Can NoFap Help Erections? (Poll Showing Results)

Can NoFap Help Erections?

Did you know that NoFap can help your erections?


Well, now you know.

The reason for this is because of two things…

  1. Reversal of desensitization
  2. Sexual conditioning

How it happens – Imagine a sunny day…

Imagine going outside on a sunny day. You're outside for about a half an hour or so and you notice how bright everything is. Perhaps you even happen to look towards the sun for a brief moment.

If you then go back inside straight away, everything inside seems very dark…

…even though it's in the middle of the day.

This is because all that bright light made your eyes dial down your sensitivity to light. Well, a similar thing can happen if you are fapping a lot to online porn…

All those super stimulating online porn sites make your dopamine dial down its sensitivity to dopamine. This is habituation or desensitization in action. If you keep this going long enough, you now have a disrupted dopamine system in your brain.

A Disrupted dopamine system = weaker erections…

And here's the thing, dopamine is highly involved in powering erections.

What this means, then, is that when guys stop using porn and go on a NoFap journey, the dopamine system get a much needed  break from all those super stimulating adult sites,  and thus the disrupted dopamine system can start to heal. I.e. the dopamine sensitivity returns and thus nofap helps with erections.

If you try to go and have sex while highly desensitized by all the porn, chances are your erections will be weak and sluggish. To draw a parallel from the sun example above, porn is the sun and real life girls is the room inside. All that super bright light has made your real libido go dark.

Or like Gary Wilson, the guy who probably studied the most anecdotal stories from guys giving up porn of any man on this planet puts it, “their numb brains are sending weaker and weaker signals to their bananas”. 

Can NoFap help your erections even if you're not addicted to porn?

For some people yes. You don't have to be addicted in order to knock out your dopamine receptors (which is the biological mechanism behind desensitization). Granted, desensitization does become much more of an issue in addicted individuals.

But, yes, even if you have a habit of fapping to porn only, let's say 3-5 times a month, porn can still desensitize and thus NoFap can help with getting harder erections.

Depravation and sensitivity…

Another way to put this to make it easy to understand is, imagine going without food for 48 hours. Well, the first meal you”ll have when you brake your fast is going to taste heavenly.

The deprivation of food makes your taste buds become more sensitive. Then when you finally have your beloved food, it'll be amazing.

If you constantly keep fapping several times a week, then getting it on with a real life person is not going to be as pleasurable as if you were to go some time without any sexual release.

Porn addicts notice the most changes…

Again, even though NoFap can benefit most guys, I need to point out that the most significant changes NoFap can do to men's erection quality is within the group of people who are addicted to porn. Because if you belong in that category, well, there porn really hammers your dopamine system…

…to a very unhealthy degree.

If you want to learn more about exactly how this desensitization process happens, then you can take a look at a video I created a while back called, “Why guys who do NoFap win at life”.

It's an easy to understand video that'll make you discover interesting things…

I hope you found it informative.

The desensitization process I described in the video is what makes your dopamine system send less and less signals to your nether regions, and thus the quality of your erections can become weak and sluggish.

What NoFap can't do…

When we're talking about how NoFap can help with erections, it is also important to not the following…

NoFap can not help your erections if your ED is caused by organic issues, like clogged arteries or if you have some kind of nervous damage, have hormonal issues or have some other serious health problem going on.

Clinically depression can also cause low libido and weak erections, and here NoFap can not help. Unless, of course, porn addiction was the cause of your depression (which it sometimes is).

What other's are saying about NoFap helping their erections…

Let's take a loot at a poll I made in the community section of my YouTube channel, where I asked my subscribers the following question…

Do you find that NoFap has helped your erections in general?

Here's the answer…

As you can see, 1640 people voted so this is a pretty good size poll.

  • Yes, definitely – 63%
  • No, I notice no difference – 9%
  • I'm not sure, I keep relapsing too often – 18%
  • I haven't been relapsing that much, but I'm still not sure – 10%

Only 9% are sure that NoFap has not helped their erections. The rest are either positive that it has, or then they are relapsing back to porn too often in order for them to be able to see its effect.

In other words, an overwhelmingly clear majority of guys say that NoFap helps erections.

So NoFap helps erections – But What about libido?

What about libido then? Can NoFap increase libido as well.


The same thing happens here; if you override your natural satiation mechanism (which you can easily do with porn) your brain is going to kill, or reduce, your drive for some time.

Take a break and it'll return.

Another thing to consider here is the second point I mentioned at the top of this post.

Sexual conditioning – it can kill your libido and your erections!

When we pair two things with each other for a long enough time our brain is automatically going to start to lump them together.

In other words, if you always pair erections (you fapping) with porn, for long enough your brain will slowly, but surely, start rewiring your sexual responses to pixels on a screen. In the end you actually end up  responding stronger to porn than to real life people.

This is the second cause behind porn induced ED (PIED).

Remember, the first one was desensitization. And this second one is called, sexual conditioning.

This is why millions of guys, from all over the world, feel like their arousal is not strong enough when they finally get with a real life partner. Some of them realize that porn has hijacked their libido. Others, however, don't even know that porn can do such a thing and are left completely in the dark.

What guys are saying about NoFap and getting libido back…

I asked my subscribers the following question…

“Hey guys, did you find that giving up porn increased your libido and drive for real life people?

2683 men voted and you can clearly see the results.

Only 12% of them either siad no or that they do not think so. Again, an overwhelmingly majority voted in favor of NoFap increasing libido.

How long does it take for NoFap to help erections?

This is highly individual and can range all the way from 4-52 weeks and, in some cases, even longer.

That's a huge range, I know, but the reason for this is because it depends on so many factors.

If you do want a more specific answer, though, I have made another blog post where I zoom close to the level of the individual, and thus can give a much more exact answer.

So, if you're interested in that, take a look at my post, How long does it take for NoFap to heal ED / pied?

You might perhaps also be interested in my free guide on how to get harder erections?

If so, you can download it 100% FREE of charge below…

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What guys are saying about NoFap helping erections and libido…

Finally, let's take a look at a few comments that some of the guys who participated in the poll left in the community section…

As I have gone from a porn addict to now rarely watching porn, my attraction to real life woman has increased immensely. Improvement in libido has been slow, though.” -Fitness Enthusiast-

“Nofap increases my libido like crazy! -chosen one-

“Actually, the morning woods are intense. Its like…rock hard” – 4th Hokage-

I used to only like curvy women. Now i love all women. I crave them like i crave food. It is never been like that.” -Zakarayaful-

“Day 84. My libido has skyrocketed and so has my confidence with women. I find myself flirting with ease. -Van_dauwen&79-

“It took me between 1-2 months to regain my sex drive and i suppose it's due to the fact that i had started watching from a very young age” -Vito Scaletta-

“I'm on day 22 and sexdrive is crazy!” -moon lightning-

Warning: it may get worse before it gets better…

One thing everyone who is about to give up porn needs to be aware of…

There's this thing called “the flatline”, that happens to about 60% of people who quit.

The flatline is simply a period of time when the libido drops even further. Don't worry, though, this period is only temporary and probably happens due to some kind of withdrawal related issues caused by the addiction brain changes some people have formed by all the years of fapping to porn.

Quitting will still  be worth it, though, because once you get out of the flatline, your libido and erections will be stronger and more powerful than ever.

If you want to learn more about the flatlie, then read my post >> What is the NoFap flatline?

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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