Can Semen Retention Cause Anger?

Can Semen Retention Cause Anger?

Allow me to introduce myself.

On YouTube I go by the name Scandinavian Bob, and I'm a guy who has been doing semen retention on and off for almost 9 years now.

I say on and off, because I follow a no PMO lifestyle, as in I have a zero tolerance for fapping to porn and then I do semen retention in cycles, where I only ejaculate from natural sources, like for example a wet dream or being intimate with a woman.

Those cycles could look something like this…

  • 30 Days of semen retention – ejaculation on day 31 
  • 60 Days of semen retention – ejaculating on day 61
  • 90 Days of semen retention – ejaculating on day 91

During my first years in the rebooting community I relapsed a lot before I got the hang of it, but today, those ejaculation days happen with a real life woman and not in front of the laptop with the pants around my ankles (the way I used to go about it any years ago).

During those different cycles I have discovered many interesting things.

Physical benefits as well as mental benefits, but also some negative side effects that, in all fairness, need to be talked about as well.

Yes, so today I'm going to talk a little about what I've discovered about semen retention and anger.

Semen Retention And Anger

The short answer is, yes, semen retention can cause anger!

The key thing to understand here is that semen retention increases you energy. Some people can experience this as increased anger, restlessness or even anxiety. This is most likely because they haven't find an outlet for the energy increase, or not found a good way to channel it.

If You Become Good At Channeling The Semen Retention Energy You Will Not Suffer

The restlessness, anxiety and the anger will not be an issue if you master the art of channeling your increased energy.

This is assuming you have already overcame your porn addiction, or if you never were addicted to it in the first place, because addiction to adult sites can in and of itself be a mayor player behind anxiety and irritability.

How do we channel the energy?

You can channel the energy by doing any of the following…

  • Physical exercise
  • Meditating
  • Creating something
  • Working on your goals

The last one is my personal favorite as semen retention can rally skyrocket your goals ad reduce the time it takes to achieve them.

You can >>Download<< my Quit Porn Guide for FREE right now!

It May Cause Anger if You Don't Channel The Energy

I remember before I mastered the art of channeling my semen retention energy, I used to walk around almost like the incredible hulk, raging with anger. Not that I behaved badly because of it, but I did have to use all my self control from time to time, to avoid doing so.

This is pretty common for guys who have not yet mastered the art of redirecting the energy.

Here's a quote from one guy writing in the comment section under my YouTube channel…

“Im on 5 and I ‘m so antsy, crabby, irritable I just wanna tell people off! You're telling me this is going to increase 100%? …Oh boy!”

Semen Retention is Like Rocket Fuel For Your Goals

For more detailed instruction on how to channel the semen retention energy take a look at the video you can see below.

I made it a while back and it has already helped a number of men.

If you found the video informative, you can click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Some People Do Better With Shorter Retention Cycles

There is a wide range when it comes to the length of semen retention cycles.

Some people do best with a semen retention cycle of 14 days, while other men find they feel best if they ejaculate as little as possible, like for example only one day out of 60 or even one day out of 90…

…and then we have guys who fall somewhere between.

There are also guys who strive for never ejaculating at all.

What kind of cycle will work best for you?

The only way to know what is going to work best for you is to conduct your own experiment in order to find your optimal semen retention cycle.

For example Dave Asprey, a smart Silicon Valley entrepreneur and the author of the book “Game Changers” (check pricing on Amazon), experimented for a long time to find out that he's optimal length seems to be around 30 days.

He goes into detail about that about it in the book, where he also describes  exactly how he figured it out.

What About Edging To Porn While On Semen Retention?

So, now some of you are probably wondering if this it is okay to keep edging to porn while doing semen retention.

Well, your life, your rules!

Not a good idea…

I'm not here to tell you what to do, but I can tell you that doing that would be a very stupid thing to do.

By edging, and keeping yourself on the point of orgasm, without stepping over it, you are also keeping your dopamine levels sky high for a long period of time, and when you throw today's super stimulating adult sites into the mix, you have a recipe for disaster.

A numb pleasure response…

The high dopamine levels can potentially fry your dopamine receptors. This is one part of the addiction related brain changes, by the way, a desensitized reward system.

Having a desensitized reward system is not good as it will dial down your pleasure for every activity in life. Not just for porn and sex, but for everything.

In addition to that, a disrupted dopamine system can cause some, or several, of the following…

  • Low motivation and drive
  • An inability to focus
  • Depression
  • Feelings of fear and shame
  • Anxiety
  • Poor short term memory

So,  while I'm not here to come up with rules for your life, I highly recommend you stay away from edging to adult sites. There's nothing good that can come out of it.

Does Semen Retention Cause Anger?

So in conclusion, semen retention only makes you angry if you do not do anything with the energy increase that you will get when you stop ejaculating.

Also, worth mentioning is that not every guy will experience an increase in anger, even if they don't really do anything to channel their energy.

If you wonder in what category you will belong, well, there's only one way to find out…

…try it out for yourself.

Thanks for reading

Scandinavian Bob

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