Can NoFap Cause Anxiety?

Can NoFap cause anxiety?

Sometimes it is like fate shovels dirt in our faces. We try to be a good person by getting rid of bad habits and we really do our best to improve our lives in every aspect, but then…

…it is like things just get worse. Why…why…WHY?

Yes, NoFap can really cause anxiety, however you should know that this is only temporary and that things often get worse before they get better. Read this article to discover how long your anxiety will last while doing NoFap, and what to do about it…

Can NoFap cause anxiety?

If you are suffering from high anxiety levels right now and you recently started NoFap you should find comfort in the fact that your anxiety will probably pass…

…not only that, if your anxiety is caused by fapping to porn (yes, fapping to porn can really cause anxiety issues) then your anxiety will probably get better than ever if you just keep pushing and don't fall back into the porn trap.

How long does the anxiety on NoFap last?

It depends on the person, but you have to be prepared for about 1-3 months of higher anxiety levels than normal.

For a lot of people though, the anxiety starts to get noticeable better after about a month. I give more detailed numbers on this in my blog post
NoFap when does anxiety go away, so if you want to dive deeper, take a look at that post.

What you can do about your anxiety in the mean time…

Anxiety is something I personally have struggled with during most of my adult life, and because of this I have also tried every natural anxiety supplement you can find on the market.

Personally, I had severe anxiety issues, even before there was internet (yes, I'm really that old), so for me fapping to porn was not what caused my anxiety, but my porn addiction certainly made the anxiety worse. And you should know that anxiety is one of the most common negative side effects from frequent porn use.

In the video below I share, what I consider to be, the TOP 3 best anxiety supplements you can find. These are supplements that work surprisingly well for reducing anxiety, and if you are interested in discovering more, just hit the play button and take a look…

Why does anxiety get worse on NoFap?

  • First, many guys develop anxiety issues because of having a porn addiction. Now, addictions disrupts the dopamine system in your brain, and dopamine is highly involved with anxiety.
  • Second, when you start doing NoFap, and you stop fapping to porn your anxiety gets even worse because of the withdrawal symptoms. (Yes, it sounds crazy, but we CAN really experience withdrawals when quitting porn)

Anxiety When Starting NoFap

A few days, after quitting an addiction, the stress center in the brain goes on hyperdrive. This is because the reptilian part of the brain interprets the addiction as something extremely important for survival, and since you no longer use it, the stress center sounds the alarm…

…and thus the heightened anxiety.

It may show itself as social anxiety, general anxiety or even panic attacks.

Just know that the period right after quitting is the worst and that it will slowly get better week by week.

Some other helpful tips for reducing anxiety

Some other helpful tips for reducing your anxiety are…

  • Meditation

Meditation can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms. This is especially true if you do it on a regular basis and you become good at it. In addition, meditation might actually speed on your PMO recovery, and in my opinion, every guy who does NoFap should have meditation in their “NoFap toolbox”

Learning to just be aware of your thoughts and to not get dragged along by your feelings, which is what you are training when you are meditation, will of course also help you stay away from porn relapses.

  • Use an acupressure mat

Acupressure mats can be  wonderful tools to reduce stress and anxiety. If you really want to take it to the next level, then you can lie on your acupressure mat WHILE meditating. Talk about killing several birds with one stone. Acupressure mats are also very affordable, you can click here to check pricing on Amazon.

  • Eliminate sugar and coffee

I know I know, this one is a bummer, but the fact is that both sugar and caffeine can really make your anxiety much worse. Eating sugar and drinking coffee is like putting gasoline on the anxiety fire. Did you know that caffeine can increase the adrenaline concentration in your blood by 400%?

Yes, that's really the case and since adrenaline is an extremely powerful stress hormone, you do NOT want that if you already are suffering from anxiety. So, again, cut out the coffee.

Eating sugar is a bad idea because…

As for the sugar, it will cause your blood sugar to spike quickly, and no problem so far, but it is when your blood sugar levels come crashing back down when all hell breaks loose…

…you see, because the blood sugar went up so high, they come crashing back down hard. So hard that they go down even BLOW your baseline levels. When this happens your brain interprets that as danger, as it thinks it's running out of fuel (glucose). ..

…to counteract this,  it makes the adrenal glands pump out a big amount of cortisol and adrenaline, as that will raise your blood sugar again. And, as you remember, adrenalin and anxiety = BAD IDEA!

The same goes for cortisol, as that too is a powerful stress hormone.

And the absolute worst is if you combine coffee and sugar. Do not do that…

…just trust me on this one!

Can NoFap cause anxiety
final words

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Keep your head up and stay strong!

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. You might perhaps also find the article NoFap and social anxiety interesting.

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FAQ's about NoFap and anxiety

Q: I'm on day 6 and my anxiety is through the roof. I thought anxiety was supposed to get better by doing NoFap? What are your thoughts Bob?

A: Your anxiety will probably get much better from doing NoFap, but it will take time. Most people actually feel worse right after quitting than they did in the midst of heavy porn use. It sucks, but it is still a normal part of the recovery process. Once you get passed the withdrawal phase the anxiety will get better, week by week.

Q: My anxiety levels are so high and it's like all the cells in my body are screaming for porn. Should I just do a small relapse to help me get through this. 

A: Don't do that. If you do, it will only prolong the pain. You have to get through it. I recommend meditation, physical exercise, cutting out coffee and if you need even more help, try the natural anxiety supplement ProVanax. Keep going, it WILL get better.

Q: Whenever I relapse my anxiety goes away. How can this bee?

A: That's because when you relapse, your withdrawal symptoms temporarily go away because you just used “the drug”. Don't make the mistake thinking porn is the cure, because porn addiction is what caused it in the first place. The withdrawals that happen after quitting sucks, but it is something we just have to push through. Try to stay away from relapses and keep doing NoFap. Good luck, You can do this!

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