11 Things To Do When Bored on NoFap -That Help Your Journey

11 Things To Do When Bored on NoFap

So what should you do when you are bored on NoFap?

Well, obviously there are thousands of things we could do.

But the absolute best things are things that are both good for your journey in the long run (that pretty much eliminates binge drinking, huh?) and keep you away from the world of internet.

So let's jump in and take a look at a few things you can do when borded on NoFap…

#1 Learn How To Juggle…

It's perfect!

It's one of those things that takes decent practice to master, yet everyone can learn it.

  • Time flies when you practice it.
  • As soon as you begin to master it just a bit, it becomes very fun.
  • You are doing it away from a computer screen.
  • It strengthens your concentration, which in turn can be useful for avoiding relapses later on.
  • It's healthy for the brain.
  • You can use it to impress friends and family 😉

A German study found that people who started practicing juggling actually grew new gray matter in the brains mid-temporal area and the posterior intraparietal sulcus.

Now, that's not to say it will make your brain heal faster from all the abuse adult sites have given it, but still, if it's so good for the brain that some areas inside your head gets an upgrade, man that makes it an even cooler skill to master.

So, watch a few instructional videos to get the basics down, and then the next time you're bored on NoFap, log in a good practice session away from the screen.

Here's a quote from one of my Subscribers to my YouTube channel Project Stronger Self.

“I started to learn juggling and it's great fun. Keeps your mind busy and your cravings disappear.” -Jonas

#2  Go To The Library And Do THIS…

Turn off your computer.

Hop in your car, or on your bicycle and go to the library.

Bring a pen and a small spiral notebook with you.

Pick up a science or fact book of some sort and start reading. When you come across some interesting facts that you didn't know, write it down in your notebook with the intention of sharing it in a future social situation.


  • Well, as you learn more, you'll get wiser.
  • Since you're even writing some of it down, you'll remember it much better.
  • You will have more interesting stuff to say to your friends and family.
  • You can use it as a replacement activity when having urges.
  • You'll do it away from your computer screen and you are reading physical book (which is healthy for your brain and your reboot)
  • Just the mere fact that you keep doing this could give you more social skills since you start being more talkative ( you feel you have more things to talk about).
  • People will find you more interesting.

Pretty cool, huh?

And the best of all…

…no computer or smartphone needed!

#3 Go Out And Explore Your Surroundings

Go out and drive on back roads.

Or don't drive, but just walk.

This is a great thing to do when bored on NoFap.

Explore your area and try to discover something you haven't seen.

Have you seen all the parks? Every lake? Is there a forest you haven't walked through? Some back roads?

If you say now say;  “there's nothing I haven't seen here” I would like to challenge you to that.

I have personally been living in a small county about 15 km away from the nearest town for most of my life. And even now, as a middle aged man, I still discover new things here, every summer.

Discovering new areas is good for the brain. You're away from the screen, you're outside and you'll get some freaking fresh air too.

And you know what?

Discovering things keeps your dopamine system going, but this time, in a healthy way!

Go go go!

#4 Cook A New Meal Without Any Recipe

Make a challenge out of just going to the grocery store, buying a few (perhaps new to you) food items and then try to be creative and make yourself dinner without using any recipe.

Who cares if it doesn't really turn out to be a spectacular dinner?

It will force you to think, plan, to be creative and strengthen your adventurous nature.

You will learn that you can create things and handle stuff in life, without constantly asking for help or having to read instructions. On top of all of that, if you keep doing it, you are guaranteed to develop som decent cocking skills…

…and there you go, more skills = self development.

You have grown as a person, all while staying away from your stupid computer.

So, cooking in a creative way is a great thing to do when you are bored on NoFap!

#5 Come Up With 5 Year Goals

If your life is a mess right now, this point is actually the most important thing you can do out of all the 11 tips.

Did you know that most people over estimate what they can achieve in a month, but they severely underestimate what they can achieve in a 5 year time frame?

The problem with goals is that most people set goals that are either unrealistic or too small to excite them.

Why 5 year goals?…

5 years is a perfect because it's a long enough time frame for you to completely turn your whole life around (should you want that), while it is short enough for you not to lose grasp of how far away it is.

You can >>Download<< my FREE Quit porn guide right NOW!

So much is possible in a 5 year time frame…

If you sit down and start thinking about what your life could look like 5 years from now if you started to take massive action, you could write down some seriously big and exciting goals and it wouldn't even be unrealistic.

That's the key thing right there. In 5 years you could change your life so much that even things that sound very bold and big wouldn't be unrealistic.

I fully and wholeheartedly believe that, if you set your mind to it, you could make some seriously big changes.

So write down what you would like your life to look like 5 years from now…

For example, 5 years form now you could…

  • Go from a porn addicted, skinny, weak guy, with painfully high social anxiety to the complete opposite… (…to now being a muscular and socially skilled man that makes ladies turn their heads).
  • Totally reverse brain damage that being stuck in an addiction has given you…
    (…to now having such a healthy brain that even small things in life give you immense pleasure. Your brain is so healthy that you'll once again start feeling that childlike excitement for life. No matter how messed up you are in the brain right now, in 5 years you could have one of the healthiest brains in the world).
  • Become so skillful at one of your hobbies that you can turn it into a business and quit your day job…
    (…or just keep it as a side job if you'd rather like that, but it's actually quite easy in today's internet world to create a business out of your hobby).
  • Completely heal your porn induced erectile dysfunction…
    (…and become a healthy and viril man with no limitations in his lovemaking skills)
  • Stop being a 90 pound overweight, unemployed and overgrown child, who lives in his mothers basement…
    (…to now being a well-dressed and grounded man with ideal weight working at a job he loves and living in his own apartment with a gorgeous and kind girlfriend).

