Does Beating Your Meat Make You Lose Confidence? (Video)

Does Fapping and Beating Your Meat Make You Lose Confidence?

So, does beating your meat make you lose confidence?


For some people beating their meat and fapping to adult sites can actually make them lose confidence. Here things like dopamine, dopamine receptors as well psychology play a part. Other can get away with it without it affecting their confidence at all. Let's take a look…

Can beating your meat make you lose confidence?…

I recently published a video on my YouTube channel, Project Stronger Self, where I try to explain why so many guys who start doing NoFap report an increase in confidence and attraction from women.

I think you might find it interesting.

Take a look at the video right now…

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Perhaps you now are wondering a bit about the dopamine thing, and just exactly how fapping to porn can cause a disrupted dopamine system?

Well, if so, then there is a second video I would like you to take a look at as well.

If you're not familiar with the relationship between porn and dopamine, this video will absolutely blow your mind.

Take a look right now…

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A disrupted dopamine system…

So, as you can see, beating your meat can definitely make you lose confidence. And not only that, it can make you more anxious as well, by being more sensitive to stressful situations than you would normally be without the excessive porn use.

This is exactly because of the disrupted dopamine system that frequent beating your meat to porn can cause.

What if porn isn't involved…can fapping then also make you lose confidence?

For some people, yes, but then it's almost entirely caused by psychological factors like shame and guild, which is not good, by the way.

It is very hard for fapping alone to cause a disrupted dopamine system. It is when we throw high speed internet porn into the mix that it becomes a problem. This is because internet porn is a so called “supernormal stimulus” and when using it we can easily override our natural satiation mechanism. And thus, it can desensitize the dopamine system.

Increased confidence and less social anxiety on NoFap…

If you just found this article when doing some research about fapping and confidence, you'll be happy to know that increased confidence and less social anxiety is actually one of the most common things guys who are going on a NoFao journey start to notice.

Now, again, I need to point out that, for most guys, this is not achieved by cutting out fapping in and of itself, but by cutting out fapping to internet porn.

Porn is the problem. More specifically, high speed internet porn. Few people have a masturbation problem alone, without using internet porn.

Top 10 most common benefits of NoFap…

Here are the top 10 most common benefits guys experience when they stop hammering their brains reward system with all those high stimulating adult websites…

  • Increased confidence
  • More energy
  • Increased motivation and drive
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Increased libido (especially for real life people)
  • Harder erections
  • Less social anxiety and less anxiety in general
  • Less brain fog
  • Better self-esteem
  • More presence and awareness

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How long does it take to notice increased confidence on NoFap?

This one is highly individual and it also depends on how much addiction related brain changes the guys have developed.

If there are little to no addiction related brain changes caused by porn, som people can start feeling benefits already in their seconds week of NoFap.

Others, who have a mild or moderate addiction, usually start to see some interesting improvements about one month in. And by the 90 day mark, most people, even semi-heavy addicts, have started to see some real nice and strong benefits from giving it up.

Some people may need a bit longer time than that though.  Especially if they are heavily addicted to porn, which leads me to the next subheading.

It can get worse before it gets better…

If you are new to this whole “NoFap world” you need to know that right after giving up porn you may actually start feeling worse for a while, before you start feeling better.

This is due to the withdrawals and what is commonly known in the rebooting community as “the flatline.

For more info on this you can read the following articles…

In short, I can tell you that for most people, the first 2-4 weeks are the hardest period of quitting porn. Especially the first two weeks. Once you've passed the one month mark you will probably start feeling a whole lot better.

Also, not everyone who give up their beloved porn and embark on a NoFap journey will experience withdrawals in the first place. The same goes with the flatline. See article: does everyone who do NoFap have a flatline?

How to know if I'm addicted to porn?

If you wonder whether or not you may be addicted, then you can take the porn addiction test right here.


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