Does NoFap Help Your Skin?

Does NoFap Help Your Skin?

As I have said in many of my articles, NoFap is a phenomenal self improvement tool.

And if you have been overconsuming adult sites for the last couple of years or so, I would even go as far as to say that NoFap is necessary to do for you. If the latter is the case, you need to reboot your brain and upregulate your dopamine receptors.

Now, even though I like NoFap, and even though following a NoFap lifestyle comes with a host of positive benefits, it can still not perform miracles, but since it really can give you physical benefits as well, what about the skin…?

…can NoFap improve your skin?

NoFap can indeed improve the skin for some guys. Unfortunately, however, most guys will not experience this benefit. From what I've seen over the years, I would estimate that only about maybe 10-15% of guys who start doing NoFap will get a better skin. Amongst the lucky guys, words like “glowing face” and ” less pimples” are pretty common. You don't need to go many weeks before you find out in what category you belong.

NoFap And Better Skin

If 10-15% of guys who are doing NoFap get a better skin, what could be the reason behind this?

Let's take a look at, what I think could be, the most logical reasons for a better skin on NoFap.

#1 Fluctuating hormone levels…

Well, one possible reason for better skin on NoFap is that frequent ejaculation causes constant spikes and drops in prolactin, and even testosterone to some degree, and the more your sex hormones fluctuate the bigger the risk of acne and other uncomfortable skin issues become.

So when guys go on a NoFap journey then obviously the hormone levels will be more steady and thus the skin reacts positively to this.

#2 Better lifestyle…

Another factor to consider is that most guys who start doing NoFap tend to improve other areas of their lives as well.

They adapt an overall better lifestyle, taking care of themselves better.

Needless to say, a cleaner diet and better hygiene can also do wonders for the skin.

#3 Abstinence preserve nutrients…

Your semen contains a lot of nutrients and if you're not constantly wasting them into some Kleenex in front of your laptop, your body can do other necessary things with it.

Zinc is often wasted through ejaculation and did you know that  Zinc is highly involved when your body is growing nails, hair, and also when it comes to giving you that glowing skin.

Now, the Zinc release is not THAT big when you are ejaculating, so I really do think that this one is the least common reason. I'd be willing to bet that #1 or #2 plays the biggest part…

…of course, it could be a combination of all three of them as well.

About 10-15% Of Guys Get Better Skin On NoFap
If This is You – The Results Should Come Pretty Quickly…

As I already stated, unfortunately only about 10-15% of men seem to get the “skin benefit”. This is just my own rough estimation, so don't get all anal about it, it could be a bit more, or a bit less, but 10-15% seems reasonable in my estimation.

How quickly should I start seeing results in my skin?

Since your hormone levels stabilize after just a few days, if you belong in the lucky category that will get the skin benefits, you should start seeing results pretty quickly.

From the second week there should be no more significant fluctuations in your hormones. There might be a slight increase in testosterone, but overall your hormones are pretty damn stable from here on out and thus your face should slowly start clearing up…

…of course there might be a slight “delay” as there are some healing of inflammation etc. that takes some time for your body to fix.

Seeing results in 3-4 weeks?

Within 3-4 weeks of NoFap you should know if you belong to the lucky group that will experience better skin on NoFap.

If you already are about two months in and you haven't seen any skin improvements yet, I'm sorry to say, NoFap will probably not going to help your skin from here on out as fapping was most likely not what caused your skin to be bad in the first place.

Now, if you belong in that unfortunate group that does not experience skin benefits, don't stop doing NoFap just because of that. NoFap still has a lot of other cool benefits that most men actually DO get…

…like for example:

  • Increased energy
  • More motivation and drive
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Increased confidence

NoFap And Better Skin My Personal Experiences

Since I have been following a NoFap lifestyle for about 8 years myself, some of you may perhaps be wondering what my personal experiences are when it comes to NoFap improving my skin.

Unfortunately I have to say that I belong in the group that does not seem to get any skin benefits from NoFap whatsoever. No matter if I go 30, 90 , 120 days or even longer…

…my skin pretty much stays the same.

Whiter eyes…

I have, however, noticed that my eyes becomes whiter and less “watery”. It's like they are shining brighter and i guess that could be interpreted as a more glowing face in general. I suspect the whiter eyes are due to a better functioning dopamine system, but don't quote me on that one.

Cutting out dairy and gluten help my skin…

I do find that what I eat affects my skin though and if I cut out dairy and gluten my skin gets significantly better within just a few days.

Let's take a look at a few other NoFappers, and what they have to say about NoFap and their skin…

What others are saying about NoFap and skin

Guy number 1

I have terrible skin and it's not like I become Brad Pitt whenever I do NoFap, but I do notice an improvement in my skin. Less pimpless and less red, embarrassing stuff. Maybe this is because my hormones are more stable when I'm not busting nuts all the time.

Guy number 2

My face is glowing whenever I get a good streak going. After two weeks in it starts to happen and I have even got a couple of compliments from others because of this. One girl even said that it was like I was “radiating”.

Guy number 3

After three weeks on nofap I have noticed that my skin has improved a fair bit. I no longer have as much pimples as I used to and my overall skin complexion has improved. I have also improved my diet so I'm not sure nofap can get all the credit.

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Does NoFap Help Your Skin
Final Words

Ok, so to sum everything up, about 10-15% of guys who start doing NoFap seem to get better skin.

Whether that is due to NoFap alone or because they are also cleaning up their overall lifestyle, well, the jury is still out on that one.

One thing is for sure, though; better skin or not, NoFap comes with a bunch of positive benefits and just as long as you don't get dogmatic about it, NoFap is really a great lifestyle so keep going with it and stay strong!

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. If you are trying ti do a PMO reboot and you keep relapsing and need help, you can click here to go to my contact page to see what kind of help I'm currently offering.


F.A.Q's About NoFap Benefits in General

Q: I'm 6 days into NoFap and I have not noticed one single benefit yet…people are lying?

A: Wow, 6 whole days!?! Yeah, you are on to us! Nah, come on man! 6 days is WAY to early to start drawing any conclusions. In fact, many people even feel much worse the first few weeks due to withdrawals. Yes, believe it or not, many people really get withdrawals when stopping. This is because they have developed addiction related brain changes.  Just give it more time, man!

Q: Can NoFap help me become more confident?

A: Maybe. A lot of guys report a significant increase in confidence as one of their favorite NoFap benefits. Many feel that NoFap gives them a, how shall we say…”giving less of a fuck what others think about them attitude”. Not everyone will experience this, of course, since we are all different, but yeah, it is possible. The only way to know how you react, is to give it a good try for yourself.

Q: I'm doing NoFap to help with my anxiety, but it isn't helping! I thought it was supposed to help anxiety?

A: There can be, literally, hundreds of reasons behind anxiety problems and believe it or not, not everything that goes on in your body and mind is related to NoFap. I have big anxiety tendencies myself and I have been struggling with that my whole life, even long before I started fapping. If you are genetically predisposed for anxiety and perhaps have other reasons behind it as well, then don't expect NoFap to suddenly perform miracles for you. If, on the other hand, your anxiety is caused by a messed up dopamine system, from years of using adult sites, the yes, NoFap can completely fix your anxiety. But again, there are hundreds of reason behind anxiety. Keep going with NoFap, but at the same time, always keep looking for more anxiety tools and tricks to have in your anxiety toolbox. That is the best way forward. Best of luck!



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