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NoFap And Dating / Dating Apps (Good or Bad?)

What about using dating apps, like “Tinder” or “Badoo” during your NoFap journey? Is it even possible? If it is, and if you can manage it without relapses, could it still prevent you from a full PMO recovery?

NoFap And Ashwagandha (Benefits it May Give)

Can the herb ashwagandha be helpful during your NoFap journey? Well, being a hardcore supplement nerd myself, naturally I did try ashwagandha during my own reboot. I think it’s easier to list what I didn’t try than to try to make a list of everything I experimented with…

What Happens in Your Brain When You Watch Too Much Porn?

What happens to your brain if you watch too much porn? There are indeed some really scary things going on. And then we are talking on a real physical level. Knowing and understanding this can help you make the best decisions when it comes to planning and avoiding problems in your own life.

NoFap Supplements (That May Help Your Journey)

NoFap supplements, what’s the deal? Yes, there are actually supplements that can be very helpful during your journey. Now, obviously, there are no specific NoFap supplement targeted at NoFap in and of itself, but many of the ones I list in this article could indeed…