Does Fapping Make You Weaker?

Does Fapping Make You Weaker?

A lot of guys are contacting me through my YouTube channel, with questions like…

  • Will fapping make me lose muscle?
  • Does fapping make you weaker?
  • Is it impossible to become strong if you are fapping?

Well, since this seems to be something many people are thinking about, I thought I'd make a blog post on the subject so that people, hopefully, can find it if they google the question…

…let's take a closer look….

Will Fapping Make Me Weak?

As with everything else in life the answer is not black and white…

…it depends!

Fapping in moderation will not make you weaker. There are millions of super strong men out there who are ejaculating either through having sex or through fapping – or both -.

Now, let's get to the nitty gritty here…

But what if you overdo it?…

Of course, if you are fapping several times a day then it will drain your energy and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that less energy means…

  • Less endurance
  • Less strength
  • Less motivation
  • And thus less ability to gain strength and muscle

By “drain your energy” I'm not only referring to the energy you are physically using when you are fapping, but more so the energy you waste by constantly filling your napkins with “man juice” in front of your laptop.

You see, one single ejaculation contains the most powerful concentrated energy in your body, and if you're always running on “an empty tank” your body has to spend quite a lot of energy to fix that.

This is especially true if you are a bit older, like say 35 years old and up. While younger guys, like the 18-24 year old guys, for example, can get away with more frequent ejaculations without getting wasted.

What about testosterone and other biological factors?

increased strength from nofap

Fapping in moderation will not really decrease your testosterone levels, but there are some evidence (although not a whole lot of it) that frequent ejaculations will downregulate your androgen receptors…

…those are the receptors that testosterone has to bind to in order for it to do its magic, and if you have less receptors, the net effect may be as if testosterone itself would be lower…

…that would of course be a bad thing for building muscle!

The more interesting question would be if we turn it around and ask “Will NoFap INCREASE your strength” and I'll get to that further down in the article.

As far as the androgen receptors and strength goes, again, I have to point out that I would like to see more studies on this to be able to back my words with more confidence, however what everything I've read so far seem to support my writings.

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Frequent fapping makes you more “girly”?

Frequent fapping will also cause you to run on higher prolactin and estrogen levels than a person who is not that trigger happy when it comes to his ejaculations…

…uh oh!

Those two hormones could potentially make you “softer” as estrogen, for example, is known as the female sex hormone and although men also need estrogen we do not want too much of it….

…we want more of the male hormone testosterone and NOT more estrogen.

The differences are not huge though, but it could be plenty enough to make a difference.

Addicted to porn? Then you might really become a weakling!

Now, I'm not saying it is impossible to have a porn addiction and still be physically strong, but it will make things much more difficult, to be sure.

If you often fapp your brains out to online pornography you are frying your dopamine receptors due to the extreme high levels of stimuli that you are exposing your reward circuitry to…

…this is especially true if you have developed addiction related brain changes (such as desensitization, sensitization and hypofrontality).

This will leave you with a disrupted dopamine system in your brain and than, in turn, will make your life much harder.

These are the symptoms you could be facing with a disrupted dopamine system…

  • Lack of motivation (often to the point of extreme lack of motivation)
  • Anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Poor concentration, memory and focus
  • Feelings of shame

Good luck trying to stay strong with those, very negative, symptoms. Again,  yes it's possible, but it's much more likely that the person person suffering from those just can't muster up drive and energy enough to do things that will keep his body strong.

So, if you made it so far, we pretty much covered the question “will nofap make me weaker?”…

…but what if we turned the question around…

 Let's Turn The Question Around – Can NoFap Make You STRONGER?

So far we have covered how fapping can make you weaker, or to put it another way, prevent you from reaching your full potential.

While those are important questions, let's now turn it around and take a look at a more interesting question…

…what about NoFap, can NoFap make your STRONGER?

As always, the question is a bit controversial, but in my honest opinion, NoFap can really make you stronger.

Take a look at this video to get my view on the subject NoFap and muscle strength…

The blog post I talk about in the end of the video can be found by clicking this link right here ==> NoFap and muscle gains

In that blog post I share everything you need to know about how NoFap can make you gain a bit more muscle…

…I also share an interesting NoFap workout routine you can use, to take advantage of the hormonal shifts that happens on NoFap, to take your strength to a higher level…

…if interested, here is the link again >>NoFap and building muscle.

Other, related and interesting posts…

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Will Fapping Make Me Weaker

To sum it up, fapping in moderation will NOT make you weaker, it's more the other way around as in NoFap can make you a bit stronger.

However, if you are fapping very often, then you WILL drain your energy and less energy means less strength. The lack of energy will of course also prevent you from reaching your full strength potential in the gym.

So there you have it. I hope you found the article informative and remember to check out the article about NoFap and building muscle I mentioned a few lines up.

Also remember that not once did I say that it is impossible to become very strong if you keep ejaculating, because it is possible. There are thousands of strongmen out there who are probably ejaculating several times a week.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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F.A.Q's About NoFap And The Body

Q: Does a wet dream count as a relapse?

A: Well, what are your goals? To overcome porn addiction? To do NoFap? To desperately keep every gram of semen inside of your body at all times? Every guy should make up their own rules. A relapse is when you do an activity that goes against the rules you have set up for yourself. If your goal is to overcome porn addiction and reboot your brain, then a wet dream is obviously not a relapse. If your goal is to get as many positive benefits from nofap as possible, a wet dream is still not a relapse. But if your goal is to go through life without having one single wet dream, then yeah, a wet dream would be a relapse… but then again, that would be a stupid goal. To put it simply: do NOT worry about wet dreams. They are a natural and won't hurt you one bit!

Q: If I relapse and binge a couple of days in a row I feel I lost a lot of strength when I go to the gym the following day. Is this possible?

A:  Well, yes and no. It's not like your muscles suddenly disappeared just because of your relapse. They are still there, just as big as the day before, however you hammered the reward system in your brain with a big dopamine party. For many people, myself included, that will totally kill your energy and drive the following days. So it's the lack of energy and drive that makes you weaker. Lack of drive also means less signals from your brain – through your nervous system – to your muscles – and that in turn will make you feel like you can't get all the power out of your muscles.

Q: Can nofap make me stronger?

A: According to many men, including myself, yes it can. The differences are not huge though, but there is a difference.

Q: Is it possible to become very strong while ejaculating like normal?

A: Yes it is.

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