7 PIED Recovery Tips For You To Try

PIED Recover Tips

Porn induced ED, or PIED can be nothing short of a knockout blow for young men out there. In fact it can be a very dark period to have go through for men at any age, younger as well as older.

Right from the start I have to point out that as long as you stay away from porn, you will recover, and that the most important thing you can do to regain your erectile health is to never go back to porn, be patient and to keep rebooting.

However, I think most of you know that already and now you are probably wondering if there is anything at all we can do to help speed up the PIED recovery.

Speeding up PIED recovery does indeed work for some guys…

In this article you will discover 7 PIED recovery tips that may potentially help you recover from PIED a bit faster or perhaps at least help you be able to perform a bit better…

…and in best case scenario, a combination of the two.

An important thing to remember, though, is that we are all different and there are many factors involved in how fast guys recover. Also, just because some of these tips may work wonders for one person, it does not automatically mean it will work as well for another person.

The only way to know for sure is to adapt an attitude of experimentation and try them out for yourself, and if you find some of them helpful, all the studies, science and anecdotes from the other men out there will pale in comparison because ultimately, the experiment YOU conduct on yourself holds the biggest weight when it comes to what actually works for you.

Before we get into how to speed up PIED recover and all the helpful tool and tips, I think it could be useful to go through the PIED recover signs. so you know what to wait for and what to expect, when things finally start to turn around.

PIED Recovery Signs

So what are the most common PIED recovery signs?

Well, if you start experiencing any, or several of the following, it is a good sign that PIED recover is taking place, and that you may potentially be at the final stages…

  • The anticipation of real sex gives you a physical response in your body.
  • You now wake up to strong morning erections most days of the week.
  • You find real girls more attractive than you previously did.
  • Semen leakage has stopped.
  • You get frequent sexual dreams during the night (not dreams about relapses).
  • You get spontaneous erections during the day.

Note that these are not a 100% indicator of recovery, and also, if you experience just one of them, it might not tell you that much at all, but together they still form a pretty decent indicator of recovery.

For example it is indeed possible to have strong morning woods before you are recovered from PIED. On the other hand, it is very common to lose morning erections when porn has affected your brain, so as you can see, they are valid signs…

…you just want to have as many as them as possible.

Another thing to consider is that it also works the other way around, as in there are guys who have recovered from PIED even though they did not experience any of these recovery signs and then suddenly just found that they were able to perform sexually again.

Ok so now that you know the most common PIED signs, let's take a look at the PIED recovery tips.

Here they are…

Tip #1
-Sign Up For Dance Classes-


Do I have your attention?

Good, you see, before you quickly move on to the next tip I really want you to know just how effective this tip is.

It helped me and it has helped numerous of other men recover faster.

You see, PIED is mainly caused by a combination of years of rewiring your brains sexual response to pixels on a screen and a desensitized reward system.

Now, you reboot your brain when you quit fapping to adult websites and you give your brain the time it needs to heal your broken dopamine system, but besides that, the absolute fastest way out of PIED is to spend as much time as possible around real life girls…

…and nothing can be better for this than signing up for dance classes!

Rewire and jolt your brain…

Not only will this make you spend a lot of time very close to a girls. But, in fact, several different girls, which could really jolt the primal part of your brain that powers your testosterone production, libido and instinct to “conquer girls” in order to spread your genes.

It will also be helpful because you are using all of your senses while in the presense of attractive, real life, women. You'll be using your…

  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Hearing
  • Sight
  • Vestibular movement

… to form new memories in your brain in which several real life girls are included.

Not only will this help jolt your brain back into working the way is supposed to be working, but those memories will also work for you when you are not at the dance class.

Your brain will be processing the info, by dreaming about it at night and thinking about it during the day, all with these senses intertwined around the new input.

This is very helpful for overcoming PIED and I seriously believe it will speed up your recovery.

And hey, maybe you happen to get a date out of it as well, and who knows…

…potentially meet your future wife?

What if I already have a girlfriend?

Allt the better. Then you obviously spend as much time as possible being close to her. That said, if she's not the jealous type, there is nothing to stop you from signing up for dance classes together. That way you get to enjoy several different girls, but more importantly, form new memories.

Remember, rewiring is essentially about retraining your brain. Having different girls around you will also ramp up your testosterone levels…

…that said, of course you will still recover just fine if you prefer to just being close to your girlfriend. The dance classes just seem to work wonders though.

