Does Beating Your Meat Make You Lose Energy? (Poll + Video)

Does Beating Your Meat Make You Lose Energy?

So, does beating your meat make you lose energy?

Some guys notice lower energy levels after they've been beating their meat, yes.

Others, however, do not.

It depends on things like, for example….

  • How sensitive you are to changes in your body
  • How much you do it
  • Whether or not online porn is included in your fapping sessions

The most common reason is the last point there. However, many guys are not even aware of porn being the issue. If guys notice a drop in energy after they've been beating their meat, they often assume that it is the ejaculation that was the cause. They completely forget that there is one more variable included…

….online pornography.

And here's the deal…

Online porn can cause a much bigger drop in energy levels than what an ejaculation can do on its own…

You see, today's super stimulating porn sites can really take a toll on your dopamine system.

And since dopamine, is responsible for things like….

  • Motivation
  • Drive
  • Energy
  • Focus and attention
  • Libido
  • Etc. etc….

…then it's pretty easy to understand how beating your meat can make you lose energy.

Only: it isn't beating the meat that's actually causing it…

…it's the porn.

To get a better understanding on how porn causes a disrupted dopamine system, take a look at this video I created a while back.

If you found the video informative, consider checking out my Youtube channel here.

Speaking of YouTube…

…let's take a look at a poll I made in the community section of my channel, where I asked my subscribers the following question…

Do you find that NoFap has given you more energy?

As you can see, more than 1400 people voted and

  • Only 10% says NoFap has not increased their energy…
  • 30% say they've noticed a slight increase…
  • 60%  say they have definitely noticed an increase in energy on NoFap…

So, an overwhelmingly clear majority of 90% voted positively.

Now, I need to point out that when guys notice how NoFap increases energy, it is actually the absence of fapping to porn that makes their dopamine system return back to a more normal, healthy, state. And thus an increase in energy follows as a result.

How long does it take to notice an increase in energy after you quit porn?

This is very individual.

Some guys notice an increase in energy within just a week, others have to be patient and wait for many weeks before they notice any benefits at all.

If you're not addicted to porn, or if you just have a very mild addiction, you will most likely see benefits much sooner. If, however, porn has caused severe addiction related brain changes, you can even start feeling worse after quitting.

Note that if you do start feeling worse, that's just a temporary phase. You're suffering from withdrawals. Yes, you can actually have withdrawal symptoms when you give up on your porn. Most people who suffer withdrawals will start feeling significantly better after about one month in.

What guys are saying about the energy increase on NoFap…

Here are a few comments that some of the guys who participated in the voting left under the poll…

“Yes, I definitely feel more energy when I'm on a streak.. and when I relapse and binge, I feel exhausted all the time” -Khaled O.-

“I don’t feel a huge increase in energy but everyday life is more joyful, colorful and my anxiety is almost entirely gone. I am sure though that if I continue the streak, I will have more energy because I will enjoy life more.” -Robin Q-

“My best streak is like 8 months, and in that time I was literally the best version me. Restless, exercising daily, attention span is top god, ticking off my to do list.” -Andra-

“After around 2 weeks of nofap and noporn, I start to notice I wake up earlier and with more energy, no more waking up tired at all, and also i need less sleep, and I also sleep better!” -Majin-

You can >>Download<< my Quit Porn Guide for FREE right now!

Comments continued…

“I'm on day 61 of NoFap and I cannot definitively say I have more energy but I can say that I definitely have more peace and focus in my life. I have a much improved appreciation and sense of value for things that are really important. My objectivity has increased. I'm much less prone to be critical of others.

My anger levels have dropped. I rarely feel depressed. I'm way more positive about my life and my future. I have started NoFap several times with relapses. My previous record was 40 days. I'm way beyond that mark now and am pushing forward. I do NOT want to fail this time.

I think the longer you go, the easier it is to defeat the temptation. It still rears its ugly head from time to time but I am able to shut it down better now. There is nothing about watching porn that is truly beneficial to a person's well being. I see it for the poison that it is and how it wants to destroy all those who consume it. I would encourage everyone to reckon within themselves that porn is extremely toxic and commit with every fiber of their being to break free from its destructive tentacles.

I refuse to allow pornography to steal my life. Its trickery is making you think it's harmless and that it won't hurt you if you consume it moderately. That's the lie. I know I'm getting lengthy but I want to say one final thing. Once you start your NoFap lifestyle, you've got to identify what triggers you and avoid those triggers. Your mind will try to sabotage you to get its dopamine fix. Stay strong and remember: If you don't control your brain, your brain will control you.” -Andy J.-

“I notice a significant difference after I release compared to when I have retained” -Stephen S.-

Does beating your meat make you lose energy
Conclusion and final words…

So to sum everything up, yes, beating your meat can make you lose energy, but that's actually more due to over consumption of porn than the loss of sperm.

Now, I also need to point out that, yes, there are people who also notice a drop in energy from orgasms as well, even if no porn is included.

But most people do not notice any drop in energy from orgasms. Some do, but most do not. However, almost everyone who are over consuming porn will be negatively affected with symptoms like…

  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of motivation and drive
  • Lower libido (a lower sexual response to real life people)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety / social anxiety

To find out more about this subject, I highly recommend you bookmark and surf around this website for a while. You can also check out my YouTube channel Project Stronger Self, as I talk A LOT about NoFap, porn addiction and things like that over there as well.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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