Does NoFap Get Rid Of Anxiety?

Does NoFap Get Rid Of Anxiety?

Let's talk about NoFap and anxiety for a while.

Many guys are asking me whether or not NoFap can help them with their anxiety problems and my first answer is always the same…

“well, that depends on what is causing your anxiety in the first place!”

You see, the truth is that NoFap has helped hundreds of thousands of guys overcome their anxiety (it's starting to look pretty good here right?), but the truth is also, most of those guys had a pretty long history of fapping to adult sites.

And so now some of you go; so, what has that got to do with anxiety then?

Well, good question and here's the deal…

Frequent fapping to adult sites can cause anxiety problems in people…

Frequent Fapping To Adult Sites Can Cause Anxiety Problems

You see, today's high speed internet and adult sites with streaming functions is incredible stimulating for our brains reward system. In fact, it is so stimulating that, if using too much of it, it can cause a disrupted dopamine system.

A disrupted dopamine system,…

…so what is that then?

If you want a detailed explanation of how this works, you can take a look at this video right here. Otherwise, let's continue with the article…

The video is called NoFap and social anxiety, but know that it works the same with other forms of anxiety

How about that video, pretty scary stuff, huh?

You did watch the video, didn't you?

Super short summary of the video…
  • Today's adult sites are super stimulating and causes your dopamine to shoot up.
  • When dopamine starts to drop back down. you can override your natural “satiation mechanism”, by clicking to a new video to make it go up again.
  • By artificially making your dopamine stay that high, for a long period of time, your brain will start protecting itself from all the high dopamine.
  • Your brain protect itself by killing off a few dopamine receptors (these are small receptors that dopamine has to bind to in order for it to be able to do it's job).
  • You are now left with a disrupted dopamine system in your brain.

Symptoms of a disrupted dopamine system…

So what are the symptoms of a disrupted dopamine system then?

Well, here are the most common ones:

  1. Low motivation and drive.
  2. Irritability.
  3. Problems concentrating.
  4. Low mood / depression.
  5. Feeling of fear and shame.
  6. Anxiety.

So that was a short summary of the video and how frequent use of adult sites can actually cause pretty severe anxiety problems in some people.

Social anxiety is very common for guys who have been using adult sites for a long time, but not just social anxiety, but all kinds of anxiety, like generalized anxiety. anxiety attacks or even just worrying and having a constant sense of impending doom.

Yes, NoFap Can Get Rid Of Anxiety!

So, does NoFap get rid of anxiety, then?

If the anxiety was caused by frequent fapping to adult sites, then yes, NoFap can get rid of anxiety.

Pretty cool, huh?

When quitting adult sites and starting NoFap the anxiety goes away…

Remember now, there are literally hundreds of reasons behind anxiety and if the anxiety was caused by fapping to adult sites then, yes, NoFap can get rid of anxiety, but if it wasn't, don't expect miracles.

If a guys anxiety was caused by a fapping to adult sites and that guy stops using them and start “rebooting“, the disrupted dopamine system will heal and as a result he will start experiencing his anxiety symptoms going away, one by one.

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Can NoFap Get Rid Of Anxiety Even If Fapping To Adult Sites Wasn't The Cause?

Now, if the anxiety was NOT caused by a disrupted dopamine system, then don't count on NoFap getting rid of your anxiety…

…in fact, it probably won't.

For people having a genetic predisposition to anxiety, no amount of NoFap will completely get rid of it. The same goes for anxiety caused by inflammation, auto immune problems, traumas or something similar.

However, NoFap may potentially help a bit even there…

One of the most common benefits guys who are riding on a good NoFap streak is experiencing is “increased confidence”.

Now, even if a guy belongs in the unfortunate category of people being predisposed to anxiety, NoFap may still help just a tiny bit, because feelings of increased confidence can definitely be a pretty helpful weapon in the fight against anxiety…

…but again, in this case, don't expect miracles, as far as NoFap getting rid of your anxiety.

How Long Does It Take For NoFap To Get Rid Of Anxiety?

Of course, the million dollar question then becomes, how long does it take for NoFap to get rid of your anxiety?

Well, if your anxiety is caused by the brain changes years of fapping to adult sites created, then some people will start to feel a bit better after about 45 days.

Now, most people need much more time than that to fully recover though, and for most guys the anxiety reduction continues for several months after that. A rough estimate is that that around day 90 about 60% are fully healed, but it's very difficult to give exact numbers here since everyone has a reboot that is unique.

