Best NoFap Supplements

Best NoFap Supplements

So, exactly what do I mean by “Best NoFap supplements”, are there specific supplements for NoFap?

No, not like that.

On this page I'm simply going to share what I consider to be some of the best supplements on the market that may or may not be helpful for you during your NoFap journey.

For example…

  • Supplements for better concentration, memory and focus and thus reduces brain fog and risk of relapses
  • Different supplements for boosting libido and erections
  • Supplements for reducing anxiety
  • Supplements for increasing testosterone and dopamine

Using Supplements On NoFap


If you have PIED (porn induced erectile dysfunction) or any other negative symptoms caused by the addiction related brain changes that years of fapping to adult sites has given you, then obviously the number one priority for you is to do a pmo reboot. The “NoFap supplements” you can find below are only to be used as tools to potentially help you in different ways as you walk on your NoFap journey and they are never to be used as a substitute for rebooting. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can replace rebooting.

I guess you already knew that, but I still think it is important to have disclaimers, just to make sure.

Alright, so with that said, let's jump in and take a look at the No PMO supplements…

For Harder Erections And Increased Libido
-VigRx Plus-

Click image to check current pricing over at the online vendor

VigRX is a product I have used for many years. I first tried it back when I did my own PMO reboot and had problems with sluggish erections and even though I was pretty desensitized by all the adult websites, this actually worked pretty well.

During my problem years I literally tried every supplement I could get my hands on, most of them completely useless, but I found two that actually worked for me, and VigRX was one of them.

Heck, I even tried prescription Viagra and VigRX actually worked better for me than the prescription ED drug…

…so how can this be?

Well, if the weak erections are caused by fapping to high stimulating adult sites it is not a blood flow problem and, unlike Viagra that only targets blood flow, VigRX actually targets several areas of the sexual mechanism…

VigRX works by…

  1. Activating the arousal center in the brain  (giving you more drive and horniness)
  2. Increasing nitric oxide (by doing so it relaxes the the 2 long cylindrical tubes in the penis, making blod rush in and thus giving fuller erections)
  3. It increases sensitivity, (making the bedroom experience much more enjoyable)
  4. AND it also increases blood flow the nether regions


  • It's natural and there is no need for a prescription
  • It works on both blood flow and arousal
  • It worked fro me even during reboot when I was desensitized, and even better if I use it nowadays when I'm recovered
  • It significantly increases feelings of pleasure while you're going at it in the bedroom
  • They offer a full money back guarantee and even conduct real studies on their products

Check pricing>> You can click here to check current pricing


  • It takes a while to build up in your system, you can't just take one pill on the night of sex, but you have to take it several days leading up to it
  • It needs to be taken on a regular basis for periods of time
  • It is somewhat pricey

SCORE: 8.2 / 10

Comments:  Even though I'm fully rebooted today, I still use VigRX from time to time if I want to have some extra fun in the bedroom on occasions.

While it did help me with my erections and libido pretty significantly back when I was rebooting, the desensitization I had from all the fapping to adult sites back then was still so severe that it never made me 100% rock hard though, but it was a huge help for me to be able to perform during that time and I'd say my erection quality ranged from about 80-95% with the help of using it, whereas otherwise I would have struggled with perhaps about a 40-60% erection quality …

… or no erection at all.

Today, however, now that I have fully rebooted my brain from the adult sites, if I use VixRX today…oh man, now we are talking 100% steel pipe quality.

If you are interested and want to know more, you can click here to check the current pricing at the online vendor and read about the results from the studies they have done.

For Reducing Anxiety

Click image to check current pricing over at the vendor 

ProVanax is a natural anxiety supplement that is designed to make you more relaxed and in a better mood, and it actually works.

Since a staggering number of people who are rebooting is suffering from social anxiety or anxiety in general, this product is a fine candidate to be here in the best supplements for NoFap article.

If you want to discover more details about how and why it works, you can take a look at this YouTube video I made a while back where I talk in detail about Provanax…

For more details, watch this video I made a while back:


  • It's safe and there is no need for a prescription
  • Helps with sleep
  • Significantly reduces my anxiety
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Slightly increases my mood

Check pricing>> You can click here to check current pricing


  • In the beginning it caused my stomach to be a bit upset, but just mildly, and it was never really a big issue.
  • The need to be used in cycles.
  • It would be nice if it were a bit cheaper, but since it works so well, I'm actually pretty happy to pay for it. Also, if one order several bottles at once the price drops substantially.