Tip #2
-Try VigRx-

During my own reboot I tried pretty much every libido enhancer I could find out there. Most of them totally useless, but I actually found two of them to be really helpful, and VigRx was one of them.

Now, granted, it will not cure PIED, as in reverse the addiction related brain changes since only rebooting can do that,  but for me it really helped me in the bedroom during my reboot.

I have used it both during my PMO reboot as well as after fully rebooted, and my experiences with VigRx has been great.

Even though I was pretty desensitized I found VigRx to…

  • Significantly increase my libido
  • Help me get harder erections
  • Increase my sensitivity

The boost in libido was something I really appreciated since, during my reboot, I had several periods of feeling pretty dead down there. I also suffered from delayed ejaculation so the increase in sensitivity I got by taking VigRx was also a much appreciated bonus.

VigRx was also helpful for increasing the strength of my erections. Now, I need to point out that, even though I was pretty messed up by all the years of fapping to adult sites, I never had total, 100% ED. But porn had indeed made my erections weak and sluggish. There were a lot of times when I could just barely perform, and VigRx really helped me by giving me harder erections.

If you are interested in VigRx and you want to discover more you can click here to read other real user reviews over at the original VigRxl site.

To sum it up I can say that it was very helpful during my reboot and if I take it today, now when I'm fully rebooted, then HOLY SHIT, it's powerful!

I can almost feel the pulse in the tip of my penis and I get a very strong surge of horniness throughout my body. This is probably because VigRx increases both dopamine and blood flow at the same time.

If you are interested, you can click here to check current pricing at the online vendor.

Recovering From Porn Induced ED
Tip #3
-Take ice Cold Showers-

Cold showers could potentially speed up your PIED recovery process…

I highly recommend you take cold showers during your PMO reboot.

They increase both your testosterone production as well as your libido by raising dopamine itself, but not only that, they can potentially help speed up your whole PIED recovery.

So, how is this possible?

Well, one way porn addiction messes with your dopamine system is by downregulating your dopamine D2R receptors in your reward system. These receptors will grow back if you stop blasting your brain with all the super stimulating adult sites, but this a pretty slow process and it will take some time. The beauty of cold showers is that they speed up the upregulation of said D2 receptors.

How much quicker will I recover by taking cold showers?

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing exactly how much faster you can heal your desensitized reward system by taking cold showers. Heck, there are even no studies showing that you will heal faster from a porn addiction specifically if you take them.

However, there are multiple studies showing cold water exposure making the D2 receptors grow denser and thus it's not far fetched at all to think that they may indeed help. Not with the rewiring of your sexual response, but with repairing your numb pleasure response, which is also something that has affected most guys who have been fapping to online porn for many years.

You don't need to be an addict in order for the dopamine receptors to downregulate…

All addictions cause a numb pleasure response. It does not matter what you're addicted to. If you have been blasting your reward system with too much dopamine your dopamine receptors have been downregulated, at least to some degree. But it's important to note that downregulation can happen even if you are not addicted…

…too much of a good thing, artificially, makes you go numb. Simple as that.

To learn the process behind downregulation and dopamine, take a look at this interesting video I made a while back.

If you found the video informative, you can click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

PIED Recovery Tip #4
-Intermittent Fasting-

Intermittent fasting can potentially also speed up your PIED recovery process…

Guess what?

Studies have shown that going for a period of time without eating any calories also increase the number of dopamine D2 receptors…

…just like cold showers do!

How to do it for the best results…

Here too it would be nice with more studies, but so far it looks like we need to go at least 14 hours without any food before the brain healthy benefits starts.

There are two different ways I personally like to do it…

A) 16 hours of fasting / day, with an eating window of 8 hours.
B) A 24 hours fast two times / week

Practical examples…

The first option, a 16 hour fast, is pretty easy to do. It simply means you go 16, out of the 24 hours, in a day without any calories at all and then you get all your food in during an 8 hour “eating window”.

This type of intermittent fasting is often called the 16/8 fast.

16 / 8 fasting example…

  • You STOP eating 7 pm. Then you fast until 11 am. the next day.
  • You have an eating window between 11 am  and 7 pm, where you get all your food in for the day.
  • You repeat this cycle for several days. (Can be done every day of the week, or just a few days of the week)

Since the 16/8 is pretty mild, you get the best effects from it if you do it most days of the week. Some people even do it every single day for weeks on end. But, of course, that is up to you to experiment with. Find a fasting schedule that works well for you.