What if you never developed those brain changes?

Again, if addiction related brain changes formed by years of adult sites never was the root of your anxiety problems in the first place, you shouldn't expect much improvement in the anxiety area.

However, as I pointed out earlier in the article, doing NoFap even if not damaged by adult sites, a lot of guys stills see benefits like for example increased confidence, energy, drive and focus.

This happens pretty quickly…

If not addicted, then those benefits can role around pretty quickly. Some guys report them as soon as around day 6-8, others somewhere in the second or third week.

Now, obviously and increase in energy in combination with an increase in confidence could potentially help you a bit with your anxiety. Particularly if you anxiety is more geared towards social anxiety, since an increase in confidence often also means “giving less of a fuck” what others think of you. If not addicted, this can happen pretty quickly.

If You Don't See Any Anxiety Improvements By Then…

If NoFap doesn't seem to work for your anxiety, or if you feel that it takes way too long to see any relief, then head on over to another blog post I made I while back where I share a few really REALLY potent anxiety tips for you.

Just click here to go read that post >>NoFap And Social Anxiety <<  (the anxiety tips are in the middle of that page)

The tips you can find on that page are tips that actually works and I have to say they have been real lifesavers for me, personally.

What Can I Do To Help Speed Up The Process?

So, is there any way of speeding things up to get to the good stuff quicker?

Well, yes…there is!

You can speed up the process a bit by…

  • Doing intermittent fasting.
  • Taking cold showers.
  • Doing high intensity interval training
  • Meditating

Now, the meditation is a bit unclear, however, fasting, cold showers and hard physical exercise have all been shown by science to up-regulate dopamine receptors. Those small receptors that your brain killed off when you flooded your brain with too much dopamine, remember?

How much can those activities help?

If you are wondering about how much those things actually can speed things up, then sorry, there are just too many variables involved in order for me, or anyone else, to be able to give an exact answer to that.

Personally, back when I did my own reboot a few years back, I made a rough estimation that streaks where I incorporated all those brain healthy things seemed to bring me forward about 30% faster than streaks where I didn't do any extra brain healthy things, other than NoFap itself. But again, this is just a rough estimation and don't forget that we are all different…

…so your results may vary.

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How Much Adult Sites And How Much Fapping is Too Much?

First we have to get one thing out of the way. It's not fapping in and of itself that causes a disrupted dopamine system in your brain. It's today's super stimulating adult sites that does it. Particularly if you combine them with fapping.

As far as the amount goes it becomes more complicated. I have seen some guys suffer even if they did it only once a week and then there are guys who can get away with several sessions a week without getting affected. It's kind of like alcohol use. Some develop problems while other can get away with it.

I have been giving you rough estimates so far, but here I really have to back off with that.

The length of your sessions also matters…

Of course the length of your sessions also play A BIG part in it. If you binge for 6 hours, which believe me, a lot of guys do, then you are literally frying your dopamine receptors away and I personally think that even if you only did that once every second week, most of you would start developing problems.

On the other hand, a 3 minute session, is nowhere nearly as bad, even though that too can cause problems for some people.

NoFap And Anxiety

So, in conclusion, yes, NoFap can really get rid of anxiety.

However, it depends on what caused you anxiety in the first place. If a disrupted dopamine system is the cause, then there is high hopes for you.

If something else is causing it, don't get your hopes up too high, but you could still give it a try because the increased confidence and energy are indeed good allies to have on your side, as you keep trudging forward on the road towards freedom from anxiety.

I hope you find this article informative.

P.S. If you feel you need my help, then click here to go to my contact page and check with kind of help I'm currently offering.

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Common Questions About NoFap And Anxiety

Q: Can nofap make anxiety worse?

A: Actually yes, but only in the beginning. The beginning of a reboot is often nasty for many guys and things often get worse before they get better. Once the withdrawals and the flatline ends, however, things start looking a lot better.

Q: Can you recommend some natural product for anxiety that could help me as I'm waiting for NoFap to help with my anxiety?

A: There are a couple, but I think the best one is ProVanax. It has been a real lifesaver for me. You can click here to go to another article where I talk about that supplement. It's is further down on that page.

Q: Is the anxiety relief on NoFap just a placebo?

A: Placebo can certainly help, but since we are talking about real physical brain changes here, it is much more than just placebo.

Q: Would you recommend a nofap lifestyle for someone who is married?

A: Why not? It should be easier to do if you have a partner.


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