AlphaViril Review -For Testosterone & Libido My Experience

AlphaViril Review – My Experience

In this article I'm going to share my experience with AlphaViril. The good, the bad and…well everything in between.

So, does AlphaViril work?

Let's jump in and take a look…

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Can Natural Testosterone Boosters Even Raise Testosterone?

Some YouTubers say that natural testosterone boosters do not work, and that if you want to take something to ramp up your testosterone levels, you need to do it with steroids.

On the other side we've got supplement companies claiming that their product really works for increasing testosterone…

…so which side is right?

Well, the truth is that people who say that natural testosterone boosters don't work are right some of the time, because many natural supplements out there does not really do anything for you, however, they need to do a bit more homework because the fact is that there are actually several natural compounds that are indeed clinically proven to raise testosterone levels.

This means that some YouTubers are right, some of the time…

but not always!

Does AlphaViril Work?

In addition to this, if the manufacturer of the testosterone supplement are very skilled, they can mix the ingredients in a way that creates a synergistic effect -so the ingredients enhance each others effects, meaning, the sum becomes greater than its parts – as well as add ingredients that reduce hormones that counteracts testosterone, like for example estrogen and cortisol…

…and this, my friends, is exactly what AlphaViril does.

Yes, AlphaViril does actually work!

In my honest oppinion, most natural testosterone boosters out there is not worth spending money on, but AlphaViril is different.

As a middle aged man, being somewhat of a nerd when it comes to hacking the body's hormone levels in natural ways, I have done my research as well as tried many different products. And when it comes to boosting your body's own testosterone production, AphaViril is hands down the best natural product you can find on the market today.

I have even done several blood tests to confirm this, but more about that further down the article.

Why AlphaViril Works Better Than Other Testosterone And Libido Boosters…

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AlphaViril works better than other testosterone and libido boosters out there because of its unique extra strength formula that targets several areas of your endocrine mechanism.

  1. It has first class quality ingredients in it – many of which are clinically proven to raise testosterone levels.
  2. The ingredients creates a synergistic effect – meaning they enhance each other, making the product especially potent.
  3. AlphaViril reduces cortisol – the stress hormone cortisol has an inverse relation to testosterone. Higher cortisol means lower T.levels.
  4. AlphaViril lowers estrogen – estrogen is the female sex hormone. We need some of it, but too much of it suppress the body's testosterone production.
  5. AlphaViril increases dopamine – dopamine co-operate with testosterone and, just like testosterone, it is also a key player in driving libido and erections. In fact, dopamine and testosterone are THE main drivers behind your libido and they are also what powers your erections.
  6. AlphaViril increases nitric oxide – this alone helps increase testosterone, but as a nice “bonus” it is also a vasodilator, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessels, causing them to widen and thus increasing blood flow, especially to your nether regions. This results in fuller and harder erections when aroused.

What I Personally Notice When I Take AlphaViril…

So what are my personal experiences with AlphaViril…

…and are there any Alphaviril side effects, as in, negative side effects?

Well, to make it easier to read, let's make a pro's and con's list…


  • Increased energy 
  • Increased alertness, drive and motivation
  • Increased strength in the gym
  • A massive increase in sex-drive
  • Harder erections

Some of effects I experience show up faster than others, like for example the increased alertness, drive and motivation.

This is a typical effect one can expect when bumping up dopamine levels a bit, as dopamine is the major player behind drive and motivation. The same goes for libido and erections…

…from the very first day of taking AlphaViril, I notice a significant boost in both sex drive and erections.

I remember when trying AlphaViril for the very first time, I had sex later that night and the feeling I had in my body and in my penis was amazing. I had some kind of raw animal lust, like something was circulating through the blood stream that gave me this incredible surge of horniness. I swear I could almost feel my pulse in the tip of my penis.

As far as the strength in the gym goes, obviously that takes a bit longer to notice.

Even if you bump up your testosterone levels you won't notice the result from that until after a few weeks of lifting, other than that the increase in energy will help you be able to go at it with more intensity in the gym…

…however, after a few weeks, the increase in both my strength and muscle tone were very noticeable indeed.


  • It can cause a bit of an upset stomach for me
  • Can cause insomnia if taken too close to bedtime
  • It would be nice if the price was a bit lower
  • Best to use it in cycles

Sometimes, if I take AlphaViril on an empty stomach, it can cause a bit of irritation. It's not too bad, but enough to be  a bit annoying. If I take it with food, however, there is no problem and the positive effects seem to be the same if taken with food…

…and so I make sure to eat something whenever I take it.

However, we are all different and, if you decide to give it a try, you can do your own experimenting.

Also, if I take it after 8pm it can interfere with my sleep. This is probably due to the increased energy caused by the dopamine boost.

Lastly, it would be nice if the pricing was a bit lower. However, as with everything else in life, you get what you pay for and since AlphaViril is really a first class product, I'm pretty happy paying for it…

…also, they do offer a pretty impressive discount if ordering several bottles at once…

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Speaking of first class product, let's take a look at the AlphaViril ingredients…

AlphViril ingredients…

Now, the ingredients in AlphaViril is not 100% “fixed”, meaning that the company do modify their product every now and then. I like this because shows that, not only do they want to make the best product on the market, but they also want to mkae sure it stays that way.

