How Long Does It Take

NoFap – First 3 Days (Day 3 Sucks So Bad)

The first 3 days of NoFap could also be called “The descent into hell”. Yes, it can really be that bad, but we have to keep in mind that, in this case, the hell is not permanent and that already around the second…

How Long Should I Do NoFap?

How long should I do NoFap…90 days or 120 days? And what should I do once I’ve hit my desired goal? Can I go back to my old life and start spending time with my digital harem again?

How To Cure PIED Fast (This Could Actually Work)

How do I cure PIED fast? That is a very common question I get in my email inbox. While you do need to pursue patience and keep rebooting there are actually a few things you can do, proactively, in order to help speed up PIED recovery.

PIED Recovery Signs (Here’s How To Know You’re Good)

Are there any good and reliable PIED recovery signs? Obviously guys are anxious to know whether or not they are “good to go”, so to speak, when the opportunity presents itself. And just the sheer fact of not knowing can drive almost anyone crazy. So here you will discover…