SCORE: 8,5/10

Comments: ProVanax is near and dear to my heart, perhaps more so than any other supplement. This is because around 2010 I had a real mental burnout caused by long periods of extreme anxiety levels. The burnout was so severe that it left me on sick leave for several months. After that period in my life I made a promise to myself to try every natural anxiety supplements I could find…and I did…

Well after trying and searching for many months, ProVanax was next in line and boy was I glad I tried it. I remember the very first day I took it After about 45 minutes I noticed a slight anxiety reduction and I thought; ok, unlike all the other anxiety supplements this one seems to be working at least a bit, but then about 2-3 hours later a “second wave” hit and my anxiety levels dropped by about 60-80%

This was a huge help since that is a really a big decrease, and needless to say, I started using ProVanax on and off since then and it has been great. Nowadays, I'm mostly anxiety free, but I still use it today if I have to perform a difficult trumpet solo or do any other stressful activity out of my normal daily life. I also use it if I have trouble sleeping since it works very well for that too.

If you are interested and want to know more, you can click here to check the current pricing at the online vendor and read other real user reviews.

For Increased Dopamine And Testosterone

alpha viril
Click image to check current pricing over at the vendor…

AlphaViril is designed to increase testosterone levels and dopamine levels so many gym trainers just use it as a help to gain more muscles, which is nice, but it also significantly increases your libido and erection quality. This is not strange at all since the key players behind libido and strong erections are dopamine and testosterone.

By the way, did you know that dopamine and testosterone cooperate, almost like brothers.? If you want to learn more about how that works, you can take a look at this video I made a while back where I talk about dopamine, testosterone and also do a detailed review of AlphaViril…


  • It increases dopamine
  • It gives a big increase in sex drive and it makes your penis more sensitive, to the point that it is like you almost feel you pulse in the tip of your penis when erect…this makes sex feel even more awesome
  • It boosts testosterone levels ( I have actually confirmed this by taking own blood samples)
  • It makes your erections harder
  • It significantly increases your energy levels
  • Full money back guarantee

Check pricing>> You can click here to check current pricing


  • As it increase your energy it can make it more difficult to fall asleep if you take it to close to bedtime. So take it in the mornings.
  • The need to be used in cycles.
  • As always, I would like every supplement to be cheaper, but since the capitalist system works in a way that you get what you pay for, at the end of the day the pricing is pretty fair, I guess.

SCORE: 9/10

Comments: I love AlphaViril since it increases both dopamine and testosterone at the same time. By the way, did you know that low dopamine levels are one of the most common reasons behind relapses? That's because if your dopamine levels are really low, your brain desperately starts looking for a “dopamine fix”, and if you are addicted to adult entertainment then the first thing your brain will come to think of then is obviously busting a nut to those websites.

Alphaviril Vs VigRX

Now some of you may be wondering what the differences are between AlphaViril And VigRX. Well, I did also use Alphaviril during my reboot, but since I rebooted for many years (yes, unfortunately it took me that long due to me having so many relapses), Alphviril came into my life at a later stage than VigRX, so I honestly don't know which of them would have worked better in the beginning of my reboot when I was severely desensitized by all the adult websites.

Although I still have both VigRX and AlphaVirl in my kitchen drawer and I mostly use AlphaViril today because of the increase in testosterone and energy. It gives me so much drive and explosiveness in the gym.

AlphaViril will boost your testosterone more than VigRX, that's a fact.

It will also increase your overall energy more and it will probably also increase the sensitivity in your penis more than VigRX. AlphaViril does significantly help with erection quality, but it may actually be the cause that VigRX makes your erections even harder than what alphaViril does.

Keep in mind that we are all different though, so your results may vary, but this is the way I have experienced it.

So which one should you choose?

If you want more testosterone and dopamine, go for AlphaViril. If you are more into fucking and having a party in the bedroom, go for VigRX. But again, they are both good products for your sex life.

If you are interested and want to know more, you can click here to check the current pricing at the online vendor and read other real user reviews.

For Better Focus And Memory

Click image to check current pricing over at the vendor…

The BrainPill is a natural product for boosting memory, focus, concentration and mood. Now personally I can attest to the first three as I found that the BrainPill really lifted my brain fog and made my focus and concentration better, but unfortunately I never experienced any mood boosting effects, but since we're all different, maybe others have. Let me know in the comment section under my YouTube videos if you have tried it.

