Best NoFap YouTubers – Check Them Out!

Best NoFap YouTubers

Let's face it; doing NoFap is not easy and following other who are doing NoFap on YouTube, or have done a PMO reboot, can be of tremendous help and something I highly recommend.

Why You Should Try To Follow 3-5 good YouTubers…

Yes indeed, I recommend everyone who are on this amazing NoFap journey to follow and subscribe to at least 3-5 good NoFap YouTubers.

Not only will you get helpful NoFap tips, but watching other NoFappers will also…

  • Inspire and motivate you.
  • Help you stay on track since daily watching reminds you of the importance of NoFap.
  • Help you avoid traps by seeing what others struggle with.
  • And of course, give you hundreds of ideas, tools and tips for your own journey.

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So without further ado, let's jump in and take a look at some good NoFap YouTubers for you to follow.

 Project Stronger Self


This is a shameless plug, since Project Stronger Self is my own channel. Now, I am NOT claiming that I'm the best NoFap YouTuber…not at all. There are many phenomenal YouTubers out there, but since I own this website and also have a NoFap YouTube channel I just had to include myself on this page. I thought it was important to put the disclaimer here, though,  so you are aware of, my “plug”…

…I hope you understand 🙂

The Man Behind The Channel 

The channel is run by “Scandinavian Bob” who is a middle aged man, well versed in psychology, bio hacking and self improvement. NoFap is near and dear to his heart since he also has personal experience with semen retention and overcoming porn addiction.

He kept relapsing for many years, but by reading and learning everything he could get his hands on he finally started to get the hang of it and today he is free from porn. He has been part of the no PMO rebooting and NoFap community for about 8 years now. He does not count days any longer, but at the time of writing this article he is somewhere around day 500+

What Kind of Content?

Project Stronger Self's videos are, as the name implies about becoming the strongest version of yourself by using all kinds of interesting tools and tricks. At least 60-70% of the videos are NoFap related.

You will find content like for example…

  • NoFap benefits
  • NoFap tips and tricks
  • Discovering interesting self improvement tricks
  • Overcome addictions and bad habits
  • NoFap succeess stories
  • Learning cool bio hacks
  • Videos about how the brain works
  • Semen retention benefits
  • General videos about how to become the strongest version of yourself
  • Simply put, how to become the strongest version of yourself

Who Is The Channel For?

This channel is for anyone who likes the idea of self improvement in any way shape or form and if you are into NoFap and PMO rebooting you should really check the channel out because not only does Scandinavian Bob provide you with tons of helpful NoFap tips, he will also teach you the science behind how it works, on both a neurobiological way, as well as on a psychological level.

In addition to this the channel will inspire and motivate you to keep going by frequently sharing NoFap success stories from people who have been been successful, walking on this amazing NoFap journey.

Check Out The Videos:

 >>Click here now to see what kind of videos Project Stronger Self is creating<<

Universal Man

Click here to check out Universal Man's channel

The Man Behind The Channel 

His name is Mark Queppet, and just like so many other men, Mark also struggled with porn addiction in his early life. He successfully overcame his addiction though and is now helping people from all over the world do the same. He also has a website that you can check out at

Mark is very knowledgeable and understands the mechanisms behind the addiction related brain changes well.

What Kind of Content?

Mark publishes helpful videos about how to stop bad habits and addictions, like PMO, but not only that. his channel also has quite a lot of videos on self help and self-improvement in general.

Who Is The Channel For?

The channel is for anyone wants to overcome their porn addiction, bad habits or just to level up in life. If you want to become a man that you admire, watch his videos, as Mark himself puts it…

…and I agree.

Check Out His Videos:

 >>Click here now to see what kind of videos Universal man is creating<<

The Man Behind The Channel 

Tashawn published his first video in January 2019. He had then been on and off NoFap for about two years. On his channel you can follow him as he openly shares his journey. The good and the bad, just like it's supposed to be.

What Kind of Content?

The content is very entertaining and has a vlog like touch. But Tashawn also shares a lot of helpful tips on his channel. If you watch his videos you are also sure to find answers to things you been pondering.

Who Is The Channel For?

This channel is for anyone who like NoFap videos with a bit more attitude and entertainment involved. He does not often go very deep into brain science, but he do know his stuff.

Check Out His Videos:

 >>Click here now to see what kind of videos Tashawn's Adventure is creating<<

Noah B.E. Church

Click here to check out Noah's YouTube channel

The Man Behind The Channel 

Noah B.E. Church is doing an amazing job with helping people overcome their porn addiction. As a former porn addict himself, having suffered from porn induced ED he really knows his stuff and the hopeless feeling that accompanies PIED. He also has a website that you can find by clicking here ==> Addicted to internet porn

What Kind of Content?

Noahs primary mission is to help people overcome porn addiction, but you can sometimes find other self help stuff on his YouTube channel as well.  Noah also does “question and answers videos”, giving answers to people struggling with rebooting. He has also done public appearances, sharing his knowledge about the potential harmful effects of today's online porn and you will also find those videos on his channel.

Who Is The Channel For?

The channel is for anyone who wants to overcome their porn addiction or for those who are not addicted, but still struggle to quit. Noah knows the brain science behind porn addiction so you can expect to find high quality content on his channel. I guarantee it.

Check Out His Videos:

>>Click here now to see what kind of videos Noah B.E. Church is creating<<

Leonard Banks

Click here to check out Leonard's videos on YouTube

The Man Behind The Channel 

Leonard Banks is one of the most real NoFap YouTubers you can find out there. His first video is uploaded in February 2017 and on his channel he shares his journey with openness and raw honesty.

What Kind of Content?

You will get to take part of Leonard Banks journey, experiences and honest personality. He also helps the viewers by sharing valuable NoFap tips and tips about PMO rebooting in general.

Who Is The Channel For?

If you are interested in NoFap, have a porn addiction or just want to follow a honest guy through his journey, check his channel out.

Check Out His Videos:

>>Click here now to see what kind of videos Leonard Banks is creating<<

The Reboot Nation

Click here to check out The Reboot Nation's channel

The Man Behind The Channel 

His name is Gabe Deem and many of you are probably familiar with him. If not, then you should definitely check him out. Personally, I first learned about Gabe by listening to Gary Wilson's radio show “Your brain in the cybersex jungle”, where Gabe shared his story about how porn cause him ED…

…and how he overcame it.

Gabe is doing phenomenal work by spreading the message of how today's high speed internet porn can cause problems. He is doing interviews, public appearances, having a YouTube channel and is also the creator of the the website Reboot Nation, a forum where people who want to stop using porn can gather and give each other support and share valuable tips.

What Kind of Content?

The content on the YouTube channel is about the negative effects of porn on the brain and about overcoming porn addiction. Gabe is very knowledgeable about the science behind addiction related brain changes and he keeps up to date with all the new studies about sex and porn that is coming out.

Who Is The Channel For?

If you want to stop using porn and if you are rebooting from PMO then this channel is a must watch for you. If you, on the other hand, are one of the guys who just likes to watch “NoFap benefits” and “semen retention benefits” videos, then the channel is not really right for you. However, Gabe is so knowledgeable about the science behind porn's negative impact on the brain that I really do think every man should check him out.

Check Out His Videos:

>Click here now to see what kind of videos The Reboot Nation is creating<<

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More To Come…

I will keep updating this page as I learn about other good NoFap YouTubers out there, so please come back regularly and check this page out…

…in the mean time, consider subscribing to some of these that I already mentioned. Following them will for sure help you in many ways as you trudge forward on your own NoFap journey.

Thanks for reading!

Scandinavian Bob

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