Now, I'm not saying you'r situation looks like those bold lines above just because you do NoFap. I'm also not putting a value judgement on those who indeed happen to recognize any of those, above written bold lines.

The thing is, though,  if you recognize yourself in some of them, know that you're not stuck. You have the power to change it…

…you absolutely have.

Look, in 5 years time, it is indeed very possible!

But it all starts with setting up goals what you would like your life to look like five years from now and then start chunking those goals into super small steps that you start working on.

So, what are you waiting for?

We only have one life.

Start taking massive action, now!

Go go go!

#6 Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking…

  • “It's too late now since YouTube is too crowded”
  • “I'm too shy to be on camera”
  • “What would people who know me think?”

Not being on camera…

Well, if you didn't know, I have a YouTube channel myself, which you can check out by clicking here. By the time of writing this article I have made several hundred videos and not once have I been on camera (not on this channel – but it is possible to find me out there on other channels).

Now, that's not because of a shyness issue, but it's just that I like to do animation videos. It's just my style on this channel. However, the point is; if you don't want to be on camera, that's no excuse because there are ways of making YouTube videos without having to put yourself out there.

Too crowded…

Yes, YouTube is very crowded nowadays, but there is, and will always be, plenty of room for good videos. As long as you make good quality videos you will get subscribers. It's like the saying goes, “There's plenty of room at the top”.

Grow as a person…

It's also good for your self development journey, as posting videos also means one has to learn new skills, do research into what you are going to make the video about, and it will also help you learn to write, if you make video scripts to follow.

Highly recommended!

#7 Do A Puzzle

Another great thing to do when bored on NoFap is to do a puzzle.

And I'm talking about real physical puzzle now. Not an online puzzle or something similar.

It will keep you away from your screen and what's so cool about doing a puzzle is that you often fall into a state of “flow” and you can easily kill 1-3 hours without too much effort.

It also relaxes you and calms you down. Both your body and your mind, so if you have withdrawal symptoms from quitting adult sites, it can really do wonders for you.

Again, do NOT do them on your computer or your phone, because…

First, you won't be able to get into the same state of flow with a digital version.

Second, it won't give you the same relaxation.

Thirdly, if you go the digital route, you are destroying a good replacement activity. (Since your replacement activity should be something you do away from your screen).

#8 Make a List of People Who inspire You – Then Do THIS…

Ok it's time to use you brain again.

Great, huh?

So sit down, take a pen and a piece of paper and start thinking of people who inspire you.

Write them down one by one!

Then start thinking of WHAT it is about them inspires you and then write that down.

  • Is it their self discipline?
  • Their kindness?
  • Their willingness to always be there for others?
  • Their ability to think logically?
  • How they always use things that happen in their lives as leverage to help them grow as a person?

Lastly, and here comes the good part, start writing down things YOU could do to become a bit more like those people who you admire.

Not in a way that you think there's something wrong with being you, no no no. But it is always good to “model success”.

It's through a self development lens we should view this exercise.

#9 Meditate

Meditating doesn't sound that exciting, huh?

I know. But what if I told you that meditation increases dopamine in a healthy way. With higher baseline levels of dopamine you will actually get less bored on NoFap. Not only that, but with higher baseline levels of dopamine you would have less cravings for instant gratification stuff (like fapping to porn).

But more important, meditation is the number one best thing you can do to strengthen the PFC in your brain. Now, your PFC is responsible for self control. This means that, the more you meditate, the more likely you will be able to avoid relapsing when hit by urges.

It will also help you become more self aware and more in tuned with your thoughts and emotions. That will also help you avoid relapses, since you'll quicker get to the very “root” of your cravings.

You have a better chance of fixing the core problem instead of just following a craving or trying to “fix it” by shooting in the dark.

Now, you don't have to meditate in order to overcome a porn addiction, but man, it can be of tremendous help.

#10 Write a Letter to Future You

Write a letter to future you. A real physical letter.

In that letter you should write what kind of person you want to be, and why.

Why it is important for you to do NoFap. And why it's important for you to reach your goals.

Also write down what you should be careful with. What traps you could fall into and how to avoid doing so.

And here comes the surprising part, you should even send it…

…yes, post the letter for real.

Then when it arrives, perhaps the next week, you should open it up and read it carefully. Perhaps you are having cravings that day, or second thoughts and the letter will put you back on track. But even if you don't, it will still function as a powerful reminder of who YOU want you to be. Because after all, you got that letter from yourself.

If you now are thinking, but can't I just send an email?…STOP!

Don't even go there!

This habit of always trying to find the easy way out is what has gotten you into the grips of an instant gratification mindset, and perhaps a porn addiction, in the first place.

Just write the damn letter!

#11 Paint Something

Try to paint something.

Then, when you notice how much you suck at it, try to improve!


Because it will force you to exercise your “hand – brain – connection” as well as your creativity.

That is incredible healthy for your brain. And with a little practice you now have an excellent replacement activity you can resort to, whenever thoughts of relapses descend upon you.

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NoFap and Boredom
Final Words

There's a saying that goes, “an idle mind is the devils playground”.

Well, this basically mean that if you just drift along with nothing to do, then sooner or later you are bound to come up with something destructive.

That is very true.

Especially if you are struggling with bad habits or if you are trying to overcome an addiction. Like for example, an addiction to porn sites. Then you absolutely have to fill your days with things to do and avoid drifting as much as possible.

So, try some of the things we talked about in this blog post.

Heck, try all of them.

If not these tips, then at least try something. Because if you just spend your time in front of your laptop or on your phone then you are doomed to relapses as drifting without purpose on those digital devices…well, let's just say that's the fastest way to fail on your NoFap journey.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. Need my help? You can reach out to me right here.

P.P.S. Check out my YouTube channel, Dopamine Focused Warriors right here.

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