Side effects – Positive/Negative & Withdrawals

NoFap – Can’t Focus (Do This To Help Concentrate)

Many guys find that hey have a hard time focusing while on NoFap. There are a couple of reasons for this and once you become aware of them, and you give it a bit of time, NoFap should actually be able to increase your focus, instead of decreasing it.

What Happens After The NoFap Flatline? (Be Aware)

What happens when you get out of the NoFap flatline? Well, it can be a very good idea to know what’s going to happen so you can plan and think ahead a bit here. This is because there are indeed a couple of things you are going to notice. First, you will definitely…

NoFap And Magnetic Attraction (Myth Or Reality)

NoFap and magnetic attraction? Really?…I mean really!?! Well, we shouldn’t be so fast to dismiss things just because they sound “a little out there”, and in this article you will discover something that…

NoFap And Performance Anxiety

NoFap and performance anxiety, what’s the deal? Some guys seem to be getting worse, while other men say that living a no PMO lifestyle really crushed their….

What Are The NoFap Flatline Symptoms?

The flatline is a unique phenomenon that only seems to happen to those who are recovering from porn addiction. It is also safe to say that this can be an absolutely horrible…