Can NoFap Get You Laid? Now THIS is interesting!

Can NoFap Get You Laid?

We all have different reasons for doing NoFap or living a no PMO lifestyle.

Some do it in order to fix their PIED, others because they want to get rid of social anxiety and become more confident, while other guys are merely in it for the girls…

…but does that even work?

Can Nofap get you laid? Yes NoFap can actually get you laid faster, if you play your cards right. The strongest biological drive we have is survival and reproduction and when you keep wasting your little soldiers in front of you laptop, you brain thinks you are doing fine in that area. But as soon as you give it up, you'll get back you intrinsic motivation to go out there and things really start happening on their own…

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Can You Get Laid By Doing NoFap?

It happens for many guys, all over the world.

Not for everyone, but for a big part of guys it seems like when they start taking NoFap seriously, it doesn't really take that long before they end up in bed with a woman.

I have seen this with myself and with many others, over and over again, and it is indeed more than just imagination.

The most easy to understand explanation for this is your biological need to carry your DNA to the next generation.

You are fooling your brain…

If you keep ejaculating in front of your laptop you already successfully doing that, acording to your brain. The sexual center in your brain doesn't know the difference between pixels on a screen or real life sex and thus, it doesn't give you this core drive to go out and make things happen.

Some of you may now be thinking, “the brain doesn't get fooled like that!”

Oh, yeas it does!

Think about it, why would you otherwise get excited by naked women on the screen in the first place?

Here are two examples from guys getting laid on NoFap…

Guy number 1

“My intention has been semen retention, but as I start with NoFap I always get this strong pull to go out and spend time around girls. It already starts in my third or fourth week and sooner or later, usually within 2-4 months  it ends with me being sexual and breaking my semen retention streak. Even if I never plan it, it always goes like this. Heck, it's almost like it happens even if I try to avoid it.”

Guy number 2

“NoFap = more pussy. No doubt. I don't know how or why it happens but NoFap will help you get laid…simple as that!”

Acting automatically will bring you closer to women

Well, if you look at guy number 1 there, in the quote,  this is what I'm talking about when I say “intrinsic motivation”.

Ok, so what the hell does “intrinsic” mean, you say?

When something is intrinsic it really becomes a pull that is working on you, and it can indeed make you act almost automatically. It gets you to take action and go out there and being in close proximity to where things can start happening. It makes  you do things that will help you succeed with women, almost without you being in the driving seat.

Keep in mind that this strong pull works on you, over and over again for days, weeks and months (if you don't go back to fapping that is) so it really shouldn't come as a surprise when it sooner or later makes you end up in bed with a woman…

…a woman that actually does not live in your computer.

Imagine that, huh?

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It is a drive even stronger  as the one making you seek for food when you are hungry, and it makes you  zoom in more towards what will help you achieve that goal and not pay so much attention on what's going on outside of that.

But is there more going on besides this?

Can women actually become more attracted to us if we are doing NoFap?

Do they sense it?

Are Women  More Attracted To You When You Are On A NoFap Streak? Well, Holy Crap!

What we discussed so far has been very easy to understand, as it has strictly been biological needs and your brain making sure you get them fulfilled, but what about women becoming more attracted to guys who are doing NoFap then…

…is there something to it?

More attention from girls when doing NoFap

Did you know that there are thousand of guys out there reporting that it is like women somehow can pick up on something when they are riding on a good streak. Like women suddenly start paying them a lot more attention.

So, how does this work?

How does it work and how can women even know?

Well, this is something I go into more detail about in the article Does NoFap make you more attractive, so if this is something that you are interested in, by all means, check out that blog post.

The thing is, no one really knows exactly how it happens, all we have to go by is theories…

…and here are a few of them summed up from that article…

  1. NoFap may upregulate your androgen receptors, making you better at utilizing testosterone.
  2. NoFap will denfinitely upregulate your dopamine receptors and fine tune your dopamine system.
  3. NoFap makes you more confident, which will make you walk, talk and look more secure.
  4. NoFap makes you more attracted to women, and thus perhaps the mirror neurons in her brain respond to that.
  5. NoFap may perhaps make you overall testosterone levels a bit higher (this is still controversial)

There has been studies on rats, showing that frequent ejaculation causes a downregulation of their androgen receptors. These are receptors that testosterone itself has to bind to, in order for it to be able to do its job effectively.

