Does NoFap Affect Sleep?

Ok, so does NoFap affect sleep?

There are a couple of questions about NoFap and sleep that is coming up all the time, and they are…

  1. I recently started doing NoFap and now I have problems with insomnia, is this normal?
  2. I have been on NoFap for a few weeks now and I have found that I need less sleep than I use to, is this normal?

NoFap affects sleep in two ways. If you are addicted to online adult entertainment you may get withdrawal symptoms  the first couple of weeks after quitting, and one of the withdrawal symptoms is trouble sleeping. But then even after you are recovered, you might find you need less sleep, since semen retention gives you more energy. Let's take a look at a few interesting things here…

Does NoFap Affect Sleep?

There are thousands of guys out there reporting the same interesting thing…

When I'm doing NoFap it is like I need less sleep”

And this is something I can personally relate to.

NoFap And Less Sleep

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I have done my PMO reboot years ago and that I am fully recovered today, but I still go on a good streak of semen retention every now and then because I like the benefits…

…and one of the biggest benefits for me is…

  • I have more energy and thus I need 2 hours less sleep a night.

So, for me it's NOT a matter of withdrawal symptoms any more, since I have been recovered for a long time. No, it's just a pure, strong semen retention benefit…

…and I love it!

POFF!!!  Here You Go, 2 More Hours a Day…

Almost like a gift…

Like here you go:

you get 2 more hours of life every day. (Since I need 2 hours less sleep I get 2 hours more of life instead)

Why, thank you there, dear semen fairy!

2 hours of additional life every day adds up to a whole lot over time!

Thousands Of Guys Are Reporting The Same

I'm not alone either since thousands upon thousands of guys have reported the same. When doing NoFap they just need less sleep…

…so yeah, it's one heck of a cool benefit. And it's not like we weak up tired either. No, even though I sleep 2 hours less when doing NoFap, I am well rested when waking up.

This leads me to the next subheading…

NoFap And Sleep Quality

I check my sleep quality every night by using something called HRV (heart rate variability) and I have indeed found that semen retention improves sleep quality, meaning we get a deeper and more restful sleep when we do NoFap. I use quality gear so I know the measurements are right.

So in a way I can say that I have conducted a real biological experiment that confirms that NoFap really improves your sleep quality.

….that is, of course, if you have overcome the withdrawal stage, because during THAT phase, your sleep quality will be horrible…

…it will actually suck!

NoFap And Sleep Problems Right After Quitting Porn

In fact, the first few weeks, right after quitting porn can be so bad when it comes to the withdrawals that insomnia and sleep problems are almost inevitable.

This phase of insomnia may last quite a long time for some people while others may be getting away with just a week or two of bad sleep on NoFap.

How Long Does The Sleep Problems Last

So how long does the withdrawal induced sleep problems on NoFap last then?

Well, again, it's different for everyone, but here is what I often see…

  • For those who were mildly addicted to porn: 10-20 days of bad sleep
  • For those who were medium addicted to porn: 30-50 days of bad sleep
  • For those who were severely addicted to porn:  50-100 days of bad sleep

Now, remember, those are averages and your mileage may vary.

If you are truly suffering then it is important for you to always keep in mind that it is a temporary situation and that it will get better…

…this too shall pass!

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NoFap and no sleep at all

If you get severely sleep deprived because of the withdrawals you may need to seek help because going for a long time without sleep can lead to a burnout. And I'm speaking from experience here as this happened to me back in 2009 when I tried to get off SSRI's (antidepressant medications)

Even being severely sleep deprived for just 2-3 weeks can really start to do some serious damage to you and your brain so, again, seek help if that is you.

What To Do About it – The Bad Sleep?

There are a few things that you can try on your own first, before seeking medical help. Personally I have found a natural anti anxiety supplement to be really effective for calming me down AND helping me fall asleep, and oh how i wish I had that supplement back when I tried to get off the antidepressants. That would have saved me the burnout.

Anyway, the supplement is called ProVanax and you can click here to read a full review I made on it a while back. It's a natural, non prescription based supplement that is surprisingly effective…

…so if you are struggling with sleep, I highly recommend you give it a try. For me, it has been a true lifesaver, to say the least.

Seek medical help

If Provanax doesn't work for you, and you haven't been sleeping for a few weeks you may need to seek professional help.

They might need to put you on some strong stuff, just to get you sleeping again. But those drugs have nasty side effects, I mean, just look at what happened to Jordan Peterson, so again, let's hope it does not get that far.

NoFap And Sleep
Final Words

Whether it is…

  • NoFap and sleeping a lot
  • NoFap sleepiness or
  • NoFap and no sleep at all

…one thing is for sure…

…NoFap does indeed affect sleep for most guys. First in a bad way, but after some time, in a good way and you will actually need less sleep yet still feel fully rested.

Once you get over the first few weeks of hell, it's smooth sailing from there and now you are able to go on less sleep without any negative consequences, waking well rested in the morning…

…and that my nofap warrior, is what I personally consider to be a NoFap “superpower”

I hope you found the article informative.

Keep going and stay strong!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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Common Questions About NoFap And Sleep

Q: Whenever I relapse and have to start over I get insomnia again. It lasts for about 3 weeks for me. Is this normal?

A: It's very normal. It's almost textbook normal. You might even be on the better side, as I would estimate that most people suffer a bit longer that 3 weeks.

Q: When I started doing a PMO reboot I started having insomnia problems from the very first weeks. I guess this is due to withdrawals. What do you think? 

A: Yes, no doubt. It is the withdrawals. I talk more about this in my article No PMO withdrawal symptoms. You can take a look at that one for more details about withdrawals. Hang in there though, things will get better!

Q: I find that whenever I don't sleep my libido is actually higher the following day, how can this be?

A: Lack of sleep may temporarily increase dopamine levels, to help get os going through the day. So that's why it affects your libido. Now, it is important to point out that we should NOT start using lack of sleep deliberately just to raise our dopamine levels, since that will backfire in the long run. It works in the beginning, but after more sleepless nights the brains dopamine system will actually start to do a worse job due to the massive sleep depravation and THEN we are left with worse dopamine signaling.

Q: I sleep too much on NoFap, about 9-10 hours a day.

A: Well, we are all different and it's interesting to see how different people report different experiences. Just enjoy your 9 hours of sleep.  If I were you, I would try to get up after 9 hours and not sleep for 10 hours. There are studies showing that 10 hours of sleep may actually bee a bit too much for optimal health.

Q: I am a butterfly and my name is Henrik

A: Ehh….okay! Nice to meet you, I think.

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