgen receptors about 15 days to recover from sexual exhaustion, but the million dollar question here would be, could a longer period of abstinence further increase androgen receptor density, once baseline levels are reached?

To my knowledge, no such studies have been made and we really do not know the answer to that, but…

…it certainly would explain a lot of the NoFap benefits guys are starting to report once they have gone a bit longer than two weeks or so on their NoFap journey.

Fighters Have Used Semen Retention For Centuries

We could also take into consideration all the elite fighters that for centuries have used abstinence before an important fight to be more aggressive, have more drive and be more confident.

Mind you, this is something that fighters have known for hundreds of years already…

…hundreds of years?

That means that they could not have been addicted to online porn, yet they still experienced massive benefits from semen retention…

…unless it's all placebo. Which there is no  way of knowing really, but personally I don't think it is just placebo.

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Let's take a look at a few quotes from guys who have experienced an increase in memory function when going on NoFap. Let's look at both guys who were addicted to porn and guys who went on NoFap that were NOT addicted to porn…

NoFap And Memory Function ( In Non-Addicts )

Guy number 1

” I was never addicted to porn but whenever I go on a long NoFap streak I become mentally sharper. I'm 100% certain it's not just the placebo effect. My brain fog goes away and my short term memory increase”

Guy number 2

” When going on NoFap I first noticed how much easier it was for me to remember names. Then I started to notice other cognitive functions improve as well, like for example increased concentration and focus. I can now focus on one task at a time for hours…”

NoFap And Improved Memory ( In Porn Addicts )

Guy number 1

” Before I quit porn I had serious memory problems. I was starting to get really worried about my poor memory, but after quitting it is like I have a totally new brain. I feel super sharp and after doing a good PMO reboot I now have ZERO memory problems. As far as I'm concerned, I think It's really amazing how well my brain functions today”

Guy number 2

” I was a heavy porn addict for many years and my cognitive ability suffered in many ways. A non existent short term memory was one of my problems. Since quitting I have now improved so much that I can't even put it into words…like a 1000%!!!”

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NoFap And Increased Short Term Memory

The effects of NoFap on memory seem to be bigger in people who overcome their porn addiction while doing NoFap, which again, is no surprise really as their brain rebalances and by overcoming the addiction the brain repairs the dopamine signaling system.

Now, granted, these are just a couple of quotes, but keep in mind that I have read thousands of similar quotes over the last 7 years or so and they are ll pretty similar as in, yes, nofap can indeed improve memory function and this becomes especially noticeable if the guy was addicted to porn and managed to recover.

So if you are worried about your own declining memory, you've got to ask yourself, and be honest now…

…are you addicted to porn?

If the answer is yes, then you know what to do. Start rebooting.

You can for example start by reading my article helpful tips for a 90 day PMO reboot.

-Scandinavian Bob-

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Some Other Things You Can Do To Boost Your Memory

Other than doing a PMO reboot or going on a NoFap journey, here are some other tips to consider, if you want to improve our memory…

Eliminate your sugar intake

In fact, we can do even better than that…

…if you REALLY want to improve your cognitive function, reducing your total intake of carbohydrates to less than 30 grams per day will put you into a state of “ketosis”. Meaning your liver will start producing keton bodies for you to use as fuel, instead of glucose.

Now, the brain loves ketones because it's a cleaner fuel source than glucose.

By the way, did you know that many professional Chess players, poker players, and memory masters are doing a keto diet? That's right, and that should tell us something right there.

Watch your vitamin B12 intake!

Vitamin B, and in particular vitamin B12, is incredible important for nerv cells, for your brain and for your short term memory. People who go on a strikt vegan diet may for example start to suffer from poor short term memory because B12 is mostly found in animal products.

Here are some foods rich in vitamin B12…

  • Beef
  • Tuna
  • Sardines
  • Salmon
  • Ham
  • Chicken breasts
  • Whole eggs

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Physical exercise

If you could only choose one tool for improving your brain function, to put in your “memory toolbelt” you would have to choose physical exercise. It's that important!

Physical exercise increase something called BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which is a protein that helps promote the growth of NEW brain cells.

In fact, BDNF is so good for the brain that it is thought of as a fertilizer and often called “the miracle gro” for your brain, by all the brain experts out there…

…so put those sneakers on and hit the trail.

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