General questions about No PMO

How Long Should I Do NoFap?

How long should I do NoFap…90 days or 120 days? And what should I do once I’ve hit my desired goal? Can I go back to my old life and start spending time with my digital harem again?

How To Cure PIED Fast (This Could Actually Work)

How do I cure PIED fast? That is a very common question I get in my email inbox. While you do need to pursue patience and keep rebooting there are actually a few things you can do, proactively, in order to help speed up PIED recovery.

What Happens After The NoFap Flatline? (Be Aware)

What happens when you get out of the NoFap flatline? Well, it can be a very good idea to know what’s going to happen so you can plan and think ahead a bit here. This is because there are indeed a couple of things you are going to notice. First, you will definitely…

Why Is NoFap So Hard? (The Truth You Don’t Want To Hear)

Why is NoFap so difficult? I mean, I have been trying really hard, but I just keep falling down. It almost seems like the harder I try, the more often I fail. Well, this is what many guys are telling me after they have been trying for more than 60…

PIED Or Performance Anxiety? (How To Tell The Difference)

How do you know if your ED is porn induced or if you just have performance anxiety? Ah, thats the million dollar question. And it’s important to find out too, as you need to know in order to find the best course of action in order to be able to have sex again. Now it is indeed….