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NoFap Lifestyle Change (A 7-Step Guide To Change Your Life)

You have probably heard the advice that it’s important to clean up your lifestyle if you want to do well on your NoFap journey. Well, in this article I’m going to give you 7 steps on how you can do this. These 7 tips are also something to consider for people who want to change their lives in general. Take for instance the thing about discovering a very interesting…

Does Beating Your Meat Make You Lose Confidence? (Video)

Does beating your meat make you lose confidence? So many guys are talking about the increased confidence they experience when going on a NoFap journey, but what if we flip it around and ask, does fapping make you insecure? Or, do insecure people just masturbate more often since they are less likely to go out and meet real life partners?

Does Semen Retention Really Attract Women? (Answer Found)

The increased attraction phenomenon that many people experience when they are retaining is fascinating to say the least. And it’s not like there’s only a few guys who have reported it either…it’s more like thousands…hundreds of thousands. So, what the hell is going on here? Well, many things actually, and one of the biggest…

NoFap And Mental Clarity (A Poll Showing Results)

A lot of people report increased confidence and less social anxiety as a direct result of going on a NoFap journey. But what about things like focus, mental clarity and just general sharpness of the brain? This is what we’ll take a deeper dive into today while I also present a poll that I made on my YouTube channel, Project Stronger Self.

Does NoFap Make You Fearless?

Does living a NoFap lifestyle give you more courage, less worry and even make you “fearless”? Now, I don’t know if the term “fearless” is really the correct use of words here because, as with so many other things in life, we have to look…

No PMO One Month Advice

What happens during the first 30 days of a PMO reboot? In this blog post you will discover interesting things about exactly that and you will also get helpful tips in form of specific action steps you should consider implementing.

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