Does Beating Your Meat Make You Lazy? (Did You Expect This?)

Does Beating Your Meat Make You Lazy?

Everyone knows that fapping and beating your meat can leave you feeling relaxed for a while after you've been releasing your seed.

This is a pretty normal.

Many are also familiar with the -wife wants to cuddle after sex while husband falls asleep- phenomenon.

Men definitely have a drop of motivation and drive after an orgasm, no matter if the orgasm was self induced or with a partner.

The state change from the drop in motivation and drive that follows an ejaculation could definitely for some people be described as laziness. However, it varies greatly between individuals, and some notice almost no drop in energy at all.

But this is a short term slump lasting only a few hours – what about long term fapping, does that make you more of a lazy person in general?

Yes, for many people it really does!

But the answer is not black and white, it's a bit mixed…

Does beating your meat make you a lazy person in general?

  • Not for everyone who does it in moderation or very sparingly.
  • For many people it really increases their baseline level of laziness (even if they use it in moderation).
  • If internet porn is involved, and you use it often, it can really kill you drive and make you very lazy.
  • If you have developed addiction related brain changes from all the years of fapping to porn, then it can really make you lazy as hell, and completely rob you of energy, drive, motivation and even ambitions.

Did you find that confusing? Well, let's sum it up…

Can beating your meat make you lazy?

Short answer: It doesn't do it for everyone, but for many it definitely causes problems with lack of drive and laziness. 

Long answer: beating your meat can indeed make you lazy. This is because frequent fapping to today's high speed internet porn can cause a disrupted dopamine system in the brain. And here follows some of the most common symptoms of having a disrupted reward center….check…it…out…

…signs of a disrupted dopamine system…

…if you look at all of those, it becomes very easy to understand how one could start feeling lazy if the dopamine system isn't working as well as it should.


….not good!

Take a look at a video I made a while back on my YouTube channel project stronger self.

In that video you will discover the exact process behind why so many guys who are starting NoFap, actually get an edge over the guys who are beating their meat with porn.

This is porn's effect on the dopamine system…

Why guys who do NoFap destroy laziness and win over other guys in life…

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And the most interesting part is that, it doesn't even end here…

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How porn can make men more “beta” 

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A few comments from guys about beating meat and being lazy

Let's take a loot at what a few of my subscribers have to say about this whole fapping, procrastination and laziness thing…

“It is hard to explain but I feel stronger. Mentally, physically, spiritually, socially… I also find I crave organisation more, I am decluttering and taking action on projects I deferred for years. I think provided you focus your extra energy on your mission/goals magic will happen for you.” -David LO-

“On day 12 I start noticing that I now have much less procrastination going on. All those daily chores use to take an enormous amount of willpower to get through, and sometimes I didn't do them at all, but now it just feels easy. It's like I have crushed laziness.” – SB76-.

“I'm on day 9 of nofap and I feel deadly calm, also I feel energetic and focused and no distractions” -Divya Gor”

“Definitely more energy ive been literally jumping out bed for school at 6am” -JugNonnat-

Can Beating Your Meat Make You Lazy?
Final Words And Conclusion

So there you have it.

If you watched both of those videos, I'm sure you now have the answer that you came here looking for. Beating your meat can definitely make you lazy.

Not just lazy, but lazy to the point of you almost never finding the motivation to do any hard stuff at all. This, due to the disrupted dopamine system that overconsumption of porn causes.

For best results in life, we ned a dopamine system that is working optimally and is humming along on all cylinders. When you are desensitized, it's like you have a nice 12 cylinder car in your garage, but when you go out cruising, only 5 of the cylinders are functioning.

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Tanks for reading,

-Scandinavian Bob-

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