28 Year Male – No PMO Cured My Anxiety!

28 Year Male – No PMO Cured My Anxiety
No PMO Success

Ok, it's time for another success story.

When emailing with the guy, we agreed to refer to him as “28 year old male” instead of using his real name.

Let's jump in right away…

28 Year Old Male – This is My Story:

Quitting PMO has offered huge benefits to my life, both big and small.

When I was i high school I started watching porn after school.

I was a curious kid and enjoyed looking at hot girls. Once the dopamine rush came in after I did the deed, I was hooked. I saw the girls on the internet sites as perfect 10's and I  could not keep myself away.

Once I hit college the hormones were raging even more and I could not resist watching porn after seeing a hot girl.

I had no shot at retention with hardly any self control.

I started using Porn to numb feelings of loneliness and anxiety

Fast forward a few years and I would use PMO to numb my loneliness or anxiety when I was afraid. And towards the end of my college days I felt both of those when leaving my parents house for the first time…

…and I used porn to cope with it.

I wanted a girlfriend…

 After I graduated a college I wanted to get a girlfriend so I decided to stop watching porn after reading articles on the internet.

I started my first nofap journey then and was able to get a few girlfriends, but I would always fall back into porn after we’d break up.

I started getting better at NoFap, but when trouble emerged, I always fell back…

During my mid twenties I had another girlfriend and was able to be porn free for nine months, but when problems arose in my life I would escape to the pit that is pornography which would lead to sadness and anxiety.

The fear of ED helped me…

 What finally made me quit for good was a combination of things, one was learning of the possibility that I could lose my erections to real girls if I continued, which scared the shit out of me.

Community support and help was a big part of my recovery…

Another was I found a recovery group which motivated me to stay clean, and finally I found a program called Dopamine Discipline which gave me tools to beat this for good.

It took me 4-5 months to recover…

It took me about 120-150 days to fully recover from this addiction.

The first month was brutal, I had a massive flatline, came out of it and then had another after 90 days.

Luckily it was only a week or two. I had massive withdrawals which included my legs shaking and nausea.

Things that helped me…

I was dating during this time, coffee dates and hangouts which helped.

I had a personal counselor, a recovery group, dopamine discipline, and used Scandinavian Bob's website “PMO flatline” to help me learn as much as I could.

The benefits I've gained…

 The changes that I’ve seen since quitting porn have ranged from subtle to amazing.

More happiness and positivity…

I’d say that my happiness and positivity are the most noticeable.

I'm just more content where I am at, but at the same time have a huge drive to meet people, accomplish goals, and stay disciplined.

Completely obliterated my anxiety…

I have also completely obliterated my anxiety.

I use to worry about everything and now it only comes up ever so often.

I can’t describe how thankful I am for that.

Easier to connect with people…

Connecting to people has never been easier.

Talking and making solid points is a breeze. In the bedroom things are great and I’ve never been more healthier mentally.

Advice to others…

To anyone who is watching this video or reading my story I want you to know there is immense hope to recover from this addiction.

If you don’t give up and use every option you have you will get over this addiction.

No longer feel stuck in life…

One of the greatest things for me is that I no longer feel stuck in life.

Now I am able to move on in my life to focus on things that truly matter such as growing my investments, working out, and having a solid social life.

Thank you to… 

  • I have to thank Scandinavian Bob for being an amazing resource in my recovery. Without his website and coaching I would not have had the assurance and knowledge I needed to continue on the path.
  •  I have to also thank the Dopamine Discipline course for giving me the tools I needed to make my recovery a permanent part of my life.

Hopefully my story can inspire others to move past the addiction and onto greater things that will truly give you positivity in your life.

You can >>Download<< my Quit Porn Guide for FREE right now!

Comments from Scandinavian Bob

Well, done brother!

Thank you for sharing your story with us. It's so fun to see when guys take action, become proactive and then manage to turn their lives around.

Even though today's hero mentioned my website and my coaching, I don't want to take credit for his success, because he was the one who did the work. Besides, when he reached out to be for his first 1 on 1 coaching call with me, he was already doing really well.

In fact, I remember telling him that I have no doubt he will be able to make it, because it's people like him that really gets the best results. By this I mean people who are going all in, being proactive and really do everything they can to turn their lives around.

He took serious action. Notice how he said he…

  1. Got a personal counselor.
  2. Participated in a recovery group.
  3. Had 1 on 1 coaching sessions with me (Scandinavian Bob).
  4. Took an online course for overcoming porn addiction (the Dopamine Discipline course).
  5. All while learning everything he could by reading this website along with consuming other content.

….now that's being proactive, right there and…he got the results!

So, once again, big congratulations to you “28 year male” for your success.


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