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Now offering: 1 on 1 Coaching via Zoom…

As a guy who struggled with escapism, by using porn and other destructive habits, for many years and then overcame it by reading everything I could get my hands on about psychology, human behavior, addiction and the brain, I feel confident that I will be able to help you.

Just take a few seconds to answer these questions in your mind…

  • Have you failed to achieve your goal many times? (For example a 90 day goal, a 120 day goal or even a 45 day goal.)
  • Do you notice several negative side effects from watching porn?  (Yet, you have still not been able to quit and that makes you frustrated?)
  • Are you sick and tired of relapsing?
  • Would you like to be able to wake up in the morning, having all this nasty shit behind you for good? (Imagine having no more fear of relapses, no more social anxiety and a whole bunch of energy, drive and confidence!)

If you answered yes to any of these, I very much understand where you are coming from.

You see, I was in the same both for many years myself!

I was using porn, struggling to gett off it, and I experienced all kinds of negative side effects from my compulsive porn sessions.

Things like,

  • Depression
  • Very Low energy levels
  • Poor short term memory
  • Anhedonia
  • Very weak erections
  • Extreme social anxiety
  • Panic attacks (even at nights when I was sleeping. Yes, I’m not kidding!)
  • Brain fog
  • Lack of motivation and drive

It was such a horrible time…

I kept relapsing for several years and did not see any way out of it, but finally after reading everything I could get my hands on, learning a lot of psychological tools and tricks, and after hundreds of hours of self experimentation, I finally started to get the hang of it…

…and today, at 45 years old, I have to say my life is better than ever!

Now, I want to help you to get to the same place!

I’ll spend 50-90 minutes with you to help you reach your No PMO rebooting goals!

The coaching session lasts anywhere from 50-90 minutes depending on your situation.

If we go longer, pricing still stays the same.

Reserve 90 minutes out of your day, just to be on the safe side, because I want to make 100% sure we’ve had the chance to go through everything that needs to be talked about before ending the session and that you get full value out of the meeting…so that you can leave the pain behind for good.

It is a one time session, however, if you would like follow up sessions to help you stay on track, we can certainly arrange that in the end of our session. Some people find that having to hold themselves accountable to a coach is a game changer. 

If you would like to get to know me and my content a bit more, before you make a decission, you can click here to take a look at my YouTube channel, called Project Stronger Self.

During the call I’ll share a
4 step porn crushing system with you…

I will show you the exact, step by step, way I personally overcame my own porn addiction. This is something I really honed in during my last year of rebooting and it became very effective.

I call it my 4 Step Porn Crushing System and it literally forces your brain to become strong and stop relapsing.

I will then modify and tailor those steps specifically to YOU and YOUR situation in one single session.

  • If you already have another system made by some other coach, but you want to modify something, or want my guidance on how to structure up your days during your reboot, that’s fine too.
  • Or maybe you just want rebooting advice in general and have questions about never-ending flatlines etc. Well, if so, that’s also fine.  Just use the button below to sign up for a session.

Tired of that pain you’re feeling after a relapse?

If so, get the…
-4 Step Porn Crushing System-

…so you can get rid of the pain for good!

This 4 step system is something I share with you and tailor to your specific situation in one single session…

The 4 step system is something that I tailor to you and shared in one single coaching session, so most guys choose only one coaching call. However, if you feel that you need more regular coaching, and want me to help keep you accountable, that is certainly an option as well.

Pricing: $179 

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Pricing: $179

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 -Liability Waiver-

When signing up to for coaching you have read, understood and agreed to this:

-I’m not a licensed professional. I’m just a guy that has read and learned A LOT. That in combination with now having been almost 10  years in the porn addiction community makes me confident I can help, but again, know that I’m not a licensed therapist. Nor am I a medical doctor.

-My coaching service is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or mental conditions. If you’re suffering from severe depression or some heavy mental illnesses you should be working closely an regularly with licensed mental health professionals.

-Rebooting is not easy and I can not guarantee 100% success. That said, you will be getting a lot of tools in combination with a detailed plan from me, so you will probably progress fast after the coaching session, but again, there is no 100% guarantee.

-You understand that I provide you with helpful tools and advice only and at the end of the day you are responsible for your own well being. If your life rapidly change in any direction after my coaching session, be it positive or negative, you agree to take 100% responsibility.

-You can cancel a meeting and get a refund if you do so at least 24h prior to the meeting. However, if you schedule a meeting and you for some reason don’t show up, without informing me, I can’t refund you since that is still time I had to cut out of my day waiting for you.