Also, the 7 pm is just an example. You can just as well chose to stop eating at 6 pm or 8 pm, or whatever time of the day you feel is best for you as long as you get a 16 hour stretch with no calories.

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24 h fasting example…

  • You stop eating at 7 pm on Sunday.
  • You fast on Monday and do not eat until 7 pm on Monday evening.
  • You do this 1, 2 or three times a week.

Keep in mind that the above is just an example. If you want to fast from for example 4 pm to 4 pm the next day that works just as well.

Pick a time that find most suitable and stick with it. Since the 24h fasts are a bit more “aggressive” than the 16 h fasts, it's good enough to do them once, twice or three times per week. Personally, if I choose the 24h fast, I do about 2 fasts a week, and not always the same days either…

…I don't like to get too rigid.

So how much will fasting help you…1.3 x the speed?

Well, just like with the cold showers, there is no way of knowing exactly how much intermittent fasting could speed up your PIED recovery.

However, since I rebooted for many years myself, having periods of relapses, as well as documenting my progress and benefits, I can say that I personally estimated a general increase in speed of 1.3x the normal rebooting pace when I did about 2x 24h fats per week.

By this I mean that I saw all the normal “NoFap benefits” roll around about 1.3 times quicker than normal, if I did about two 24 h fasts per week.

Now, keep in mind that these are just my results and my best estimations, and in addition, I'm 100% certain that the results will vary from individual to individual.

That said, I'm not the only one that has experienced an increase in reboot speed by fasting. Here are a couple of quotes from two other rebooting guys…

Guy number 1

“There is no doubt in my mind that fasting helps rebooting. Unfortunately I'm a “long term rebooter”, as in I have had periods being totally clean for months, but then falling back to old habits over and over again. However, every time I incorporate fasting into my reboot regimen I seem to recover much faster. This is noticeable in several areas. Mostly in how quickly my brain fog goes away, but also in how quickly I regain erectile health.”

Guy number 2

“Intermittent fasting rocks! I have found that all the nofap benefits become much stronger with intermittent fasting. I also seem to recover faster after my hellish binges!”

PIED Recovery Tip #5

I would like to be able to provide you with a lot of evidence here, but when it comes to PIED recovery specifically, unfortunately I can't show anything at all. However, there are A LOT of studies out there showing meditation having tremendous brain benefits in general.

One study found a significantly higher dopamine production in people who were experienced in mediation. Whether or not this would help you regain your erectile health faster is up for debate, but since libido and erections are primarily powered by dopamine and testosterone, it could potentially be the case.

One thing is 100% sure though; since meditation significantly strengthens the prefrontal cortex of your brain, it will increase your self control. This will obviously be helpful for reducing risks of relapses during your PMO reboot.

You see, the prefrontal cortex is the part of your brain that is responsible for you taking actions that are in line with your goals and some experts even refer to this part of your brain as being your brains “police”. It is there for long term planning as well as preventing you from doing stupid things…

…like punching your boss in the face when he is hard on you, for example.

PIED Recovery Tip #6
-High Intensity Interval Training-

This one will help you in many ways!

One of the fastest ways to upregulate your dopamine D2 receptors is by doing high intensity interval training. Not only that, but HIT can also significantly increase your body's own testosterone production, and again, testosterone and dopamine are the key players in powering your erections.

In addition to that, it releases other feel good hormones as well that all play a part in libido…

…not to mention that it also increase in blood flow to your nether region, which can be nothing else than very helpful for libido and erectile health.

How to do it…

Here you have several option, but personally I like to incorporate a few sprints into my running sessions. I run very slowly for about 25-35 minutes, but during my running session I mix a few sets of full-out sprinting where I try to go as hard as humanly possible for 20 seconds or so. Depending on the day and my condition, I try to do perhaps 4-6 of those sprints.

If you want to really take this to the next level, try finding a hill and sprint to the top.

WARNING: If you're not used to physical exercise, make sure to see a professional before you try high intensity interval training. Also, build up to it slowly as this is not something you just start doing if you're in really bad physical condition.

PIED Recovery Tip #7
-Squats And Pelvic Floor Stretching-

This one has two important parts…

For many guys, all the years of sitting and masturbating in front of the computer has created a tight pelvic floor. This tightness alone can create weak erections and it could do so even if there were to be nothing wrong with the sexual system in your brain. However, combine it with a desensitized brain and the the rewiring of your responses to pixels on a screen you have a pretty good recipe for really bad experiences in the bedroom.

