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NoFap And Mental Clarity (A Poll Showing Results)

A lot of people report increased confidence and less social anxiety as a direct result of going on a NoFap journey. But what about things like focus, mental clarity and just general sharpness of the brain? This is what we’ll take a deeper dive into today while I also present a poll that I made on my YouTube channel, Project Stronger Self.

Does NoFap Increase Motivation? (Graph Gives The Answer)

If you lack motivation and drive in life and you feel like nothing really is interesting enough for you to dip your feet into, then giving up porn and going on a NoFap journey, might be just what you need. You see, more than 80% of guys who start a NoFap challenge will se pretty amazing results when it comes to…

What Happens To Your Brain When You Relapse To Porn? (Video)

What exactly is happening inside the brain during a porn relapse? What happens after the relapse, and what does the process of getting better look like? Well, these are all questions we will be taking a deeper dive into in this article. You may find it interesting that one of the four brain changes actually…

Can The Brain Really Heal From Porn Use? (Your Answer Here)

Can The Brain Really Heal From Porn Use? The brain is a remarkable organ. It is surprisingly adaptable, which can be both good and bad. Bad, for example if you over consume a drug and the brain adapts, develops tolerance and other addiction related brain changes. But good if you manage to overcome your addiction […]

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