General questions about No PMO

How Do You Stick To NoFap? (5 Tips To Stay Committed)

When we are struck with that initial motivation it’s easy to say that we’re going to do something. This is especially true when guys read about all the benefits of quitting porn. But how do we stick to NoFap after that initial motivation runs out? Because let’s face it, we are not going to be motivated every minute of the week, day and hour.

Can NoFap Help Erections? (Poll Showing Results)

Can NoFap help erections? Well, people who have been follwoing me for a while now already know all about that. But there are still a lot of men out there who are not aware of porn’s negative effects on their sexuality, libido and ability achieve and maintain quality erections. So, let’s take a deeper dive into this subject one more time…

Does Beating Your Meat Make You Lose Confidence? (Video)

Does beating your meat make you lose confidence? So many guys are talking about the increased confidence they experience when going on a NoFap journey, but what if we flip it around and ask, does fapping make you insecure? Or, do insecure people just masturbate more often since they are less likely to go out and meet real life partners?

NoFap And Mental Clarity (A Poll Showing Results)

A lot of people report increased confidence and less social anxiety as a direct result of going on a NoFap journey. But what about things like focus, mental clarity and just general sharpness of the brain? This is what we’ll take a deeper dive into today while I also present a poll that I made on my YouTube channel, Project Stronger Self.

5 Deadly Resons Why It’s So Hard To Stop Watching Porn

How come it’s so very difficult to stop watching porn? I mean, if that’s what I truly want, why can’t I just give it up, move on with my life and never look back? This is a question I often get in the comment section under my YouTube videos. The truth is that there are several reasons for why quitting porn can be hard, but the biggest reason is definitely…

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