The fix to this is by stretching the muscles in your pelvic floor.

First part: Squat Stretching (without weights)

  • Go down in a squat position, not using any weights, feet wide apart.
  • Stay down there for a minute and two
  • Breathe deeply
  • Rock a bit from side to side while doing reverse kegels

By doing this you ale loosening up your tight pelvic floor while increasing blood flow to all those important blood vessels down there.

I recommend you do the squat stretches 2-3 three times a day during your reboot. That will really loosen up your tight pelvic floor. Seriously, just do them, it is very important if you have a history of porn use…

…which, obviously, you have if you have PIED.

What is a reverse kegel?

A normal kegel, exercise is when you tighten and squeeze the muscles that you use when trying to hold the urine in when you really have to go to the bathroom. However, if you have a tight pelvic flow, YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO A NORMAL KEEGEL, because that will only make you tighter down there.

Reverse kegel: A reverse kegel kind of the opposite. Imagine you are standing in the bathroom, taking a piss, and then you try to make the flow of urine come out faster. You would have to “push” the stream with your pc muscles, all in a very relaxed way. This is a reverse kegel and THIS ONE IS GREAT for loosening everything up down there. I recommend you do this while doing the squat stretches. You can also do them during other times of the day to help you loosen up further…

…even when having sex.

Just be cautios if doing them during sex, however, as the pushing movement can make you, well, let's just say, don't do reverse kegels during sex if you are “gassy”…

…if you know what I mean 🙂

Second part: Squats WITH Weights And No Stretching

This is normal squats and should not be confused with the Squat stretching above.

Normal squats are also phenomenal for your erection health. They strengthen your pelvic flow without making them too tight.

You see, the point of doing normal kegel exercises is to strengthen your pc muscles, but as I already said, kegels can make your PC muscles too tight. Normal squats, however, will give you a good workout, not only for your legs and your glutes, but for the pc muscles as well, making it stronger without becoming too tight.

I'm not going to go into details on how to perform squats as you can find thousands of good videos on YouTube showing you how to do it. Just get a gym membership and start doing weighted squats two times a week. Your girlfriend will thank you for it…

…trust me on this 😉

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Which of All The Above is The Most effective For Reversing PIED?

So out of these 7 PIED recovery tips you just read, which one is the most effective?

Time and patience…

Well, just to remind you one more time, a combination of never going back to porn plus time and patience is the most important thing for reversing PIED. Consider all the rest as being just “icing on the cake.”

Recovery of the brain…

That said, I really think physical exercise and intermittent fasting combined will really help your brain to regrow those dopamine D2 receptors much faster, and just as long a you remember to also spend a lot of time around real life people in order to rewire, I'd say the fasting and the exercise will probably speed up your recovery the most. Just a few words of caution, don't take those two to the extremes as you might hurt yourself doing so, and besides, there is definitely also a point of diminishing returns…

…so more i not always better.

Fastest help with the erections…

As for fastest help with getting harder erections then, hands down, without a doubt, the VigRx is what helped me the most.

It helped even though I was pretty desensitized and just as long as you know that it can be a good “instant help / crutch” to lean on when you need something in the moment, and not something that will actually reverse the addiction related brain changes any faster, then I see no problems with using it.  It can be there as a confidence booster to help get the ball rolling and to help you rewire.

The cheapest place to get VigRx is through the original online webstie.

Confidence and living life…

Lastly, I want to point out that it is important to not put your life “on hold” during the reboot. In fact I think this is one of the absolute biggest mistakes some guys do. That is a mindset that can really get them stuck, without seeing any results at all…

…sometimes even for years.

When we lack confidence it is easy to start sitting around, trying to “wait” for confidence before we start living. But this is the wrong approach. We need to take action FIRST, and then the confidence comes as a result of that.

So build by taking small steps, but do start taking those steps!

Please watch this video before you go, it is really important in order to not mess up your reboot.

In the above video, I talk about how waiting really can mess some guys up. So if you are one of those guys who have a tendency to want to become more confident courageous BEFORE they start taking action, watch this video now and consider it carefully.

Best of luck to you and much love!

-Scandinavian Bob-

You may also find the article How long does it take for NoFap to fix PIED?, interesting.

Also: If you feel you need my personal help. Click here to go to my contact page and see what kind of help I'm currently offering.

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