I think that the BrianPill could be a helpful nofap supplement for some guys because some very common problems people start to run into ,after years of fapping to porn, are…

  1. Lack of focus and concentration
  2. Bad short term memory
  3. And brain fog


  • Helped me be able to focus on one task much longer
  • I felt I had better memory retention
  • I experienced an overall boost in my cognitive functions
  • It made me relapse less frequently
    (probably due to increased blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for self control)

Check pricing>> You can click here to check current pricing


  • Due to the increased brain activity, some people can experience a slight increase in anxiety. For me that was noticeable, but not really a problem.
  • It is expensive.

SCORE: 8.2/10

Comment:  I definitely noticed an increase in my concentration and focus when I was using this and and with the less brain fog and the overall sharper cognition I noticed another nice bonus…

….it reduced my relapse frequencies!

This is not surprising really, since urges often come in form of thoughts telling you to to open up some adult websites, and with a clearer brain it is much easier to control those thoughts. In addition to this I think the BrinPill is increasing blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, which is your brains very control center and that would also explain the boost in self control. However, due to me being a supplement nerd and I was using many other supplements at the time, I could not afford to regularly use the BrainPill simply because, well, the amount of supplements started to take its toll on my wallet.

It does work though and is a pretty impressive supplement, used by many who want to have a sharper focus and brain. For example the greatest Jeopardy master of all time, “Ken Jennings” regularly uses the BrainPill to help him stay in a tiptop cognitive condition.

If you are interested and want to know more, you can click here to check the current pricing at the online vendor and read other real user reviews.

For Premature Ejaculation
-VigRX Delay Spray-

Click image to check current pricing over at the online vendor…

A delay spray is a spray that you spray on your penis prior to sex and it actually works surprisingly well for premature ejaculation. The product has safe and mild anesthetic in it called benzocaine, and this anesthetic finds it way in through the top layers of your penis making you last longer than you normally would.

Many guys doing nofap are suffering from PE so I thought this product was a worthy candidate for being on the NoFap supplements page since I know from personal experiences that anesthetic products actually work.


  • It works fast,somewhere within 10 minutes after spraying
  • The effects lasts about 20- 30 minutes (can spray again during sex wanting to go longer of if it feels like you need more)
  • No prescription needed and easy to use
  • 67 day money back guarantee
  • One spray can lasts pretty long

Check pricing>> You can click here to check current pricing


  • If your parter does not know about your use, it can be a bit embarrassing if she founds out (can easily be used discretely though by going to the bathroom about 10 minutes prior to the sex for spraying it on)
  • Would be nice if pricing were a bit lower. But compared to other products though, it's not that bad.

Comments: Many years ago I had issues with busting too quickly when having sex. This was even before I discovered NoFap and rebooting. Anyway, back then I tried different condoms who had some mild anesthetic on the inside and they all worked pretty well. I also tried a couple of sprays and liked them better than the condoms and the sprays were also easier to use.

Full disclosure here, I don't remember the brand of the sprays I tried. One of them could have been VigRX, but I just don't remember. However, after reading on forums and doing other detailed online research, I came to the conclusion that the delay spray from VixRX is probably the best one out there, and since I'm familiar and trust the VigRX brand and have had good experiences with them when it comes to the erection and libido booster pills they make, I feel confident in that I'm recommending a good spray by choosing this particular delay spray.

If you are interested and want to know more, you can click here to check the current pricing at the online vendor and read other real user reviews.

Using Supplements During NoFap Final Words

So are there supplements that can help with NoFap?

Well it depends on what you mean by that question!

Are we talking about reducing brain fog, lowering anxiety, better erections OR are we talking about a specific NoFap supplement that suddenly would make all of the addiction related brain changes reverse themselves over night so you don't even have to do a proper reboot?

In the latter case, then the answer is no, there are no magic pills that suddenly can fix all the brain changes caused by years of fapping to adult websites. HOWEVER, there are supplements that may potentially help with the symptoms you are struggling with that you can use as tools while you are rebooting…

…and this has been my goal of this blog post. To present those NoFap supplements while sharing my experience with them. Take that for what it's worth, no more and no less, and always remember that supplements are never to be used as a substitute for rebooting. They are to be used as helpful tools only.

I hope you found the article informative.

Much Love!

Scandinavian Bob

P.S. Are you struggling? Click here to go to my contact page to discover what kind of help I’m currently offering.

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