That said, these are the ingredients in the bottles that arrived when I ordered last time…

  • Oat straw (Avena sativa)
  • White button mushroom extract
  • Ashwagandha extract (7% withanolids)
  • Longjack root extract (eurycoma longifolia)
  • Maca root
  • Fenugreek
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zink
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • L-Arginine
  • Horny goat weed
  • Mucuna Pruriens (velvet been extract)
  • DIM
  • Pro-tribulu
  • Pausinystalia Yohombi extract
  • Ginger
  • Stinging nettle
  • Chaste berry
  • Xanthoparmelia scabrosa extract
  • L-Thyrosine
  • KSM-66 (The ashwagandha extract)

A lot of ingredients right there.

Some of these are clinically proven to increase both testosterone levels as well as physical strength. Others are backed up by studies to increase dopamine levels. Then we also have ingredients there that are proven to reduce cortisol and the female hormone estrogen.

It does indeed raise testosterone…

Let's take a look at the Ashwagandha for example;

Now the first thing you want to make sure when buying Ashwagandha is that you do NOT buy the Ashwagandha root as that there is no standard there making sure it contains potent amounts of withanolids (the active compound). You want to make sure it's an extract with either KSM-66 or Sensoril as this means they are standardized to be potent, containing at least 5% withanolids…

…and sure enough, AlphaViril use either Sensoril or KSM-66, with at least 7% withanolids, so this is just one indicator of AlphaViril being a good quality product.

Randomized double blind placebo controlled studies

As for Ashwagandhas effect on strength and muscle building, a 8 week, randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical study on 57 males found that the group taking Ashwagandha had significantly greater increased strength in the bench press exercises, the leg extension exercises as well as overall muscle increase. Link to study here.

These are real randomized, placebo based studies, mind you, and NOT anecdotal stories.

As for the increase in testosterone levels, another randomized, placebo controlled study that lasted 16 weeks concluded that supplementing with Ashwagandha was associated with significant improvements in salivary DHEA-S and testosterone. Link to that study here.

There are more ingredients in AlphaViril, that are backed up by science, for example “Longjack root extract” also known as “Tongkat Ali”.

In fact, Tongkat Ali has been proven to both reduce cortisol as well as increase testosterone levels. Evidence shows an overall improved hormone profiles and stimulated release of free testosterone from its binding proteins. Link to study here.

The same goes for increasing dopamine levels..

For example, the Mucuna Pruriens that can be found in AlphaViril contains a precursor to dopamine, called “L-Dopa” and this is perhaps the most effective natural thing you can find to raise your dopamine levels.

Elevated levels of dopamine promotes higher levels of testosterone…

Dopamine and testosterone co-operates!

Did you know that elevated levels of testosterone promotes higher levels of testosterone?

Pretty cool, huh?

Taking my own blood tests…

As mentioned above, scientific evidence is cool and all, but what is even more interesting is to conduct, first hand, own experiments to see what happens on a personal level…

…and, as the biohacking nerd I am, of course I have done that as well, and having taken numerous testosterone tests over the years I can confirm that AlphaViril really does raise my testosterone levels.

Without AlphaViril – 764 ng/dl  (this is 26.5 nmol/l)

Note, my hemoglobin A1c is also there, but know that has nothing to do with AlphaViril. I'm just checking it regularly as I am very careful not to develop type 2 diabetes.

After taking Alphaviril for a few weeks- 981 ng/dl (this is 34 nmol/l)

You can see lots of values there, but the testosterone is at the bottom of the paper.

The validity of my blood test…

Now, granted, there are many factors involved in our body's testosterone production to be sure, and as I always try to live healthy and do a lot of things to maximize my t.levels, I can not claim that the only variable changed here was adding AlphaViril…

…that said, I have gone on and off AlphaViril many times during the last years and I can indeed confirm that the feeling I have when I'm on it  reflects those blood tests pretty well…

…when taking AlphaViril I simply feel like a beast!

Final Verdict: When it Comes To Boosting Testosterone And Libido, is AlphaViril Worth it?

Answer: yes, I really think so!

Bottom line:

  • It increases testosterone
  • It reduces cortisol and estrogen
  • It increases dopamine
  • It increases nitric oxide

…all this resulting in…

  1. Significantly higher sex drive
  2. Increased energy levels
  3. Increased muscle mass
  4. Harder erections

If you are looking for something to give you more testosterone and something that can give you a boost in the bedroom, and if you have the money for it, then you should definitely give AlphaViril a try.

And the best of all, if you do decide to give it a try, and if you for some reason is not happy with, the company is so confident in their product that they offer a one year 200% money back guarantee…

…gotta love that!

You can click here now to read other real user reviews over at the vendor site.

You can also read another post I made about this supplement over at my other website here: AlphaViril Review (What it did to me)

FAQ's About AlphaViril

Q: How much does alphaviril cost? Is it very expensive?

A: Compared to similar products on the market it is priced pretty well, especially considered that it works better than other testosterone boosters on the market. That said, the price tend to vary a bit…you can click here to check current pricing.

Q: Is alphaviril safe?

A: Yes it is. Just don't take it too close to bedtime as that can make falling asleep harder. At least, that's what I have personally experienced.

Q: Is AlphaViril a steroid?

A: No it is not. The ingredients are natural and not chemical produced. It's 100% natural.

Q: Are there any negative Alphaviril side effects?

A: I get a slight upset stomach if I don't take it with food. It can also interfere with sleep if I take it too close to bedtime. Just don't take it at night and take it with food and there should be no problems.

Q: Where is the best place to get AlphaViril?

A; You can get it for the cheapest price if you order it from the online vendor by clicking this link right here. 

Ok, there you have it, my personal experience with AlphaViril. If you have further questions you can find my contact info by clicking this link right here.

Thank you for reading this AlphaViril review.

Much Love!

Scandinavian Bob

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