The net effect of more of those receptor could be as if the testosterone levels themselves were higher (even if the T levels were to stay on the same level).

Polarization through hormones…

Now, since testosterone is the key male hormone and the polar opposite to women's main hormone, estrogen, it would not surprise anyone if an increase in polarization would also make room for more interest from the opposite sex.

Better functioning dopamine system…

The better functioning dopamine system that guys get when they quit porn could also play a role in how they are perceived by women.

With more dopamine, many things around you in life suddenly start feeling much more alluring, beautiful and exciting. So too does your view of  women.

Also, when you stop desensitizing your sexual center in your brain by hours and hours of porn sessions, well, here too real women suddenly start looking much more appealing to you.

Could women pick up on that through her mirror neurons?


Now, we have all have these thing inside our brains called “mirror neurons”.

These neurons represent a distinctive class of neurons that fires when an individual performs a certain motor act or when he observes another individual performing the same or a similar action. For example, mirror neurons are what makes you feel a short peng of pain when you see someones feet getting chopped of in a horror movie.

Well, since we have these kinds of neurons in our brains, it would not be far fetched at all to think that perhaps women could somehow pick up if a guys suddenly felt way more attracted to her.

…perhaps they can't put their finger on exactly what it is, but maybe they feel some form of heightened “energy” around the guy…

…making them interested in finding out what's going on.

Most women find confidence to be an attractive trait…

Also, one of the most common benefits guys report when doing NoFap is a significant increase in confidence.

Obviously, this will make him act, walk and talk in a different way than if he were to  hunched over, trembling under his big load of uncertainty. Yes indeed, he will send out a completely different vibe when confident than if he is riddled with self doubt and women DO NOTICE  the difference.

This is almost certainly one of the reasons behind why women find how are doing more attractive when they are doing NoFap, compared to when they are locking themselves inside their apartment, fapping their brains out to weird things they see online.

How Long Does It Take Until Woman To Start Noticing You And Does It Work For Everyone?

First, it does not work for everyone.

If you are a 70 kg overweight guy, living in your mothers basement and you decide to go out approaching women with cum-stains on your pants, greasy hair, a bad breath and you completely lack humor and have no hobbies or goals in your life whatsoever, then good luck trying to get any girl just because you happen to be on day 74 on your nofap streak.

A more interesting question is, does it work better for an average man, who has his life somewhat in order if he is on day 45 of NoFap than if he is not doing NoFap at all?

Here too I would have to say that unfortunately not every average or decent looking, guy notice a difference if between for example day 2 or on day 54 etc.

So, no, it does not seem to work for everyone, but it does work for A LOT of guys!

So, will it work for you?

Well, the only way to know for sure is to find out for yourself.

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If it works, how long does it take until I start seeing it?

It's different for everyone, but many guys start reporting results as soon as in the second or third week.

Some guys seem to start seeing results right around the days 13-16, which is pretty damn interesting because this is actually the same time frame it takes for androgen receptors to fully upregulate after ejaculation.



…but then again, maybe not.

Here's a quote from a third guy…

Guy number 3

“The female attraction thing on nofap is definitely real. Whenever I get to the end of my second week I start geting so much more attention from girls. I know there are better reasons for doing nofap but this is honestly the main resons for me doing it…”

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Does NoFap Get You Laid?
Conclusion And Final Words

Ok, so there you have it.

I hope you found this article both informative and entertaining.

Remember now, don't just rely on NoFap to get you things in life.

Look at NoFap as an amplifier, meaning, work your ass of and try to become as good as you can get and then just add NoFap on top of that and see what happens…

…chances are you'll be amazed.

ALSO: Have any questions for me, or need help with rebooting? You can find my contact page here.

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F.A.Q.'s About NoFap And Women Attraction

Q: Can NoFap really get you laid?

A: Well, I think the correct way to put it is, yes nofap can help some guys get laid, but don't neglect doing all the other self help stuff to increase your sexual market value as well, to optimize your chances of success.

Q: If I have a wet dream, will girls stop like me?

A: No! Please, it doesn't work like that. Not at all.

Q: Do you think it could be possible that, not just women, but people in general find you more energetic and more appealing when on NoFap. They sense there is some kind of different energy about you?

A: Yes. In fact, I think that is exactly what is happening.

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